February 5, 2013

One last thing

And just so you know it isn’t all gloom and doom around here:  a haiku, offered happily:

My military-
style assault rifle’s pregnant!
Molon Labe, bitches.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:36am

Comments (18)

  1. Hmmm, so it’s a female weapon, eh? Some females are known to be dangerously unstable betimes, so to say, periodically.

    On the other hand, while wondering whether the conception was artificially induced, I stumbled upon the tale that “ammunition” itself was artificially created, by means of a mistake — as the etymologists would have it — from a combination of la munition in the French, to the mistaken l’amunition and finally, dropping the l, ultimately to ammunition. So there is no alpha privative involved at all.

  2. Half M16, half panzer rat I suspect.

  3. Congratulations! But I suspect all of the offspring will soon be having an unscheduled boating accident.

  4. Did it give birth to a SCAR 16? I mean, before they both drowned. They don’t swim well.

  5. CNN, Piers Morgan, all pregnant with assault weapons.

  6. Probably should have said are you expecting a SCAR 16 seeing as how you just announced the pregnancy. A Sig 516 would be a nice family addition as well.

  7. Spontaneously reproducing assault rifles? That has to Piers Morgan’s worst nightmare!

    And can I have one, if there’s a litter? I’ll take the runt, if need be.

  8. Uhh..Dude..When the Drill Instructor said, “Give your weapon a girl’s name, cause she’s the only girlfriend you’re going to have for the next 3 months..” … He was speaking figuratively.. A little late to tell you, I know..

  9. They’re so cute when they’re expecting.

  10. Given supply and demand, I want to believe you can take two EBRs rub them together, lockithem in an empty, satin lined gun safe, pipe in some Barry White music, and come back in a couple of weeks to a full gunsafe.

  11. TaiChiWawa wins the thread.

  12. And can I have one, if there’s a litter?

    I told my wife we weren’t taking in any more pets, but I’m sure she’ll understand if one of those follows me home.

  13. Now if only someone had a goose that shat bricks of .223/5.56.

  14. Good grief! That gat is having gittens!

  15. Shit. You know? That happens a lot Jeff. I’ve never been able to catch them mating, but it seems that my gun cabinet used to grow exponentially. Damned Obamacare doesn’t even allow prophylactics for weapons.

    Before the unfortunate barn fire that is.

  16. Are you sure that’s not a Low-ku?

  17. My capacity
    For Insurrection and shit
    Is in the lake. Whoops!