February 3, 2013

crazy conspiratorial right-wing Super Bowl open thread, featuring nutjob paranoics who get too worked up over shit

To that end, look into the Masonic symbology of the raven, and weigh it against the occultism built around alchemy, mining, and the number combination of 4 and 9.

It’s chilling, if you know what to look for. In fact, all roads seem, in one way or another, to lead back to the Jews. And the Bush family. Which can’t be a coincidence.

Meaning the real Super Bowl winners will be hiding in the shadows, tinkering with world currency, accruing power, and invoking the night spirits while engaging in astral projection so that they may engage in carnal pleasures entirely unimaginable to the world’s teeming masses.

Kickoff at 6:30!

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:52am

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  1. I thought the Bush family was anti-jew. Don’t they have Nazis in their past or something?

    I cannot keep this stuff straight.

  2. All I know is that Satan must be with the Ravens because only pure evil could get me to support a San Francisco team.

  3. Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is killed on a gun range by a former veteran suffereing from PTSD. PTSD guy then shot Kyle’s friend and took off in Kyle’s pick-up. Suspect now in custody in Dallas.

    What’s going on with all the Navy SEALs getting dispatched? Coincidence? I think not.

  4. PTSD? Or Sudden Jihad Syndrome?

  5. Also, don’t forget New Orleans is all about the voodoo.

    Look out for chickens, and Lisa Bonet.

  6. 49… isn’t that some kind of sex position for short people?

  7. I thought the Bush family was anti-jew. Don’t they have Nazis in their past or something?

    I cannot keep this stuff straight.

    Prescott Bush supposedly created bankrolled owned a single share in a bank that did business with German industrialists who believed they could control bribe the National Socialist Workers Party in the late 1920s.

    A stain that has condemned the whole Bush clan for ever and ever…

  8. Thanks, Spiny. I think that conclusively proves the Bush family is fascist.

  9. A stain that has condemned the whole Bush clan for ever and ever…

    That bastard!

  10. If we’re not studying the arcane meanings of Kaeppernick’s tattoos, we’re missing the big picture.

  11. “I think that conclusively proves the Bush family is fascist.”.

    But somehow that corruption of blood doctrine doesn’t apply to the Kennedy clan.
    Old Joe was demonstrably an active fascist and Nazi sympathizer.

  12. Steeler’s fans are seriously conflicted here. We really like being the only team to win 6 Super Bowls, so we really don’t want the 49’ers to win.

    But we really, really, really, REALLY hate the fucking Ravens.

  13. Word, BMoe.

    I’m hoping this Superbowl match-up is all a bad dream.

  14. Old Joe was also demonstrably a criminal. No one cares about that either.

  15. The whole family is a bunch of crooks from Gramps on down to RFK, Jr. and his junkie kids.

  16. Anybody going to be in the right area to see this spot?

  17. Modifying only slightly the words of the gritty character created by Paul Hogan, but asked in this case by QueenEmpressPrincess, Object of Eternally Enduring Adoration Nancy Pelosi the Beneficent, the Magnificent, the All-Minding and All-Approving Governess of the Known Universe: Conflict? You call that a Conflict? . . . .

    . . . . Oh, wait! I WIN!

  18. Fomer Navy Seal and celebrated sniper with over 160 confirmed kills (officially the most lethal sniper record in US history) Chris Kyle, who wrote a book called “American Sniper”, and claims to have once punched out Jesse Ventura (Governor Ventura denies this) in a bar, has been killed this Saturday at a Texas gun range. He was taking a vet shooting at the gun range to take his mind off of troubles and the guy flipped out and killed both Chris, and his friend Chad Littlefield and fled in a truck.


  19. I thought Masons were more of a Cask of Amontillado reference.

  20. Anybody going to be in the right area to see this spot?

    If I see a PSA starring Nanny MB., I’ll know I’m in the wrong area.

  21. – Actually, old Joe was such a Nazi supporter and sympethizer, his public utterances and money shuffling to certain circles finally got him kicked out of his ambassidorship.

    – However, the DC pols still loved his money, so he wasn’t unwelcome after that in the beltway club.

    – On the SuperMarketingScam front, someone, no doubt thinking they’d try a little Progressive style politics thought they might change their odds of a win by “releasing” the drug crap on Lewis. Problem is, as usual, they forget the same lesson the Progs are blind to, and very shortly the other side let loose with the Gay controversy in the 49’ners locker room. Tit for tat if you will. Once you open the bucket of agitprop worms things can spiral out of control in a hurry.

    – I’m thinking the whole anti-gun crusade will have a huge effect on the 2014 elections.

    – Apparently Schumer and other Dem maggots are getting very nervous.

  22. – Talk about Irony. A SF team thats anti-gaye. *snort*

  23. Does this mean they’ll be Immanentizing The Eschaton tonight?

  24. Half the lights just went out. The curse is working.

  25. – No curse is going to help the un-49’niners if they don’t start playing football.

    – If theres an omen, maybe its Dandy Don’s “turn out the lights” sung loud and early.

  26. I decided I’ll start watching when the 49ers show up.

  27. The 49ers apparently have shown up.

  28. Nope, they left again.

  29. I watched the first half on TV, listened to the second on the radio and it seems to me this may have been one of the worst officiated Super Bowl ever. The first half was awful.

  30. The bad spot on that one play was pretty bad — never saw anything like that before. Then again, the Niners drew too many legitmate flags, from the first play to their last drive.

  31. There were some non calls on Baltimore that really stood out. An offensive pass interference that was flagrant. A Baltimore player ran up and knocked an official about 5 yards during the big brawl. That should have been an ejection.

    They just let the game get out of hand. I am usually a “let them play” guy, so when I think it is out of hand it is pretty bad.

  32. “the blacks vs the gays” baracky amerikkka

  33. Charlie Sheen’s hernia stole the Super Bowl.

  34. Well, I won’t be mocking professional wrestling fans any more. That’s at least as real as football.

  35. You have no room to mock, my friend. Jesse Ventura? Al Frankin? I mean, wtf?

  36. Jesse Ventura? Al Frankin? I mean, wtf?

    Easy: State sanctioned voter fraud Same-day registration.

  37. And creative vote counting finding.

  38. A 49 is mutual oral sex when on participant isn’t paying attention or trying very hard so it’s only 71% as much fun as it should be.

    Ravens are just big clever birds that pick through your garbage. But not in a creepy Mayor Bloomberg way.

  39. Ravens are just big clever birds that pick through your garbage. But not in a creepy Mayor Bloomberg way.

    Harumph. )

  40. Ray Lewis is going to take a stab at sports journalism, serr8d.

    Apparently he isn’t as controversial or offensive as Rush Limbaugh.

  41. 4 and 9 add up to 13, the code for marijuana.

    And Raven is a freakin’ GOD to north-western Indians.

  42. That’s SOooo Raven.

  43. I wanted the Ravens because I like them clever black birdies more than grizzled old prospectors.


  44. Was it just me or does the NFL look and act like a bunch of prison teams anymore?

  45. The NFL has looked and acted that way since the 80s. The only difference being there were more white guys back then.

  46. Not that many tats, I swear. It’s not the blackness, it’s the ‘tude.

  47. You’re right about the explosion of tattoos. It was not nearly this bad even 10 years ago.

  48. When one of the better Super Bowl commercials features a geriatric getting a tattoo across his back, I think you can safely assume that tattoo culture has gone very, very mainstream.

  49. I think it is a sign that they are over. Kind of like when Bob Sagett grew a goatee, you knew it was time to shave.