January 23, 2013

A (new yellow) Star is Born

Probably nothing malicious in any of this.  Just an academic exercise.  A way to get at the truth so that we can understand it and figure out ways to correct those problems that keep blocking the way toward American progress. Namely, hate and extremism.  Which, evidently is the bailiwick of the “right.”  We know this because, well, they don’t agree with progressives, and progressives stand against hate and against extremism.  QED!

For Immediate Release
January 23, 2013

Crystal Patterson


ADVISORY: Fighting Hate and Extremism

Washington, D.C. – Please join the Center for American Progress Action Fund on Thursday, January 24th for our event “Fighting Hate and Extremism,” a conversation on the rise of right wing extremism and the policies needed to reduce and prevent extremist violence with Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Daryl Johnson, former analyst at the Department of Homeland Security and owner at DTAnalytics, Amardeep Singh, Programs Director at the Sikh Coalition, and Ben Armbruster, National Security Editor at Think Progress. The conversation will be moderated by Henry Fernandez, a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress.

From 2001 through 2011, the number of hate groups active in America skyrocketed from 602 to 1018. Largely extremist and right-wing in nature, these organizations target immigrants, LGBT communities, people of color, and religious minorities. And yet, even as these groups have proliferated, efforts to monitor and track them have stagnated. In 2009, the Department of Homeland Security closed down the team that tracked violent right wing groups in the wake of conservative backlash to a report issued by the DHS describing how extreme right wing domestic terrorist groups looked to take advantage of the election of the first African American president and the economic downturn to bolster recruitment. The DHS report further highlighted the interest of right wing extremist groups in recruiting military veterans because of their combat experience.

Unfortunately many of the potential threats described in the report have borne out. Since the termination of the team, violent right wing extremists have killed a family, police officers, a doctor, a security guard, and religious minorities. The most recent well-known act of right extremist violence was the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin last August where a white supremacist with a military background shot and killed six worshippers and wounded three others.

It is clear that the federal government has an essential role to play in thwarting domestic terrorism and to do so must understand right wing violent extremism.


Featured Speakers:
Mark Potok, Senior Fellow, Southern Poverty Law Center
Daryl Johnson, Owner, DTAnalytics and former domestic terrorism analyst at DHS
Amardeep Singh, Director of Programs, the Sikh Coalition
Benjamin Armbruster, National Security Editor, Think Progress

Moderated by:
Henry Fernandez, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress Action Fund

[my emphasis]

You know, the Chinese and Soviets used gulags and asylums and re-education camps.  They also vied to set their opponents up as “right-wing,” regardless of how deeply some flavor of socialism informed their political situatedness.

So why try to reinvent the wheel?  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, I always say.  Amiright?

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  1. I remember when that guy tried to shoot those people at the “Respect LGBT” organization in Washington while holding a “Honey we don’t NEED no Chika’s fila” bag last summer.

    Or…wait. Do I have that wrong?

  2. Funny how the people in Guy Fawkes masks keep going on and on about everybody else’s treasonous tendencies…

  3. what they’re not saying is the guy what did the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin last August did NOT use an assault weapon

    so yeah that’s an overlooked bit of good news there

  4. Since the termination of the team, violent right wing extremists have killed a family, police officers, a doctor, a security guard, and religious minorities.

    “Not only that, but a friend of a friend of mine said he saw a violent right wing extremist conducting a Satanic ritual in a field not far from his house, and the next day all the cows gave sour milk!”

  5. Or even, Star Chamber. Though the Chamber itself might end up on the list.

  6. Making a wild guess that OWS related violence (and planned terrorism that was prevented) won’t be discussed.

  7. Thus the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany became the emblem of the extreme right end of the spectrum.

  8. this might also be a good forum to discuss white supremacist Michael Bloomberg’s racially motivated regulations on soda consumption

  9. The conversation will be moderated by Henry Fernandez, a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress.

    Easiest fucking job in the world. I mean, c’mon — the SPLC, ThinkProgress, and the guy what got bounced out of DHS for his deeply embarrassing paper on “right-wing” extremists. Anyone really think these players are going to require much refereeing?

  10. Think Nidal Hasan’s mass murder will be discussed?
    What about all of the race riots a few years ago?

  11. WTF are they talking about? What rise in “hate groups”?

    These people are loonie.

  12. Since the termination of the team, violent right wing extremists have killed a family, police officers, a doctor, a security guard, and religious minorities.


    Have the checked out how many people have been killed in Detroit by non-right-wing extremists?

    They may want to peruse the numbers.

