January 24, 2013

Plain text of the ban

Courtesy Doug Ross.

Looks like lawfully owned “assault weapons” purchased pre-ban are excluded, but there’s no pre-ban stamp for high-cap mags.  No more to be sold, period.  The black market will love them some of that.  Also, police and retired police are exempt.  Which begs the question, why not retired military?  Why not security guards or retired security guards?  Are retired gangstas exempt, too?  For the fairness?

Too, there’s no sunset clause in this.  Once it passes, it’d be up to feckless, ball-less Republicans to try to undo it, and its certain it would meet with filibuster challenges from the left.

If this passes, we’ll see civil disobedience at the very least; and perhaps much worse.  Bank on it.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 8:02pm

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  1. Molon Labe.

  2. this won’t pass it’s the gayest law ever

  3. unless maybe the Dixie Chicks do a series of concerts to raise awareness of the terrible toll of gun violence

  4. The dems are really overreaching, in order to gain a compromise from repubs:

    – bans of standard-capacity magazines
    – a national gun registry
    – tracking sales of ammunition, and banning online sales of ammo

    Voters need to be standing on the necks of their representatives, screaming at the top of their lungs: NO COMPROMISE.

  5. A registry is confiscation delayed. I would expect compliance to be quite low.

  6. A registry is confiscation delayed. I would expect compliance to be quite low.

    As someone who didn’t initially understand the shocking rate of arms lost to the sea… this is a fairly concise explanation for those still wondering.

    To fishing!

  7. I’ve never been much of a fisherman, myself, but maybe I should give it another try.


  9. Americans who voted for this dirty bastard should be ashamed. And stripped of their ‘title’.

  10. One thing means that in one generation the private sector of the nation will be in effect disarmed.

    Prohibiting the sale or transfer of large-capacity ammunition feeding devices lawfully possessed on the date of enactment of the bill.

    You can sell or transfer that “assault” rifle to another person but the magazines stay with you till you die then will be destroyed.

  11. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s “Assault Weapons” Ban of 2013.

  12. happyfeet says January 24, 2013 at 8:16 pm
    “unless maybe the Dixie Chicks do a series of concerts to raise awareness of the terrible toll of gun violence”

    Considering the crowd that their music appeals to; I’d bet they wouldn’t survive one show.

  13. United States v. Miller 1939. Miller possessed a sawed-off shotgun banned under the National Firearms Act. He argued that he had a right to bear the weapon under the Second Amendment, but the Supreme Court ruled against him. Why? At the time, sawed-off shotguns were not being used in a military application, and the Supremes ruled that since it didn’t, it was not protected. Even though Miller lost that argument, the Miller case set the precedent that protected firearms have a military, and thus a legitimate and protected Militia use. The military now uses shotguns regularly, but not very short, sawed-off shotguns, but an AR-15/AK-47 type weapon is currently in use by the military, therefore it is a protected weapon for the Unorganized Militia, which includes just about every American citizen now that both age and sex discrimination are illegal. (The original Militia included men of age 17-45) Therefore any firearm that is applicable to military use is clearly protected under Article II, and that includes all those nasty-looking semi-automatic black rifles, including full 30 round magazines.

  14. Rocket launchers??? I humped an M16 w/ M203 Grenade Launcher for years… But it wasn’t no feckin rocket launcher….

  15. Anyone catch Bobby Jindal at the RNC last night? Lotta good stuff in that thing. Which one of you jokers gave your notes to his speechwriters?

  16. We have fallen into a trap of believing that the world revolves around Washington, that the economy is based there. If we keep believing that, government will grow so big that it will take us all down with it.

    If our end goal is to simply better manage the disaster that is the federal government, count me out, I’m not signing up for that. It’s not a goal worth attaining.

    Which of you wants to sign up to help manage the slow decline of the United States of America? I sure don’t. That’s what we have Democrats for.


  17. Like any malevolent #LeftLibProgg ideal, nirvana, dream, banning these – or any – weapons isn’t doable or sustainable. Unless, of course, our Republic is CHANGED to something more resembling the PRC.

    That’s their goal; us, controlled, forced to fit our diminishing freedoms into ever-smaller ideologically-correct cages.

  18. Let’s not forget about Hillary, and Benghazi. We’ve got to drive a stake.

  19. Also, police and retired police are exempt.

    I’d love to see a bunch of small-town police chiefs start “cop for a day” programs, offering “retired cop” credentials to participants at the end of the day.

