January 21, 2013

Yes, I got the flu shot

No, it didn’t help. I’ve got some sort of stomach bug. Forgive me, but you’re on your own for the Obama beatification ceremonies and celebrations. Consider this an open thread. Helpfully vomit free.

Meantime, here’s my very old piece on “race” and racial constructivism — which I like to share on MLK Day — made all the more timely by the “post-racial,” “post-partisan” President and his very real applications of the faulty logic of race, which he uses to divide us and Balkanize us, and which the GOP establishment, through the leadership of Jeb Bush (and the unfortunate help of Marco Rubio) appears ready to adopt as a political expedient.

Good times!

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:40am

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  1. Local radio station is broadcasting the inauguration live.

    Is that normal? I don’t recall ever hearing it on the radio before, maybe I have just been lucky.

  2. Influenza is respiratory. Unless you’re spiking a fever and wheezing when you breathe, you don’t have influenza.

    Stomach bugs are commonly called the flu but are nothing like influenza.

    Ya done good and the family will thank you.

  3. Race is general appearance turned into magical thinking about capability, and status. It’s now negotiable as pertains to loyalty to the democrat party. So what if you are black and your parents are black? You need someone like Jim Moran (who is not black) to make it count.

  4. The stomach GI thing is not the “flu” but that is cold comfort as you likely have it coming out both ends. The only good thing about it is it does not last long. Get well soon.

  5. drink lots of fluids for example water or apple juice or gatorade or iced tea or nyquil

  6. Soap and hot water and lots of hand-washing will do a lot to keep stomach bugs at bay.

    Having a baby in the house makes this taxing, but all the more important. All those people who are constantly getting sick on the cruise lines with Norovirus? That’s caused by sloppy hygeine in the kitchens. The cooks are using the restrooms and not washing thier hands before they return to work. Fecal-oral contamination is the vector of most of our ills.

    And on that happy note, fell better, Jeff.

  7. You sure it’s not psychosomatic?

    I mean, we’re all feeling a bit unwell these days.

  8. Nyquill chased with Gatorade and lots of sleep is my favorite.

  9. You know you own too many books when twice in as many days you’ve looked over shelves and through assorted stacks searching for the book you just bought a couple months ago (or didn’t sell back to the college book store twenty years ago –give or take), only to come up empty both times. And you’re left wondering, did I order that book (sell it back)?

  10. yeah, all my fb friends that are praising the One has made me barf.

  11. I couldn’t even listen to Steyn try to make light of the inauguration without getting queasy.

  12. Dunk everybody’s toothbrush into peroxide. Stops the vicious cycle of sharing those bugs all around the household.

  13. Protector-in-chief

    Pastor in Chief


    [A]ble to ‘think in more complex terms’ and ‘reach more nuanced positions.’

    “Faster than a speeding spending bill. Able to leap past logic in a single bound. Look, up in the sky. It’s a Predator. It’s a Reaper. It’s Super Prog.”

    ” Yes, it’s SuperProg, strange visitor from another worldview who came here with powers and abilities far away from those of rational men. ”

    “SuperProg, who can change the course of mighty corporations, bend the Constitution in his bare hands; and who, disguised as Barack Obama, short-tempered community organizer for a once great nation, fights a never ending battle for truthyness, injustice, and the Unamerican way. ”

    “And now, the second episode in the exciting Adventures of SuperProg.”

    God help us all.

  14. The UK newspaper, The Guardian, is correct that the only thing this spectacle is missing is the Queen’s golden carriage.

  15. That nasty stomach thing is norovirus … swept through our family early December. I see it’s making a second round through my clerks.

  16. rjacobse, wiping down all flat surfaces in the kitchen and bath with dilute household bleach works well, too. Don’t forget doorknobs, cabinet hardware, refrigerator door handles and flush handles on toilets. Don’t forget to wash up after playing catch with the dogs or filling their food and water bowls, either.

  17. He’s the Big Brother we all wish we’d had growing up!

    More like God have mercy on us.

  18. Look, I realize that it’s a lot of fun to talk about “Jugears McFoodstamp” and all, but I fear that focusing too closely on the food stamp thing is distracting us from other important issues. Issues like the 10.9 million people on Social Security Disability, because it’s easier to get in the program than it is to find a job.

  19. Spend a day on the toilet, or spend every day running around the house with bleachy wipes? I’ll take the impromptu weight-loss plan, thanks.

  20. We’ll all be busy soon enough, Squid. Someone has to build those camps and prison labor is the bomb!

  21. spend every day running around the house with bleachy wipes?

    Easy for you to say since you have no children. They are fantastically messy little fellers.

    Anyway, it isn’t everyday. I was talking about taking a stand to prevent the whole household from being felled at once. Bleach is a once/twice a month deal for handles and doorknobs. Everytime you swish out the loo is good for a splash of bleach.

