January 27, 2013

Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office: Be a first responder

Priceless.  No, really.

The response, of course, is predictable.  And every bit as priceless — though for a different reason:  it reveals the extent to which cowards will go to turn their cowardice into an outraged virtue.  Thus, if you peel away the sanctimony, you get to the heart of  cowardly “anti-violence” wishcasting, laid sadly bare:  if you can’t be trusted to lie to us about how safe we are, those who’ve surrendered their responsibility in exchange for phony moral posturing tell us,  then you shouldn’t have the job.  Because we can always find someone willing to sooth us by telling us there is no such thing as the Bogey Man, and even if there were, highly-trained, unflinchingly responsible law enforcement officers in crisp clean shirt and loaded utility belts will always be there to arrest that monster, or gun him down if the need arises, before he’s able to hurt you or anyone dear to you.

Lie to us, Nanny State.  Tell us all will be well.  Because perception is reality.  And it’s simply unfair to tell us that they world can be a dangerous place, and that we need to be prepared to accept that reality.  After all, we pay taxes so we don’t have to think about that.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:28am

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  1. What do you mean the world that has never, ever existed still doesn’t exist? That’s not what I voted for!

    /a cop in every house but definitely not schools

  2. it reveals the extent to which cowards will go to turn their cowardice into an outraged virtue.

    You’ve summed up the motives of many a Vichy R there.

  3. Oh, and we need to ban nightclubs. That kind of carnage cannot be permitted.

  4. It’s time to yet again eradicate the myth that you can hire an effective monopoly and pay for it collectively. You’d think the left would grasp that.

    … including the simple fact that it initiated this very nation.

    Maybe their cowardice gene prevents it. Or the arrogance chromosome. Or intolerance instinct.

  5. It is both fun and funny to think of human beings as herd animals (sheep is a frequent choice), and this reflects Xenophon’s sense of humor as well, when he begins his Cyropaedia with the thought. Of course, Xenophon only does this for sport, in contradistinction to the habit of the modern political left.

  6. On one hand the government is trying to take away the means to defend ourselves and on the other hand, government is cutting back on those who are supposed to protect us.

    A vision of people cowering in a corner, hands held up in supplication with heads bowed subserviently, keeps flashing through my mind.

  7. “[G]un him down,” Jeff? Really? Don’t you mean “shoot him in the leg,” or something like that? I mean, we’re talking about crisp shirts here, ready to protect and to serve, not homocidal maniacs with guns and badges.

  8. The office of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said in a statement: “Apparently Sheriff David Clark (sp) is auditioning for the next Dirty Harry movie.”

    Clarke fired back with his own statement. It read: ”Several years ago a tire iron-wielding suspect beat Mayor Tom Barrett to within inches of his life. I would think that he would be a lot more sensitive to people being able to defend themselves in such instances. A firearm and a plan of defense would have come in handy for him that day.”

    I like this Clarke fellow.

  9. I’m sure Tom Barrett had a plan —just not a realistic one.

  10. Milwaukee is very crimey is my understanding from my friend D what got mugged there

    i think it’s good if more people carry guns for so innocent people are not victimized

    Tom Barrett should stop his pro-rapist advocacy and side with innocent people I think

  11. This idea that your self defense is totally the responsibility of law enforcement is repugnant, cowardly, and unamerican. Also, this equating self defense with vigilantism is moronic.

  12. It used to be that everyone was expected to help enforce the law. How times have changed.

    Then again, there are so many laws that no one could realistically be expected to know them all.

  13. plus way more than half our laws are gay anymore

    Mr. drudge says you can lose your freedom now for selling an unlocked cell phone

  14. It used to be that everyone was expected to help enforce the law.

    That was before everyone lawyered up.

  15. When people are kinda slow, it takes repetition for lessons to sink in. Barrett must be one of them.

  16. Barrett got a pretty awful beatdown. Maybe he has brain damage.

  17. Barrett and some family members were leaving the fair when he responded to a woman’s cries for help. They encountered a man and a woman in a heated confrontation and, while the mayor called police, the man, 20-year-old Anthony J. Peters, attacked him with a pipe. Barrett was hospitalized after the incident and again later for reconstructive surgery for his hand.

