January 29, 2013

The truth will out. But who’s really listening?

All you have to do is listen for it, and know it when you hear it. For instance, here’s former Marine and gun store veteran Derek Greaves speaking at a Gun Violence Prevention Public Hearing in Hartford, CT:

The truth is right there, clearly expressed, plainly spoken, directly presented.

Unfortunately, we’ve become expert, as a popular and political culture, at pretending we haven’t encountered those very truths we continue to molest — all in an effort to will new truths into being out of something so gossamer as manufactured consent based around manipulated perception.

It’s post-modern, anti-foundationalist America: and in such an epistemological paradigm, we have finally institutionalized the dangerous and despotic notion that, because we claim good intentions, it is therefore proper that the promised goodness of the ends justify the oftentimes discomfiting nature of the means — the most depressing of which is the very studied tactic of simply ignoring and never engaging the actual arguments of your ideological opponents; treat the opposition as if it doesn’t exist in any way except

— Which is just how it has to be, if you’re for the children, against hate, love clean air and clean water, and reject those who reject common sense policy, which of course becomes common sense policy by dint of being policy that you, who promise goodness and position yourselves on the side of angels, have come to create or support.

Nice work if you can get it.

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:46am

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  1. Forgive me for asking, what did Derek Greaves have to say?

  2. He said the gun grab is a cynical operation having nothing to do with preventing further massacres of children or anyone else.

  3. He said shame on you to the pols on the dais, then corrected himself to say shame on us for allowing the pols to run with their fraud.

  4. Thanks sdferr.

  5. de nada, my dial-up brotha.

  6. Ernst, basically he said guns don’t kill people, people kill people, and called the gun grabbers vultures that use dead children to push an agenda that will not change anything.

    Also, an interesting factoid I hadn’t heard before, the shooter tried to buy a gun the week before, and was turned down. Such an event usually triggers a visit from the feds to question the person, but that wasn’t done in this case.

  7. Lee, not Obama feds. Wayne LaPierre brought up the statistic: 17,000 failed background checks, 70 prosecutions.

  8. I love the part about the vultures I want to buy this man something like a steak or a bottle of bardenay vodka

  9. The gun-grab dog and pony show is stepping onto the Senate stage this morning, with a Judiciary Committee hearing at 10:00am. Besides Wayne LaPierre and the Gabby Giffords contingent,

    Also testifying are Nicholas Johnson, professor of law at Fordham University in New York; James Johnson, chief of police for Baltimore County, Md., and chairman of the National Law Enforcement Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence; and Gayle Trotter, attorney and senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum.

    That would be this Nicholas Johnson: The Miseducation of Danny Glover

  10. Oh mercy. Gun violence is the frame. Gabby Giffords’ incapacity is the picture.

  11. This spectacle is appalling.

  12. That Baltimore police chief is a loathsome piece of shit, but a very polished liar.

  13. They have emotion. Must keep the flames stoked and act before the passion fades.

  14. Proving that one can indeed polish a turd.

    And in the process end up with a very shiny turd, but a turd nonetheless.

  15. It’s devoutly to be wished that the truth will out, but we can be damned sure it won’t if little Dick Durbin can help it.