February 2, 2013

“Obama’s Radical Friends”

“OFA 2.0 considering merger with radical left-wing groups”:

The new Obama advocacy nonprofit Organizing for Action is reportedly considering a merger with a left-wing umbrella group whose financiers have ties to Palestinian terrorists and Central American Marxists.

The Common Purpose Project (CPP), an affiliation of left-wing activist groups, may merge with Organizing for Action, the new 501(c)4 iteration of the Obama campaign’s 527 group, Organizing for America.

The Common Purpose Project held periodic meetings attended by top liberal groups during President Barack Obama’s first term. Top White House officials regularly attended the meetings and the president himself has even attended one.

Erik Smith and Laura Burton Capps—CPP’s founder and the group’s managing director, respectively—have reportedly attended at least 50 “planning sessions” at the White House.

Among CPP’sdonors are Sandor and Faye Straus, founders of the left-wing Firedoll Foundation. The couple has funneled money to a host of radical organizations through Firedoll.

According to Firedoll’s form990filings, it has provided $30,000 in grants to a group called the Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ). AFGJ’s president Katherine Hoyt worked for Nicaragua’s Marxist Sandinista government.

The Nicaragua Network, one of AFGJ’s “core projects,” was created with the explicit goal of overthrowing the government of Anastasio Somoza Debayle, the predecessor to the Sandinista regime. Somoza was expelled from power in 1979, months after the Network’s inception.

Other Alliance activities in Latin America have included defending leftist leaders Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Rafael Correa of Ecuador against charges that they supported the Colombian narco-terrorist organization FARC.

Ron Arnold, an investigative journalist and author of Freezing in the Dark: Money, Power, Politics, and the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy, said the radicalism of these and other Firedoll grant recipients could reflect poorly on Organizing for Action (OFA).

— That’s what we in the business call litotes.

Other Firedoll-funded groups include the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, which has financial ties to the Holy Land Foundation, an Islamic charity shuttered by federal law enforcement authorities for financing Palestinian terrorist groups.

— That’s what we in the business call “now does Chuck Hagel’s nomination make sense?”

A spokesperson for the foundation declined to comment on its grants or grantees.

“I think it is sad and disappointing that OFA and the president would see no problem in merging with an organization whose donors are associated with funding of dictators, terrorists, and other human rights violators,” said Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation and a former attorney in the Justice Department’s civil rights division.


The Common Purpose Project did not respond to requests for comment.

And why should they?  Who are you but a future blot on their polished jackboot?

Look, on a day where Obama lackey David Plouffe is actively out trying to antagonize half the country, it should be abundantly clear to even the most pollyanna-ish Republicans that we have in the White House now a President who is hostile to his political opponents and seeks only to represent those who fall in line behind him.

Has there ever been less of a statesman as President?  I mean, it’s like the country is being run by former AV lab geeks who never touched a tit until grad school and who thought Heathers was speaking directly to them.

It’s fucking sad.

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  1. “OFA 2.0 considering merger with radical left-wing groups”

    The word missing from that sentence is “other.” Other radical left-wing groups.

  2. Oh look … another “journalist” goes to work for Obama Admin.

    The Leviathan State — apparatchiks on the top, us people who just can’t run our own lives without them on the bottom.

  3. The mask is thoroughly off if you track through the various documents coming out of this Administration that are not being reported. And because there really is something called the Marxist theory of the mind and it really is what is being mandated through bogus interpretations of disabilities laws and civil rights laws that the average citizen will never see, it is difficult to track just how thoroughly the Constitution’s separation of powers is being tossed.

    http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/who-knew-karl-marx-had-a-human-development-model-or-that-it-fit-our-facts-so-well/ lays out Arne Duncan trying to maintain that civil rights laws require equal opportunities for all. You might say that in the 2nd Term this Administration is rejecting that negative liberty interpretation Obama mentioned years ago in that barely seen video.

    Organizing for Action is the perfect vehicle when every aspect of education is intended to compel action for Transformation. With no knowledge being cultivated of what works and plenty of false beliefs being created.

    There are no barriers. Just situations that have not yet been fundamentally transformed.

  4. wasn’t frank marshall davis a p0rno guy?