    I know, I know — I shouldn’t even agree to play the game by their rules. Even so, you have to admit that it would be fun to toy with the tyrants a little bit.

  20. How about having the police chiefs and sheriffs hire us for a day, then we retire at the end of our shift?

  21. Considering the crowd that their music appeals to; I’d bet they wouldn’t survive one show.

    They haven’t had an audience with red-state types since they trashed Bush in that concert over in Europe. Fact is, I’m not convinced they still have a record ontract.

  22. How about having the police chiefs and sheriffs hire us for a day, then we retire at the end of our shift?

    Bet’cha anything the bill specifies POST qualification, which in most states means police academy grad.

  23. Using GOD to take GUNS.

    They wouldn’t then………


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  25. Bet’cha anything the bill specifies POST qualification, which in most states means police academy grad.

    Stop harshing my mellow, dude.

  26. Hey, can any of you photoshop gurus do Gandalf on the bridge, holding a copy of the bill and shouting, “It shall not pass!”?

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  28. What is to be outlawed is self-defense. The ban is a means to that end.

    “Defend yourself? You can’t do that! Somebody else will do that for you.” Or not.

    We all must lie prostrate before our “betters.”

  29. The Tutor spake: […] For among other evils which being unarmed brings you, it causes you to be despised, and this is one of those ignominies against which a prince ought to guard himself, as is shown later on. Because there is nothing proportionate between the armed and the unarmed; and it is not reasonable that he who is armed should yield obedience willingly to him who is unarmed, or that the unarmed man should be secure among armed servants. […]

    And who, being an individual among individuals, is not a prince in his home, his castle, but a mere subject-slave?

  30. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the sadistic bureaucrat Dolores Umbridge was that year’s Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

    Her approach? Put those wands away: we’re going to study defending against dark arts from a textbook, but none of that dangerous practice. The Minister of Magic feels that there’s no need for schoolchildren to be involved in that kind of thing.

    Leading Harry and his friends to create a secret club wherein they practiced the spells and were able to hold their own for awhile against Death Eaters. Until the network of spies and brownshirts ratted out Harry’s crew.

    Seriously, Book 5 contains an incredibly perceptive account of how bureaucracies often house the most dangerous people and how they use their bureaucratic dullness and witless desire for control to wreck all that is good.

    For the good of all, see. They are the keepers of good order in society; they are the ones who will set things right.

  31. happyfeet says January 24, 2013 at 8:16 pm
    “unless maybe the Dixie Chicks do a series of concerts to raise awareness of the terrible toll of gun violence”

    Considering the crowd that their music appeals to; I’d bet they wouldn’t survive one show.

    “crowd”? I think that’s a bit of a stretch. Pre-their Bush derangement syndrome, they had crowds of fans. Then they acquired a “crowd” of fair weather fans, there to support a Bush-Hating artist.

    That “crowd” eventually lost interest.

    They tried to tour last summer (perhaps the year before) and ended up having to cancel a lot of their concerts for lack of interest/sales.

  32. The plain text of the Constitution evidently persuades a court that Obazma oversteps: Justice

  33. Sen. Feinstein’s “Other List.”

    Below is the complete list of those people and organizations who have lent their name in support of Feinstein’s bill.

    Law Enforcement

    International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators
    International Association of Chiefs of Police
    Major Cities Chiefs Association
    Police Executive Research Forum
    Police Foundation
    Women in Federal Law Enforcement
    Chaska (Minn.) Police Chief Scott Knight, former chairman of the Firearms Committee, International Association of Chiefs of Police
    Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca
    Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck
    San Diego Police Chief Bill Lansdowne


    U.S. Conference of Mayors
    Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
    Ventura County Board of Supervisors
    Oakland Unified School District Superintendent Anthony Smith
    Boston City Council

    California mayors

    Chula Vista Mayor Cheryl Cox
    Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster
    Los Angeles Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa
    Oakland Mayor Jean Quan
    Petaluma Mayor David Glass
    Pleasant Hill Mayor Michael Harris
    Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson
    San Diego Mayor Bob Filner
    San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee
    San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed
    Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido
    Santa Cruz Mayor Hilary Bryant
    Saratoga Mayor Jill Hunter
    Tiburon Mayor Emmett O’Donnell

    California cities

    Calabasas, Calif.
    Lemon Grove, Calif.
    Los Angeles
    Stockton, Calif.
    Ventura, Calif.
    West Hollywood, Calif.

