January 24, 2013

“California school district gets high-powered rifles”

If you consider .223 a “high-powered” round.  Which of course it isn’t.

Until, that is, we’re told it is.   Which happens once it’s packaged in a  “military-style” frame with a pistol grip or a folding stock or a bayonet lug or a flash suppressor — packaging that evidently acts as a kind of Viagra to the .223 / 5.56 cartridge — a cartridge many localities won’t allow for deer hunting, specifically because they don’t pack enough power — making it harder and more eager to penetrate than ever before!  Plus, feeling sexy certainly can’t hurt its confidence!

Also, shut up, Hobbit.

Seriously.  What’s more to say?

(h/t Terry H)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:07pm

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  1. you know you got my sympathy but don’t shoot shoot shoot that high-powered thing at me

  2. So, if I were to possess one of these it would be an assault rifle, but if the police have one it is a semiautomatic rifle. The police need these to defend a school, but you or I don’t need one to defend our home or our family. This double standard crap is getting tiresome.

  3. IRC, it was a hobbit that brought Mordor down.

  4. ironpacker, to be fair, the cops call theirs “riot guns” so there is your out.

  5. Me, I want a “trench broom”…

  6. I think these particular guns should be called “locker rockers”.

  7. Well hell, how am I supposed to riot if I can’t have a riot gun? How come only the cops get to riot?

  8. Leigh, I also remember when the police were called peace officers. Still, for the Second Amendment to be a meaningful check and balance on tyranny, citizens need to be as well armed as the police.

  9. Still, for the Second Amendment to be a meaningful check and balance on tyranny, citizens need to be as well armed as the police.

    Actually, they need to be as well-armed as the average soldier. We should be arguing about grenades and rocket launchers, if we’re arguing about any of it.

  10. Leigh, I actually own one. It’s a mossberg 12 guage with a 17 3/4 inch bbl. On the barrel is stamped ” State Police Riot Gun “. Pump action, 8 rounds, capable of handling 3′ magnums. But trust me, you don’t want to shoot those unless you’d like your shoulders welded together.

  11. Mojo, me too. Thompson made a weapon for the ages.

  12. That’s cool, Blitz. Shotguns don’t like me. They are always trying to break my shoulder.

  13. The original “trench broom” were 12 ga. pump shotguns, Thompsons were developed after WWI. However, the use of Thompsons in the St. Valentine”s Day massacre, was the primary motivation for the 1934 NFA.

  14. Criminals kill other criminals with a certain weapon, and law-abiding citizens are punished for it by not being allowed to own the same weapon. Some things never change.

  15. Add the fact that the legislation was proposed and passed based mostly on emotion. I guess some things really never change.

  16. Well what do you expect from the inbred dirt people out in “Fontucky”? You want ’em to hafta kill their squirrels with a rock?

    But in all fairness, the people in Fontana live just a few short miles to the west of recently bankrupt, failed city San Bernardino… where the city attorney recently told residents of the high crime rate (i.e. up 50% from last year) area to “lock your doors and load your guns”. I don’t blame Fontana for wanting additional “high powered” rifles. Though they should look into some “high capacity ammunition” to go along with them.

  17. Thanks for the history lesson Iron! I really thought the Tommy gun was the original.

  18. When guns are outlawed, only OUTLAWS will have guns…unfortunately, almost all of those will have met with boating accidents, barn fires or maybe UFO encounters.