    Governor Jim Doyle visited Barrett in the hospital the next morning and said he “found him to be in good spirits and looking good considering what happened… The Mayor’s heroic actions clearly saved a woman and others from harm”, Doyle said in a statement. Peters was arrested the next day. Both President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden telephoned Barrett in the hospital to inquire as to his condition; Obama told Barrett that he went above the call of duty and said he was proud of Barrett’s actions. Barrett’s injuries included broken teeth, a permanently damaged hand, and blows to the head where he was struck with the pipe.

    this is how he thinks everyone should handle violent crime?

    I think yeah he might could be a brain-addled momo child

    We should at least see if anyone has some better suggestions.

  18. Has Obama himself ever fired a gun?

    The more precise (and relevant) question is: “Have you ever killed anyone with a firearm?” Killed directly, of course, we would mean, since he has killed many, both enemies and his own, both actors in conflict and mere bystanders, both intentionally and unintentionally, through his various decisions and ‘kill lists’ in his role as President of the United States.

  19. The enterprising reporter might ask the follow-up question: Do you enjoy killing? Since we notice you haven’t shied away from it, Mr. President, and continue to kill and kill and kill down to the present day.

  20. The GOP should tell the Dems to go pound sand on any gun control legislation. They should not explain why they need capacity or semi automatic features in any weapon of their choosing, nor should they have to explain why the self evident truths of the individual rights spelled out in the second should not be infringed.

    What they should do is demand data showing success rates in towns that have stricter ordinances and more importantly how additional gun laws woukd further improve the situation. Like Chicago for example.

    Make the Dems show their work.

  21. Furthermore they should not allow any defects in mental health treatments be used as cover for restrictive gun laws.

    If the fed needs to address mental health at their level of governance let them do so in separate legislation.

    Enough is e-fucking-nough.

  22. Except for that one time in Baltimore, i can’t for the life of me remember when i was glad to see a cop roll up.

  23. Furthermore they should not allow any defects in mental health treatments be used as cover for restrictive gun laws.

    That would end Biden’s involvement.

  24. The GOP should tell the Dems to go pound sand on any gun control legislation.

    The GOP should tell the Dems that if they want to do away with the Second Amendment, they should file a bill to do so.

  25. That would work too.

  26. You think the people stuck in the shitty parts of Chicago believe Rom when he babbles about how safe they supposedly are? You think the people of Long Island are actually happy about Obama and FEMA’s handling of Sandy ?

  27. if the white house is ever attacked by skeets we can put food stamp up on the roof and throw a wrench into their evil skeety schemes

  28. So what’s Obama gonna do to connect with the common man next? Equestrian fox hunt? Regatta?

  29. If you take the time to parce Obama’s words, what he’s really saying is he’s cool with his guests availing themselves of Camp David’s excellent shooting facilities. Which mighty (half-) white of him.

    Because the correct answer is why, some of my best friends are gunowners.

  30. He has got a special skeet shooting drone he runs while he is watching ESPN down at the crib.

  31. Speaking of ESPN

    Young women can fight on the front lines of a war, but young men shouldn’t play football.

    I know it is a tired refrain of mine, but this country is too fucking stupid to survive.

  32. his son would be much safer roaming the streets of his native chicago is all he means I think

  33. If Obama had a son who was built like Mechelle, Sonny would make a decent half-back.

  34. four more years of this babbling dumbfuck

    I bet even Two Broke Girls is canceled before then

  35. Let the women play the football too. What the hell?

    Of the next 207 weeks, looks like every week is going to be the wrong week to quit drinking.

  36. Preparing to shoot another kind of skeet, but Obazma would rather be left out of this, if you please. Red lines are for the purposes of the talking, not of the doing.

