February 2, 2013

“Obama vs. Fox News — behind the White House strategy to delegitimize a news organization”

Read it for yourself. The only thing new here is that Kirsten Powers may finally be waking up to what she’s supported.

Obama is a cult figure for progressive media groupies who live vicariously through his unabashed power grabs and his Alinskyite divide and conquer strategems. So stupid are the useful idiots that they don’t even recognize that their god holds the vast majority of them in utter contempt.

I’d actually pity them were it not for their active attempts to help turn me and mine into economic units enslaved to the state and molested by its forced social engineering dictates.

So instead I just loathe them.

(h/t Terry H)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:37am

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  1. Peter Berkowitz: 10 Ways Liberal Education Fails Students — and Society

    One might be tempted to subtitle the piece “Or how Barack Obama (and others like him), in significant part, acquired the narrow-minded character he has.”

  2. And all things considered I think Fox News is a statist force (at the midpoint between totalitarianism and big government lies statism). Talk about being an absolutist.

  3. The Common Purpose Project did not respond to requests for comment.”

    Well? Duh.

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  5. FoxNews is objectively taking the stance of progressivism. How else to account for the dishonest production of Fox News Sunday today and its dishonest portrayal, through isolated, non-competitive interviews of Mark Kelly and Wayne LaPierre this morning? The choice has been made. Anti-Constitutional propaganda is the order of the day. If honestly competitive views of American politics would be your object, look elsewhere, for you won’t find them at Fox.