  22. Should I buy stock in Clorox?

  23. No. Bleach is bleach and at 89¢ a half gallon your ROI is going to be non-existant.

  24. Should I buy stock in Clorox?

    Buy stock in Charmin at the same time, and you’ll have it covered at both ends (so to speak).

  25. I don’t know about investing, but having a couple bottles of unscented bleach is a responsible thing to do for making potable water and sterilization in emergencies. Pay close attention to the unscented, most commercially available bleach these days is scented.

  26. Jeff, if you’re conscious call a Chinese restaurant that delivers and have them bring you some hot ‘n’ sour soup (if you’re congested, that will take care of it) or some egg drop soup if you just feel pukey. Get Satch some eggrolls to keep him busy.

    As Bubbie used to say “It couldn’t hurt.”

  27. Gotta remember to wash those fruits and prepared (bagged) salads before consuming. Eat an apple or grape without washing it first is like sucking on the fingers of the person who picked it. I usually remember this when the apple is half eaten.

    Oh, and diapers. All the more reason to keep clorox solution on hands.

  28. Got that right serr8d. You should wash cataloupe and other melons before slicing, as well. They’ve been pokied and prodded and handled by God knows how many people before they land in your kitchen. All the germs are on the rinds.

    (I probably ought to shut up unless anyone wants more tips to stay healthy. All those hours working in a microbiology lab make one uber-cautious.)

  29. All those hours working in a microbiology lab make one uber-cautious.

    On the other hand, watching/working for a full session in your local dairy farmer’s milking parlor will likely mean you never consume a dairy product again. Unless you grew up used to it…

  30. This is why I eat prepackaged food, drink copious amounts of alchohol, and smoke cigars whenever I can afford to.

    Which isn’t as often as it used to be. Damn that Obama.

  31. drink copious amounts of alchohol

    Sound advice, Ernst. Make your system a wholly inhospitable place for them damn bugs.

  32. i wish we could irradiate our fruits and vegetables but we can’t cause of progressives are afraid of science

    I hate them

  33. I wish we could irradiate ground beef. Hamburger meat is slapped together from the meat of many cattle and who knows what lurks in that package?

    Scott Hinckley, I’ve been saying for ages that all the “health food” nuts who drink raw, unpastuerized milk are just asking for it and periodically I am proved right. Usually when someone’s small child drops dead from HUS that was exacerbated by E. coli O157:H7.

    It’s one of Mother Nature’s (the bitch) natural born killers. It’s too bad the bacteria doesn’t present as a tiny AR-15 under microscope. Maybe we’d get somewhere with the back to nature crowd.

  34. A NEW CAR!

    [and the crowd goes wild]

  35. Whiskey will fix that. Whatever it is.

  36. Noro virus.

    Projectile vomiting, diarrhea but not the other common symptoms of flu? Then you most likely have the above.

    It’s as widespread as the flu and I think some are mixing the two when they report it.

    I puked for the first time since the ’60’s. (I can’t think of any other time since but if I did it was also long ago.)

    lasts about a week and is gone by 2.

    Now the trick is to keep from being reinfected as it’s a very sloppy replicator and changes genetically quite rapidly so you could even get reinfected from the infection you gave the family.

    Wash your hands you dirty boy! 8)

  37. Whiskey will fix anything.

    Well, maybe not the national debt, geopolitical instability, terrorism, joblessness, spiritual ,social and economic malaise…

    but with enough whiskey, you won’t care!

    And why should you? Your betters don’t.

  38. Yeah, di! What’s it like to have new wheels?

  39. Eat an apple or grape without washing it first is like sucking on the fingers of the person who picked it.

    I just imagine they are all picked by Playboy bunnies and super models.

  40. Don’t let me wife see the new car, Di. She has this uncontrollable urge to keep anything and everything in that color.

  41. yes ground beef and eggses too

  42. A NEW CAR!

    When do you pick up the rest of it?

  43. that is a fiesta yes

    I like the euro ones

    same name over there but different styling

    I don’t understand why they gotta be like that

  44. Squid says January 21, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    Don’t let me wife see the new car, Di. She has this uncontrollable urge to keep anything and everything in that color.

    happyfeet says January 21, 2013 at 3:06 pm

    yes ground beef and eggses too

    Made me think of Green Eggs and Ham.

    Which made me think of The Egg and I which I think used to have green eggs and ham on the menu.

    I need to get back up to Minneapolis and visit one of these days.

  45. A NEW CAR!

    separated at birth? You decide.

  46. “Pay close attention to the unscented, most commercially available bleach these days is scented.”

    Most commercially available EVERYTHING is scented these days.

    I hate, hate, hate that.

    I’ve heard (but have no firm data) that the amount of bleach left in a bottle that you’ve just emptied is about the right amount to sanitize the water that will fill the same container. That is, put some bleach in the empty bottle, swirl it around, then drain out everything that will easily drain out. The thin film of liquid coating the sides and bottom is all you want or need.