  13. Maybe they could discuss a few of those killed by left-wing extremists, just for balance.


  14. Carin, everyday non-rightwing extremists in Tulsa and OKC cut down 1-20 folks everyday. Violently. With malice.

  15. Boston Red Sox fans – do they count as a hate group? Should think they’d be near the top of the list.

  16. ADVISORY: Fighting Hate and Extremism

    You mean the child-killing hateful extremists, you pathetic tool?

  17. Battlespace preparation.

  18. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, I always say. Amiright?”

    Ahhhh…no. They will tell you when you are right.

    WTF are they talking about? What rise in “hate groups”? These people are loonie.

    They be pointin’ in yo di-recshun. I’ma outa heyeah….


  19. Communism killed 100 million people in the 20th century.

    Right-wing hatey-hate groups don’t stand a chance of beating the left’s score.

  20. Mojo, those deaths were just a desperate but futile attempt to fend off the population tsunami by which humanity is strangulating poor, powerless Mother Gaia.

  21. Pardon me for going all rhetorical questioning here, but do these fucking morons have the first clue how dangerous this line of reasoning is, how destructive of the common good? Or is it that they do know, and, more to the point, know that we know and thus don’t care because they’re counting on our self-restraint?

  22. I thought it sounded kind of violent and hateful when the leftist journalist was fantasizing about (authorities) killing people to take the gun from their hand and dragging speaker Boehner and Senate Minority leader McConnell around behind a truck until they agreed to whatever Obama wants. But that’s just me.

  23. When the right does it, it’s paranoia. When the left does it, it’s science!, with statistics and everything.

  24. i think this is more an exercise in creating timely fodder for the piers morgan propaganda sluts to piggyback on the dead newtown babies’ wee lil corpses than a line of reasoning per se

  25. Line of reasoning, meme, trope, stereotyping, a little nugget of conventional wisdom for the uninvolved and disinterested to wrap their pea-brains around….

  26. yes yes

    stuff what makes Jon Stewart viewers feel smart to where they feel good about their student loan debt

  27. who decide who was responsible for determining what constitutes a “hate group”?

  28. it’s that tool at the southern poverty scam thing

    he’s in charge of that piece

  29. but how did he get it? was there a contest on the back of a cereal box i missed?

  30. Campaign Bumper Sticker from the Future:

    Hillary 2016 — “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

  31. so we could set up a group who decides who is a “smear group” or a “liar group”

  32. “Southern Poverty Law Center.”



    Then there was this group of 1st Amendment suppressing right wing extremists:


  33. Isn’t marijuana decriminalized in Oregon?

  34. so we could set up a group who decides who is a “smear group” or a “liar group”

    Couldn’t it be a subset of the group who decides who is part of the “extreme right wing”?

    I mean, Jonah Goldberg … *shudders * …that’s one scary MoFo right there.

  35. Dees isn’t the first Chekist to do very well for himself, although one must always keep the fate of Robespierre in mind.

  36. Isn’t marijuana decriminalized in Oregon?

    Isn’t marijuana decriminalized …everywhere?

    Shit, everyone at work smokes pot (out by the dumpsters) during their shifts.

    I almost did drugs at work; it was offered by a coworker- something called puppy chow. It looked like a delicious little snack.

    I dodged that bullet by inches.

  37. It really explains their shitty work performance.

    I don’t know if this is glass half full, or empty. All those crappy employees – it’s not their work ethic. They’re just stoned.

  38. Couldn’t it be a subset of the group who decides who is part of the “extreme right wing”?

    or peeps fighting back against proggtardism

  39. OT [sort of]: Officially this Saturday, Mrs. B. and I will become real, honest-to-God Right Wing Extremist Hater/Terrorists: we’re going for an all-day set of classes, a Multi-State Firearm License Course.

    Question: Once we get our LTC, should the first gun I buy the little woman be a 357 Nagnum?

  40. That black flag is getting ready to be hoisted and these fucking cock suckers know it.

  41. Nagnum?

    only if she’s comfortable with that model

  42. BTW, any lurking statist fucks out there, that “cock suckers” reference was figurative, not literal. A few of my good friends are literal cock suckers, though not figurative as they desire and wish for liberty.

  43. Neither a Nagnum nor a Magnum. Awfully heavy and a heck of a kick. Try a Walther PPK, feels good in your hands, and the recoil is a little less than many other “light” guns. Of course, lots of pooh-poohing will now commence about a .380 being insufficient. As the instructor asked my class last week, “Anybody want to get shot with a .22?” While there are lots of good arguments made for larger calibers and he did say that you should carry the largest gun you are comfortable and proficient with, he basically said the first rule of being in a gun fight is to have a gun, and if you’re not capable of handling anything more than a .22, then so be it.

