January 22, 2013

Still a bit under the weather

Amazingly, Obama’s coronation — with its attendant resplendency and its overtly evangelical overtones — didn’t cure me. Maybe next time, if he does some snake handling…

At any rate, I’ve agreed to appear, likely from the comfort of one of my bathrooms, with Cam and Co. on NRA News at 2:40 ET, to discuss my response to Josh Marshall’s frankly strange piece on gun tribalism, which was, incidentally, the “reasonable-sounding” version of his more candid and sincere thoughts drawn out of him on Twitter by the ever-devilish Kurt Schlichter.

And in fact, much of my response addressed the more candid Josh, because the more polished, reasonable-sounding Josh is the one we all know to be completely disingenuous and largely full of shit. So why bother?

Oops! Was that out loud?


Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:20am

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  1. I’m surprised Obama’s coronation didn’t cause you to relapse, Jeff.

    I cannot wait to catch the transcript of your discussion with Cam and Co.

  2. Tingles: Obama’s speech “like the Gettysburg address”

    Gettysburg address: 300 words, spoken in under 5 minutes (the photographer just barely snapped a shot), still quoted over 150 years later.

    Obama: yeah, not so much.

  3. “Fourscore and seven minutes ago…”

  4. “That’s Joshua Micah Marshall to you, Mr. Goldstein!”

    Gun crime is so dangerous as to require abrogating one of the Bill of Rights, but using a gun to defend yourself is a fantasy that only happens in the movies.


  5. Oops! Was that out loud?

    Cripes! I hate when that happens. Just the other day, I apparently muttered “fucking hipster douche” at the 20-something, knit-cap wearing, patchouli-smelling, dirt spot on his chin posing as a “beard”, punk who stopped dead in his tracks in front of me at Trader Joe’s while he was looking for gluten-free, baked-not-fried-in-trans-fat crackers. From the look on his face, I think he heard me.

  6. Remember how Lincoln’s Gettysburg address ended? “… that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from this earth.” Guess Mr. Marshall prefers instead to defer to the authorities rather than the people.

    I think it was over at Althouse recently that it was noted that Meade got a Wikipedia change to remove the word “the” from between that and government in that snippet somewhere. Kind of makes a big difference.

  7. “That’s Joshua Micah Marshall to you, Mr. Goldstein!”

    Micah? Isn’t that lumped in with gypsum on the hardness scale? Maybe that should be his new tagline: “My name, like my ideas, are about as far from diamond as you can get.”

    And Scott, I’m pretty sure there’s a sharply-worded rebuttal to you on Twitter. You big meanie.

  8. Good job, at least during what I heard — since like a twit, I missed the first couple of minutes (but will catch them when Cam posts a repeat). How’d you see it?

  9. Good segment, Jeff.

  10. Thanks, Pablo.

  11. Washington’s second inaugural was 135 words.

    William Henry Harrison’s lasted an hour and forty-five minutes.

  12. Tingles: Obama’s speech “like the Gettysburg address”
    I can only, what’s the word, gawp in stunned wonder.

  13. I missed the live show but I’m watching it now here.

    Click on “Recent Shows” and then “Jeff Goldstein” on the Jan. 22 tab.

  14. Mica has use as a dielectric in capacitors, and also in heat-resistant windows. Micah, on the other hand, has no known useful qualities.

  15. And… having listened to it now, I agree with Pablo. Good segment, Jeff.

  16. Just listened to it, Jeff. You didn’t sound like a right-wing crazy. But we all know what beats in the heart of that mild-mannered hobbit.
    Seriously, good clip. Or was that good magazine? I’m so confused now.

  17. I just listened. That was a good interview.