January 22, 2013

“In the midst of Texas school shooting CNN reporter trolls twitter users for photos”

Like vultures, these people.

Here’s an idea: instead of working on “gun control,” howsabout we start working on media glorification of mass shootings, often framed as shock and outrage — but never to the point where they will refuse to try to document every detail and make a permanent celebrity of the killer.

Provided it isn’t the President or the Justice Department, of course. One has one’s journalistic standards.

update: 2 students wounded, one suspect in custody, a 2nd suspect fled:

Officials believe two students were wounded in crossfire as two people shot at each other at a Texas community college Tuesday, a school spokesman said.

One of the shooters was also injured and is in custody at the North Harris Campus of Lone Star College, spokesman Jed Young said. The other shooter fled the campus, he said.

“The police believe the danger has been mitigated,” Young said. “The school is under control but still being evacuated.”

Police and emergency responders swarmed an entrance to the campus, aerial video from KPRC showed.

Medical personnel were seen treating at least two people and moving them to ambulances. Students were jogging away from some buildings, with their hands up in the air, presumably in response to police instruction.

Not surprisingly, Think Progress, Huffpo, and the Daily Kos were quick to breathlessly label this a “school shooting,” intended to invoke images of Columbine or Newtown.

Instead, what we have here is a shootout between two people on a college campus, with one of the suspects in custody and two people hurt in the crossfire. Not exactly the lone gunmen nutjob mass murder story you can tell they were so hoping for.


As more information becomes available, please post it here. For instance, were these two licensed carriers, did they attend the university, what precipitated the dispute, how quickly was an armed response marshaled against the suspects, etc.

update 2: jrez sends along a link to this must-refer to piece on gun control.

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  1. I submit that is the ghoulish nature of the media that is driving these shootings. I’ve been saying it since Columbine. Report it as straight news on the local level, leave out the shooter(s) name(s) and move on to the NFL draft picks in the next segment.

  2. I’m hearing that this one may be gang related. Which, we obviously don’t care about gang shootings, as we never hear about them despite their daily occurrence.

    Back to sleep, proles. False alarm.

  3. Sounds like a gang thing.

    In which case the lefties will give it a pass.

  4. the people in the crossfire, do we know about their favorite colors yet?

  5. Right. Black kids getting shot don’t count for Obama and his crew, but I’m pretty sure it’s racist to point that out.

  6. This shooting took place in the library. I hope no books were harmed.

  7. They’ll be burning a lot of those books soon anyway, if history is any indicator.

  8. Sounds like a gang thing.

    In which case the lefties will give it a pass.

    All the more reason to wave the bloody shirt about the CNN puke and media ghoulishness. When the media want to push this shooting down the memory hole because it doesn’t advance their narrative, our counter-narrative will have the stage to itself.

  9. Anyone here besides me like the show “The First 48”? It follows cops in real time as they try to solve homicides within a 48 hour window of opportunity before clues become tougher to come by. The shows are all filmed in metro cities all over the US. 98% of the crimes are commited by gang members, although sadly, the victims are often bystanders.

    Not a one of these shows has been about a lone wolf white kid who shot up a school.

  10. Since Rick Perry is GOP, and this shooting happened in Houston, which is in Texas, it will still count as a “gun thing” even if it is a gang thing.

  11. Yeah, paleo, but the mayor of Houston is a Democrat (Perry’s opponent in 2010, as it happens). So that may balance out.

  12. Oh, and since it’s Houston, it is more likely to be a couple of DREAM Act candidates than blacks. Hopefully someone will check the guns against the Fast and Furious database.

  13. Gang bangers, 10-to-1.

  14. If Dante were around today, would he amend “The Inferno” to include another circle in Hell for the “blood dancers” in the media?

  15. I’ve long advocated a “Brady Law” for the media, where a mandatory 10-day waiting period is required for any “news” story.