    You’ll get lots of advice now. Cool though, we haven’t had a gun thread in days.

  44. A .357 is a good choice because you can also shoot .38 and .38 +P in it. Still, she really needs to shoot a few different guns to be sure it fits, especially if she has smaller hands.

  45. was at cheaperthandirt just now looking for a rifle. did a few models. everything out of stock.

  46. The only gun you should get is the gun you are willing to carry and use. Otherwise, it won’t do you much good outside the home.

  47. I think Oregon hipsters constitute a hate group. I think I’ll go to Portland and make snide remarks about their shitty sidewalk art shows and smoke a lot while I’m doing it.

    Who’s with me?

  48. not this time of year

    winter is gay

  49. winter is gay

    a “brrr” would give it gravitas

  50. Winter and the 4th of July is about all they get up there. Rainy, rainy winter.

  51. Or maybe a LeMat

  52. i have to go to des moines next week I’m kinda bummed about it

    I’m very done with the whole winter thing for this year

    but I have a new london fog coat so that’ll be fun

  53. Me very first pistol was a cap and ball Colt
    Shoots as fast as lightnin’ but it loads a mite slow
    It loads a mite slow, and soon I found out
    It’ll get you into trouble but it can’t get you out

    Wouldn’t listen to Steve Earle’s politics much, but his advice on handguns is spot on.

  54. but I have a new london fog coat so that’ll be fun


    “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past”

  55. but he waved goodbye saying please don’t cry I’ll be back again someday

  56. don’t cry for me omaha

  57. whatever flyover

  58. From 2001 through 2011, the number of hate groups active in America skyrocketed from 602 to 1018.

    Right, because the SPLC said so. And they decided the Family Research Council is one.

    Violence, bitches. They haz it.

  59. they’re hatey but I don’t think they’re violent they’re more like anti-gay mean girls than kkk types

  60. Hate = disagreeing with the position progressives hold.

  61. I went to Herb Bauer’s Sporting Goods in Fresno last weekend, it was interesting. They seemed to have a lot of ammo on the shelves (though I didn’t really look at what exactly it was), and a good selection of shotguns, including some tactical “assault” shotguns. Lots of hunting rifles, no “assault” rifles left. Very few auto pistols, tons of classic pistols (I even commented on a Colt Walker they had, but I called it a hogleg).

    The accessory stuff looked picked over too, but they still had quite a bit. You could still buy a case, cleaning kit, holster and targets.

    I ordered a couple hundred rounds from Cabela’s after Christmas, and they told me they were out of stock til January 16th, then yesterday i got an email talking about February 28th. Dammit!

  62. Sow and reap.

  63. that’s very heartening Mr. geoff but it’s more important that the attendees boycott than the exhibitors I would guess

    I really hope they do

  64. Lee, I visited the Cabelas in Allen this past Monday; they actually had 9mm in stock, but it was pretty pricey; all the other calibers were of the bolt-action hunting variety. They did have some 12 and 20 ga. though.

  65. Bob, how much shooting has Mrs Bob done before this? I’d start her off with a .22. Not only can you practice all the basic skills with it, but it’s still cheaper to shoot plenty of practice rounds.

    A big advantage of the .357 is that you can practice with somewhat cheaper and less recoiling .38 Special.

  66. I can’t even find any .22lr.


  67. -Thank you all for you advice. I have saved it for future reference.

    -As to the ‘.357 Nagnum’: my understanding is that it is a pink-colored weapon with purple highlights that comes with a scope that can see, not only a target, but into a husband’s soul and focus on all his real and imagined faults. I understand also that it was originally going to be called the ’24/7/365 Nagnum’ but that Smith & Wesson and Ruger were, for lack of a better term, ‘nagged’ into changing it.

  68. I’ll report back on what they had us firing with, as they have a real range and not simulators.

  69. This is nice:

    Dead to me, the GOP. You hate me, you hate people like me. Most especially, you hate Conservatives because we’re actually the only enemies of your personal aspirations. The Left knows you really want to be them.

  70. Hey, LBASCOM.. I’m from Fresno (among other places..).. Me and my kin were at Hoover High from about ’74 to ’80.. Might we have known you? Your name looks familiar.

