February 4, 2013

SuperBowl outage tied to Beyonce half-time show

Bruce Almighty script memorizer Jim Carrey, learning of this, immediately took to Twitter and called Beyonce and her entourage “soulless hoarders of electrical energy” with “little  in their bodies worth saving.”

Then, to reinforce his point, he bitch slapped one of his black cleaning ladies and told her never again to darken his mansion’s doorstep.

Or so rumor has it.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:23am

Comments (3)

  1. I just hope it gets made into a commercial for the Greenies:

    “Hey, Joe Sixpack! Our new environmental regulations are going to mean regular half-hour blackouts for your neighborhood. Let’s just hope you’re not planning anything important at the time!”

  2. I was hoping when the blackout happened that some poor accountant wasn’t toiling over tax returns only to lose all his work.

  3. Maybe electricity found Beyonce revolting?

    Ha! ReVOLTing. I kill myself…