    This would allow for a “cooling-off” period, allow reporters to be sure they get the facts correct, and provide time to weigh the consequences of reporting the story in the first place…

  16. Open ital or em tag after the update’s blockquote, Jeff.

  17. Thank God I’m in Lubbock.

  18. Gun-Free Zones

    I tell you, they’re like trailer parks to human tornadoes.

  19. Somebody should introduce a law that every American military veteran that qualifies for a CCW have one, and outlaws gun free zones for those permit holders.

  20. That very long link has a lot of good info, but not all his conclusions are warranted.

    Watch Missouri, with veto proof majorities, could see a lot of good things happening here.

  21. Piers Morgan, still wrong:

  22. Leigh @ 1,
    Couldn’t have said it better.

    Back in the seventies and eighties our media had more sense. When a teenager’d blow his face off with a shot-gun (ostensibly ‘cuz a Judas Priest song made him do it), the media’d refrain from trumpeting it over and over in nightly broadcasts because “they didn’t want to encourage copycats.”

    The Richard Ramirez “Night Stalker” murders: Same Thing! We wouldn’t want any “copycat” stalkers to terrify San Bernadino neighborhoods, we won’t talk give lots of gruesome details for days and days and days.

    Contrast that constrained editorial attitude with today’s medias’ promiscuity, and it’s enough to make you grieve for your country.

  23. That is a shock[ing] sort of claim, insofar as any similar suggestion (in the form of a question) to an unreceptive such military leader could be reasonably expected to be immediately made known to all and sundry — plus the peculiar need of any leader that he have followers willing to follow his lead. Yet what leader in their right mind would plausibly think he could give an order to fire on US citizens in an ambiguously justified situation and expect to be uniformly obeyed by the rank and file under his command, rather than say, having the guns turned on himself for merely giving the order, even if derived from higher authority? In politically divided times such as these, I’d guess no military leader would have either that sort of idiotic gumption, or in the alternative, a thoroughgoing stupidity to hold with the like expectation.

  24. The only way I could concieve of that being true would be if what we’re talking about is the targeted assassination (via drone, naturally) of American citizens who’ve taken up the jihadist cause.

    And that’s because the alternative is too terrible to contemplate.

  25. General Brick Carpernter: Yes Mr. President I would certainly fire on a US citizen to defend this great nation. And may I remind you in case you may have forgot, that you and your secret service are for the most part American citizens. Have a real nice day.

  26. when Mitch McConnell speaks, there must be somebody that gives a good goddamn

    i haven’t the slightest idea how one would go about finding this person though

  27. sdferr, I was working a contract with the USMC at both Quantico and Pendleton for 4 years up until last year. As Obama implemented various initiatives, such as gays in the military, lots of Marines started leaving. Based on the resumes I’m seeing from various Marines I worked with showing up on networks like LinkedIn, they still are. The ones that are leaving seem to be heavily concentrated among those who were more conservative.

    When you see policies designed to shrink the military and encourage the patriots to leave, claims like that one become a LOT less shocking.

  28. Oh, and Jeff, based on this via SayUncle you might want to reconsider giving Groupon any page space.

    Their hooker rates look like employee discounts, IYKWIMAITTYD.

  29. Piers Morgan, still wrong:

    Obviously he’s never seen Green Street Hooligans

  30. That there is an organic change taking place in the ranks of the military today wouldn’t in itself be surprising SDN (and I believe that there is such in progress). For an instance, some writer at Ricochet has posted as a question whether her step-son ought to join the Marines, which question, I think, wouldn’t even have shown its head only a few years ago, whereas now? Seems perfectly reasonable, at least insofar as it appears to take into account the uncertainties regarding Obazma’s failure to ‘have the soldier’s back’.

    But making a ‘willingness to fire on US citizens’ plain as the explicit sieve through which to pass candidates in order to staff the various commands? That’s just nuts, it seems to me. Intending it covertly, on the other hand? Perhaps more likely than not, or at least devoutly to be wished, in some precincts of power.

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