  71. Here’s to hoping the GOP, and the mirage of two-party government, will be dead period.

  72. dead soon I should say

  73. Jeff,
    Big question:

    What would it take to install a Squid, sdferr or me on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s governing board? If other Lefties are hijacking elective, corporate and NGO boards, why aren’t we storming rackets like the SPLC?

    Soros bought a big share in Halliburton ’bout six years ago, inched a minion or two into staff positions, and in a few months he’ll be able to run them for actual board positions. Remember Jamie Gorelick and her serial appointments to GSE’s committees? Her membership was deliberate and orchestrated to further Bill Clinton’s various agendas (like maintaining the FBI/Police fire-wall RE terrorism, and his back-door reparations via the CRA) safely in the shadow of a Republican President. From these strategic seats she was able to steward his meta-agendas, while garnering lucrative commissions all the while.

    Why aren’t more Tea Partiers elbowing their way onto the boards of illiberal NGO’s for the purpose of disrupting or redirecting them?

    If the answer is, these organizations employ ideological filters on their applicants to screen us out (ie. “they don’t want people like Sarah Palin!”), and we let that stop us, then I’m afraid, somewhere between 2010 and today we’ve hemorrhaged some key will.

  74. I visited the Cabelas in Allen

    Shit. Now DFW has two of them, but the nearest one to metro Atlanta is in effing Louisiana.

  75. We’re getting a new one in the Cities. Used to be that I had to drive an hour to Owatonna; then they built one in Rogers, which is only 40 minutes away. Now they’re planning one for Woodbury, just 20 minutes away.

    If they keep it up, I should have a Cabela’s in my basement by 2020!

  76. Cabela’s here in St. Louis is devoid of .22LR and many of the useful calibers. They have some crappy Russian made .223 Rem, but my local range says they won’t allow you to shoot it there. All the tactical shotguns and rifles are long gone and even their handgun display case has some empty areas now.

  77. There’s a Cabela’s in St. Louis? Woohoo! We drove all the way to Springfield to go to Bass Pro.

    Thanks for the heads up, charles.

  78. Looks like they’ll be in Greenville-Spartanburg in just over a year, if the plans don’t fall through like they did for a store near Adairsville, GA back in ’07 ’08.

  79. I had a third-hand report that the ammo shelves were quite bare at the Cabela’s in KCK. Guess it’s time to get that reloading gear I’ve been threatening to buy for two or three years now.

  80. Looks like a shopping list to me.

  81. Hi Ouroboros. No, I didn’t get to Fresno til ’83. My son graduated from Hoover about 15 years ago though.

  82. Ya know, DiFi could really stand to take a gun safety course. Maybe she can partner with one of her great grandkids at an Eddie Eagle outing.

    She’s going to kill someone at one of her grandstanding photo ops. What with waving the gun around with her finger on the trigger and an improper grip and all.

    She should narrow the focus of her proposed legislation to people like her.

  83. She should narrow the focus of her proposed legislation to people like her.


  84. On DiFi’s Banned Weapons List, under “All AR Types”, she includes the ‘Ruger Mini-14 Tactical Model M-14/20CF’, which is in no way, shape or form an “AR Type” rifle. Although it does look scarier than the usual Mini-14 or even the standard Mini-14 Tactical.

    Does this mean that the other Mini-14 models (i.e. Ranch, Target & generic Tactical) with identical functionality and that fire the exact same round at the exact same velocity are all perfectly acceptable?

    I suggest they change the name from “Assault Weapons Ban of 2013″ to “Scary Looking Guns That Make Us Queasy In Our Liberal Lady Parts (Regardless of Our Actual Gender) Ban of 2013”. For the accuracy. And For The Children.

  85. All of these “assault weapons” that she and her merry band of metrosexuals are squeeing about aren’t military grade weapons, as WE all know.

    No self-respecting soldier would carry one of them. All the other guys in his/her unit would point and laugh.

  86. There’s a Cab’s being built about 5 miles from me. I might have moved before it’s finished, though.

  87. Idiots?

    Why, yes. That would be it, Jim

  88. Jeff,
    Big question:

    I don’t know, steveaz. I can only tell you from my experience in academia, and in the hiring process I witnessed, that there are ways the left uses to ensure that you are one of their tribe.

    I was able to discern this while watching the English faculty query potential new professors.

    Honestly, I think it best to work to marginalize them instead of trying to take them over. Instead, take over school boards, local government, that sort of thing. And take all the money you would have paid for your kid to go to college, become indoctrinated, and leave in debt and without employable skills, and give them a trade, start-up funds for a small business venture that interests them

  89. McGehee, this is Texas…. where the gun ranges advertise on the city buses…