  37. Did you see how misleading that headline was, sdferr? It implies that Israel would be using chemical weapons rather than launching a strike to destroy chemical weapons.

  38. CBS is all about the clarity. We need to understand just who the enemies are, and CBS is the news organization to tell us.

  39. Iran’s nuclear facility went ka-boom tonight along with most of their scientists, says Drudge.

  40. I think the Iranian underground nuke facility story was floating around last week, so it wouldn’t have been today, but perhaps last Monday or earlier.

  41. and trapped about 240 personnel deep underground

    this is why I’m not a nuclear scientist

  42. I guess it was a week ago, but still ‘unconfirmed’. Hmmm.

  43. Mr. Ledeen talks about the Iranian ‘accident’.

  44. Sounds like it’s true. No wonder we aren’t hearing anything about it.

  45. Iran’s nuclear facility went ka-boom tonight along with most of their scientists, says Drudge.

    I ♥ Israel. Also, God, but not Allah.

  46. I used to give lip service to the notion that G-d and Allah were the same entity. Now, not so much.

  47. I ? Israel. Also, God, but not Allah.

    Can’t say the same about the Sunday Times.

    Caroline has a fix on ’em, though.

  48. Allah helps a lot of people stay off the sauce they oughta call him AAllah really

  49. Sounds like it’s true. No wonder we aren’t hearing anything about it.

    I won’t believe it until I see satellite photos of a new and bubbling puddle of glass.

  50. That guy sounds like such a Klingon. Duty. Dear ol’ Dad was military too. They’re similar. Both groups say vee-hickle, like, “Step out of the veehickle, Ma’am. That cracks me up when they’re being serious about it. The FRB has its own guards, they train there, have their own range and everything. It’s awesome. One of them was giving a safety class, self-protection, situational awareness, some women specific, but every instance of the word veehickle and I had to suppress a silly girlish giggle. I hate myself.

  51. The whole thing about that skeet shooting thing was like a college hazing , a mild one. They know the camp is NOT his thing, makes him too mindful of all that America out there that is not urban, so they go, Reid and Pelosi and a few others do, they go, “Hey, Barry, lets go hunting for skeets at Camp David. and Obama goes, “What’s that?” And they go, “They’re like those stoats on Hawaii.” “Mongoose on Maui, Obama corrects them.” “Barry, have you ever shot a gun?” “Yes I have, a speargun for defensive porpoises.” Apologies. I’ll see my way out.

  52. Michelle tried to cook some of Barry’s skeet for dinner, but they were gritty. They wound up sending out for the new McSkeet sandwich.

  53. There’s nothing like real McSkeet BBQ sauce.

  54. He probably gets a perfect score every time, similar to the way that Kim Jong Il used to get 18 holes-in-one whenever he played golf.

    No doubt he’ll pick up an Olympic gold medal in every sport as soon as he gets finished governin’ and dealing with the bitter clingers.

  55. Why I gave up my guns
    A former firearm enthusiast explains his personal epiphany

    While my girlfriend called the police, I ran into the kitchen and looked out the window just in time to see a human form rush to hide in the shadows behind my car. I grabbed the gun and fumbled for the ammunition in the half-light, spilling most on the ground, but finally found one cartridge I was able to slide into the chamber.

    I worked the action furiously, once, twice, and again, realizing dimly as I did that in doing so I was actually ejecting the shell, unspent, and basically unloading the weapon. But the unmistakable sound of the pump carried to the backyard, and, in a flash, the prowler was gone — a blur of raggedy jeans and tattered flannel sliding across the hood of my car and vaulting over the picket fence into the night.

    I couldn’t make out his face or tell if he was armed. The next moment I was in the bathroom, vomiting hot puke all over the floor and toilet, water from the bowl splashing my face and eyes. Later, my girlfriend told me I had made her feel safe, protected. I just felt ill.

    Shorter Mr. Countless Hours At The Range: “You shouldn’t have guns because I’m an enormous vagina.”

