February 3, 2013

Muslims burning Catholics alive in Nigeria doesn’t rate MSM mention [UPDATED: False flag? Propaganda? Erroneous Reporting]

…And Facebook Spain doesn’t much like photos of the atrocity being proffered up for public consumption. Out of decorum, you see, not out of any kind of consensus political narrative being pushed by leftists.


Truly, we now live in a world that has had its institutions infiltrated and, as a consequence, what comes to count as news is, by commission and omission, the bailiwick of a progressive agenda that is tied directly to democratic socialism, liberal fascism, and Marxist-Leninism — all while cloaking itself in the protections of the First Amendment, designed (ironically) to insure that a free people remain informed, and yet re-imagined, by the post-Gramsci, anti-foundationalist leftists, as a means of manufacturing consent and willing truths out of purposely created perceptions.

Even many in the alternative press, wishing to find themselves in the good graces of traditional media, will hedge and pretend toward neutrality, rationalizing away the need to expose the mainstream press for (in large part, and with a few exceptions) what it is: an ideological cabal that is willingly and actively aiding in an ongoing soft coup. And while it’s almost certain that many of the J-school grads who find themselves hired are but the best of the indoctrinated useful idiots — that is, they really don’t have a mind of their own, but are rather reliable progressive spigots and parrots — they nonetheless serve as very useful propaganda foot soldiers for the transnational progressivist push that we’re witnessing.

If we don’t win back the institutions — by force of will, if needs be — we cannot win a war that is tied to a pernicious, collectivist ideology that in every foundational and institutional way moves the social compact inexorably and inevitably leftward. We are fighting the anti-Enlightenment forces who long-ago recognized that the rise of individual sovereignty and the protections of natural law limit their power as men and as would-be tyrants (though they consider themselves wise, benevolent sovereigns, as one would expect from technocratic, delusional narcissists who are awash in their own self-serving theorizing), and so are committed to tearing down the barriers that limit the mobs of men.

They will enslave you if you let them.

(h/t geoff B, sdferr)

update: reader Brian M emails:

I read your blog on the Muslims burning bodies and wanted to tell you that is a nasty piece of propaganda.

Apparently those were the victims of an oil tanker that blew up and burned in the Congo. The whole Muslim V Christian thing while true…did not reach these lengths.

If you follow the links or google that photo…you can find info on it.

I’ll look more into this myself, but for the time being, let’s assume Brian’s information is solid. Who benefits from the contrived story? Or is it that the story is true, but the appended picture was mistakenly connected to a real massacre that, it remains the case, the MSM didn’t report on? I’ve found Spanish sites going back nearly a year that reference the statement of Juan Carlos Martos cmf Segretariato di PVMissionari ClarettianiVia Sacro Cuore à Maria-500197-Rome. I suppose now the task becomes to verify it.

The crux of my post on this story, which appears to be nearly a year old, was that the legacy media, which operate under a nearly unified set of narrative parameters that just happen to track closely with this Administration and the progressive agenda in toto, ignored this story because it didn’t comport with a common narrative: that Islamic terrorism has been controlled and that the real existential threat to the US, as we’re learning lately, comes from the “right wing extremists” who believe in limited government, civic activism toward that end, etc.

Which raises the question: who started this bit of propaganda, to what end, and with what hopes? Was it a group of Christians fighting a culture war against Islamist extremism? Or was it started by someone who wanted to see this story misreported.

For my part, I’ve long maintained that I’m not a journalist. I analyze, but — with rare exceptions, and always they are born of opportunity and occasion — I don’t do any “reporting.”

So I have to wonder here: were the real journalists simply doing their jobs and avoiding a bogus bit of propaganda? Was the real story long-ago ignored, and the pictures added to it later to bring attention to the real story, assuming it it true and Nigerian Catholics were burned? Or will the reporting eventually become that the alternative press “reports” bogus propaganda?


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  1. Or burn you alive.

    PoTAYto, poTAHto…

  2. Payback is a bitch.

  3. Larry P. Arnn, Aug. 2 2010, address on the question: Self-government or Czarist bureaucracy? Arnn nicely elucidates the further questions, what is the limit (progressivism would place on itself), and on what grounds?

  4. Finally tracked down the story. July 3rd 2010.

    The tanker hauling fuel overturned as it tried to pass a minibus in Sange, near the Burundi border. Tipped on its side, the tanker began gushing gasoline beside three television halls made of brick and wood, where hundreds of people had gathered to watch the World Cup.

    Crowds gathered around the wreck, and dozens of people began trying to collect the leaking gasoline with jerry-cans and plastic buckets, ignoring pleas from UN peacekeepers to move away because of the danger.

    Within an hour, a fire started and a massive explosion suddenly engulfed the three TV halls and a nearby market.

    “The hall was full of people,” said Jackson Ndengwa, 15, who was in one of the makeshift halls to watch Ghana play Uruguay. – AP

    The video at this BBC link shows what appears to be the same location, same building in background, as in the picture except after the bodies have been covered in shrouds.

  5. Nigeria had a similar event in July of 2012 which is probably getting confused with the one from 2010 in the Congo.

  6. Crispy Nigerians happen rather often. They try to steal gasoline and oil from pipelines and from tanker trucks and then go BOOM!

  7. Not to say that Muslim vs Christian terrorism isn’t happening because it is. Here, here, here, here.

  8. No matter how many reports of Muslim atrocities are true, the problem with dubious images and stories is that they feed the “Islam is a Religion of Peace” contingent, the “Loonwatch” idiots who accuse anyone doubting it as “Islamophobic” and “hatemongering”. One phony story negates dozens more that are horribly true.

    Like the ones geoffb linked.

  9. Crispy Nigerians happen rather often. They try to steal gasoline and oil from pipelines and from tanker trucks and then go BOOM!

    The Road Warrior made real, eh?

  10. The 50 Christians story about the Church of Christ appears to be a distortion or misreporting of a large series of attacks in April 2012.

  11. That was my guess as well, geoffb. An entire campaign of terror by the radical Islamic group Boko Haram that was reported by the MSM, but as just – ho-hum – more incidents of “sectarian violence” ignoring the actual source of the strife.

  12. Actually, leigh, it happens all over Africa. Peter Capstick describes how people will try to get lead for bullets by sticking a 55-gallon drum (whose seams are soldered with lead) into a fire because the lead will melt and run out before the steel drum melts. When the said drum previously contained gasoline, the results are “spectacular”.