    Gun safety (sic)

    Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
    Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
    Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence
    Mayors Against Illegal Guns
    Violence Policy Center
    Washington CeaseFire

    Education and child welfare

    20 Children
    American Academy of Pediatrics
    American Federation of Teachers
    Boys & Girls Clubs of America
    Child Welfare League of America
    Children’s Defense Fund
    Every Child Matters
    Moms Rising
    National Association of Social Workers
    National PTA
    National Education Association
    San Diego Unified School District


    African Methodist Episcopal Church
    Alliance of Baptists
    American Baptist Churches of the South
    American Baptist Home Mission Societies
    American Friends Service Committee
    Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America
    Camp Brotherhood
    Catholic Charities USA
    Catholic Health Association
    Catholic Health Initiatives
    Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good
    Catholics United
    Church of the Brethren
    Church Women United, Inc.
    Conference of Major Superiors of Men
    Disciples Home Missions, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
    Dominican Sisters of Peace
    Franciscan Action Network
    Friends Committee on National Legislation
    Health Ministries Association
    Heeding God’s Call
    Hindu American Foundation
    Interfaith Alliance of Idaho
    Islamic Society of North America
    Jewish Council for Public Affairs
    Jewish Reconstructionist Movement
    Leadership Conference of Women Religious
    Mennonite Central Committee, Washington Office
    National Advocacy Center of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd
    National Council of Churches
    National Episcopal Health Ministries
    NETWORK, A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby
    Pax Christi USA
    PICO Network Lifelines to Healing
    Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Office of Public Witness
    Progressive National Baptist Convention
    Rabbinical Assembly
    Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
    San Francisco Interfaith Council
    Sikh Council on Religion and Education, USA
    Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
    Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
    United Church of Christ
    United Methodist Church
    United Methodist Women
    United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development
    United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
    Washington National Cathedral
    Women of Reform Judaism

    Health care

    American Academy of Pediatrics
    American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
    American College of Surgeons
    American Public Health Association
    Doctors for America
    National Association of School Nurses


    Alliance for Business Leadership
    American Bar Association
    Black American Political Association of California
    Grandmothers for Peace International
    National Parks Conservation Association
    Sierra Club
    Washington Office on Latin America

  34. I’m too lazy to look, but I’ll bet I can find nothing about gun safety on the Violence Policy Center’s website…

  35. The Harry Reid “shell” bill S2 [caution pdf] to which we can expect all of the proposals that can be passed in the Senate will eventually get attached. Short name is:
    “Sandy Hook Elementary School Violence Reduction Act’’

  36. is that the same Catholic Charities USA what keeps whining about its constitutional rights being violated?

  37. I see my former home town of San Diego is well-represented among those who are in favor of tyranny. I’m so pleased.

  38. Stop harshing my mellow, dude.

    Is that Steve Guttenberg or Bob Goldthwaite?

  39. I see my former home town of San Diego is well-represented among those who are in favor of tyranny

    – The Progressive bandwagon aspirents are glooming on for now, but that can/will change in a heartbeat if the political winds change as the coirts catch up to Jug ears unconstitutional patrician antics. (See appeals court “executive order” decision link above.)

    – O’fuck-no-not-again can set up his EO ducks in a line, and the courts can easily shoot them down, so to speak. At least until he can appoint more Progressive judges like O’Roberts.

  40. Fundraising on the bodies. OFA.

    Right now, President Obama is counting on you.

    Each one of us needs to speak up and demand action. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a big city or a small town like Newtown, Connecticut. When our fellow Americans are victims of senseless violence, we all pull together as one American family.

    Let’s get this done, folks.

    Whether the action we take saves one life or 1,000, it matters.

    Thank you,


  41. When will OFA start giving out “special” t-shirts for certain donation levels? Or do they do that already?

  42. They should give out high-capacity assault t-shirts, cranky. All sized 3XL or larger and with a pistol grip on ’em.

  43. Somebody remind me to give Chief Knight a good dressing-down next time I’m in Chaska.

  44. “crowd”? I think that’s a bit of a stretch.”

    Point taken.
    Perhaps I should have limited that to the peace and freedom party.