  56. Yep, the alternate timeline where he winds up dead and his girlfriend winds up raped and dead would have been WAY better, I’m sure.

  57. Pablo, lemme guess:

    Mall Ninja

  58. he can’t even hit the toilet with his puke he was in no danger of shooting a prowler

  59. Pablo, that guy sounds like the guys in the home alarm commercials: he’s cowering in the shadows with the child(ren) while the woman takes charge and takes the call from the alarm company who asks, helpfully, “Is there anything wrong?”

    I always figured that was a cue for a burst of gunfire and pussified screaming on the other end.

  60. What may be more interesting about Mr. Blanchfield’s admissions is that he lives in a society he judges (correctly it would appear) will not only take no particular action to reprove his publication of his girlish reaction in the presence of confrontation, but a society which will more or less uniformly shout praises of him out into the ether. He is the new hero, and the less manly the better, as that society would have it. The political world takes up constant and heavy rhetorical work to drive nature into annihilation, yet we can see the contrary: that the creepy thing about ol’ phusis is its insistent, unfailing return. Only look out the window, Mr. Blanchfield — see the intruder.

  61. It occurs to me, in a subversive sort of way, that the author’s personal anecdote argues against keeping a traditional (Di-Fi approved!) 5-shot 12 gauge pump in favor of the Bushmaster for home defense. If storing your home defense weapon unloaded in a “broom closet next to a box of shells” is your idea of ready, you’d definitely be better served if your box of shells could be directly inserted into the weapon. Less fumbling involved in loading and charging the Bushmaster than the shottie.

  62. Shorter Mr. Countless Hours At The Range: “You shouldn’t have guns because I’m an enormous vagina.”

    Heh. That descriptor covers all the male white Americans who voted for Obama. And all French males, whether they vote or no.

  63. Why vote when you can posture?

  64. That big pussy would have been bred right out of the gene pool not so long ago. The fact that he cannot handle guns is his problem, not mine. If he doesn’t want to have them, that’s his business. His chains are light right now, but they will get heavier if his ilk have their way.

  65. But he’d feel better about his chains if he knew you’d have to wear them too.

  66. That guy is a Friedersdorf-American.

  67. But is Friedersdorf that solipsistic?

  68. I care less about Fumblefingers McBedwetter than I do about the tens of thousands of Milwaukee-area residents being reminded daily that a call to 911 is really just a call for backup. Let the proggies have the “reformed gun nuts” like McBedwetter; we’ll take the thousands on the margin who are slowly coming to the realization that they really are the first and best defenders of the families and their stuff.

    Even if they are crowding up our favorite gun shops. Small price to pay, really.

  69. The only bit of that personal narrative writ upon the universe at large which I’m willing to accept as the objective truth is that Mr. Blanchfield puked his guts out.

  70. Nevertheless Squid, Fumblefingers McBedwetter is an important counterexample to hold up before those thousands on the margin: don’t be a fanboi.

    Like Fumblefingers McBedwetter.

  71. I hear ya, Ernst. Personal responsibility sounds all well and good, ’til you find out it sometimes means being responsible for stuff personally.

  72. Says The Hill (in an aside concerning the denial by Jay Carney of any credibility to the report of an underground explosion at a secret Iranian nuclear facility): “World Net Daily is perhaps best known for its stories advancing “birther” conspiracy theories about President Obama. But it also counts many high-profile conservatives, including former GOP presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Herman Cain, as well as actor Chuck Norris, among its columnists.”

    Surely The Hill wouldn’t intend to credit us with the capacity to distinguish these from these from within a mere “But”? What, then, we may wonder, is the import of such an aside?

  73. Mr. Claire Shipman can go fuck himself with a swordfish. (JD™)

  74. leigh: I own that trademark. And in the original, I believe the swordfish was frozen.

  75. Lee Smith looks at and speculates on the disposition of forces, with a particular eye to Hezbollah and its Iranian masters.

  76. Oops. I stand corrected about the frozen part, as well.