  5. You’re kidding newrouter, right? That is, what the hell difference does Frank Marshall Davis’s possible relation to pornography make, when President Bill Clinton is happily taking blowjobs from a White House intern in rooms adjacent to the Oval Office? C’mon. Catch up already.

  6. i was going for the commie/p0rn0 angle

  7. Robin, that’s a sound essay you’ve written there. (As are the few others I’ve quickly scanned at your site.) I’m reminded of Charles Kesler’s observations on Woodrow Wilson’s theme:

    Kesler: *** But let me offer two quotations: one old, and one new — that I think help to characterize this attitude of Progressivism.

    When he was the President of Princeton University, Wilson said something to students, that he repeated when he was running for the Presidency in 1912 and he put it between the covers of his book The New Freedom, the collected speeches or edited speeches of that year. And, as President of the University, he is strictly speaking comparable to Larry Arnn. And so, one could not imagine Larry Arnn saying this, but the fact that Woodrow Wilson proclaimed it, repeated it in politics, highlighted it, in a way tells you all you need to know about the difference between Liberalism and Conservatism.

    What Wilson said was, his objective, the objective of college education, ought to be “to make the sons as much unlike their fathers as possible”.
    Now just think about that: “to make the sons as much unlike their fathers as possible”.

    Not because the fathers weren’t splendid fellows. And not, to be sure, because Wilson was averse to cashing their sons’ tuition checks. But because the fathers necessesarily belonged to a world that was dying. And the sons belonged to a better world, a new world that was a-dawning.

    If you take that as your educational goal, then it implies a complete reorientation of moral and political studies. From devotion to what had been done and thought and said in the best instances in the past, to the drama of a better essentially unprecedented world to come. That’s why Liberals have never been so interested in history. History describes human nature as we knew it. Not human nature as it will be in the future, and so it’s no guide now for us to look back and see the failures, or even the successes, of the past.

    The only way to properly study the past from a Progressive point of view was an anticipation of something much grander to come. Compared to the future, Wilson said, ” the present is as nothing”, the past, he implied, was less than nothing. It’s okay, one could say, to study Abraham Lincoln, so long as you treat him as Barack Obama’s prefiguration. That’s in effect what that means. ***

    I would just note that there were two contending streams arising from Saint-Simon: Marx, and Comte, resulting in two paths to social construction. Wilson followed the latter, since he found it well established in the Universities of the time.

  8. sd-it is always hard for the past that has to have warts to compare with a future that exists only in the imagination. After I figured out what was really going on in education, both K-12 and higher ed, I started reading a lot of history like Richard Pipes and Robert Conquest to really understand what we were aping. And then economics from Von Mises and Hayek to get a solid feel for what we are jettisoning.

    I am very worried as this cannot work and we are pulling away the safety checks that keep the volcano we call society from erupting. When I saw this post it reminded me of Stanley Kurtz’s book Radical-in-Chief that first made me think of the Marxian angle to why people like Linda Darling-Hammond regularly uttered the phrase “just enough content knowledge.” She meant just enough to be aware for purposes of political manipulation. Not enough to have your own soundly reasoned opinions. These people are very much aware of what it takes to create an abstract mind and its ability to defy the herd.

    Given what I know about what is planned for education and the current extension into preschools, we should be very worried about Organizing for Action. Plus the data available on students and beliefs and values and attitudes that prevail in various geographic areas that the Data Quality Campaign will have combined with census data means that the kind of targeting we saw in the 2012 election may be just beginning.

  9. I believe that should we look closely enough Robin, we’ll find a fundamental philosophical or epistemological error at the root of both paths mentioned. Both, we see, presume that politics or a political science can be modeled on the apparent success of modern physical science. This does not appear to be true. Yet this error reigns in the Universities down to this day.

  10. Oh, my. Young Matty is distressed.

    Starting a Business Is a Huge Pain

    See also, Regulation Breeds Innovation

    Mush brain meets brick wall.

    (h/t William Jacobson)

  11. I am very worried as this cannot work and we are pulling away the safety checks that keep the volcano we call society from erupting.

    All quite deliberately. I suspect that, as usual, the proggs neglected the law of unintended consequences.

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