May 15, 2005

Scenes from my driveway, continued x 55 (lazy Sunday edition)

Deadbeat neighbor: “Hiya.”

Me: “Hey.”

Deadbeat neighbor:


Deadbeat neighbor:


Deadbeat neighbor: “So….”

Me: “Yep.”

Posted by Jeff G. @ 7:46pm

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  1. Sure.

  2. Alrighty.

  3. F’n Newsweek.

  4. Who’d have thought that you were a man of few words, Jeff?

  5. “Few words” is a relative concept.

  6. Bitchin’.

  7. Wow.. Deja Vu… Havent you guys had this exact same conversation before ?


  8. What? ohh

    Turing: END

  9. A lefty European friend-of-a-friend, who had done some voluntary work in parts of East Africa, described to said friend how in some of the cultures he had worked in, instead of greeting with a ‘how are you’ people greeted with a “yep” and “yep” [no idea what it meant.] He posited that this was culturally superior to certain English-speaking folk, by virtue of not needing (?) to ask ‘how are you.’ When said friend who is quite right-leaning put to friend-of-friend that in certain parts of the US…