    It’s probably better to get all scientific and use a measured amount, but this might be better than nothing in a pinch.

  47. A little bleach goes long way, Spies. It also depends on what the bottle is made of, glass? plastic? metal? The method you’re describing probably works fine for short term (6 months or so) storage.

    Some people are ‘super tasters’ (I have been cursed with this, myself) and can pick up off tastes from plastics or treated water. We have well water at the house and I’m the only one who can’t stand it. I buy distilled water for myself to drink and to make my tea.

  48. Minneapolis is a great great city even the gritty and urban bits. I’m a big fan. But I’ve only been during normal people weather not winter people weather.

  49. The gritty bits are some of my favorite bits of Minneapolis. I live three blocks from an active ADM milling plant, and I don’t like the fact that it’s going to get torn down in favor of apartments, all at the command of the local government.

  50. Eight drops of bleach per gallon to kill all the microscopic nasties. Good idea to filter the water as well. You might be able to taste it, but that’s better than dysentery. You can always flavor the water with some sort of koolaid mix or make tea with it. Very diluted Jello works pretty well for that as well.

    A gallon of bleach goes a long way. Of course, like everything else, the containers of bleach have been shrinking lately to help hide the decline of the value of the dollar.

  51. i love industrial stuff that’s so sad

    this was one of my favorite unexpected enigmas to stumble across on my whole trip

  52. here’s some decorative smokestacks at night

  53. those are awesome

    my whole life i never been to the burg of pitt

    tick tock, huh?

  54. here’s a “smokestacks in winter” take on them

  55. Best wishes on a speedy recovery.

    While you often have to let these things take their course, may I recommend my much-praised recipe for a nice, hot toddy:

    -Brew your favorite tea [I would recommend Earl Grey, but any will do, even Lipton]

    -In a coffee mug, pour in a 1/3 mixed bourbon [I recommend Maker’s Mark because it’s smooth]

    -Pour tea in mug to 1/4? from the top and stir

    -Squeeze in 1/4 of a lemon

    -Add either 1 1/2 teaspoons of honey or, if you can get it, honey on a stick [Mrs. B’s favorite]


    -Serve to your patient [if she’s a female, perform a chest exam just to make sure she’s okay]

  56. The Pacifica Radio liberals hooked Global Climate Change onto their MLK/Inauguration celebrations, today.

    They were going for MLK=Obama=Race/Climate Warrior. It says something about their media and tax strategy in urban media markets in the months ahead.

    They’re not going to let up with the climate catastrophism on the poor Blacks. Long after the rest of us have wandered on to contemplate other, more-pressing intrigues, like Psy’s sexual preference, Jesse Jackson’s neighbors will still think there’s a Global Warming, and that Whitey gave it to them.

  57. I’ve only put 48 miles on the thing, added to the 7 it already had, and that was to drive it off the lot and to the office.

    It’s my bitty green machine (that’s a stock photo), with moonroof, manual trans, SIRIUS (6 months free), and effing Skynet. I didn’t want the extra bling (SIRIUS, Skynet), but when I tried to find that magnificient color with a moonroof AND manual transmission, I discovered that my taste in cars is freakish indeed, as there were maybe 5 specimens in the entire lower 48 that met my criteria, and they were all east of the Mississippi, which would have cost me $1200 to haul it over here. (Ordering it from the factory would take 6-9 weeks, which would have cost me $2K minimum on the rental.)

    As it was, I had to settle for a different interior color than what I wanted and accept the bling because it was bling or get a sickly white or “silver” specimen. (The favorite car color in the country is white, fer cryin’ out loud, followed by silver, gray, other gray, and a host of stultifyingly boring colors that would have eventually compelled me to drive the thing into Utah Lake with me inside, having been driven to it by the color-induced despair.)

    Squid, if she doesn’t care what else comes with it, that color is widely available in the SE and Platinum trims for 2012 and 2013.

  58. I probably ought to shut up unless anyone wants more tips to stay healthy. All those hours working in a microbiology lab make one uber-cautious.

    Hey, aren’t a lot of our auto-immune problems due to NOT acclimating our immune systems to all of them beasties?

    Have your kids lick the cantaloupe rinds, I say. I’m sure I’d say the same thing if I were a mom.

  59. You’re partly right. People over do it with cleaning products that have been sold to gullible consumers when plain old soap and water and cotton rags* will do the same job. Kids need to play in the dirt and with their dogs. Their mothers need to throw away those stupid alcohol wipes and bottles of hand sanitizers.

    *An excellent use for old cloth diapers after baby is toilet-trained.

  60. i’m sorry that car looks like a bug. good luck with it gregor.

  61. sanjay goopta says cantaloupe rinds are probiotic

    it was on cnn

  62. I have some extra he can have.

  63. sanjay goopta says cantaloupe rinds are probiotic

    because india is a “utopia” with public health

  64. dicentra says January 21, 2013 at 2:24 pm

    Looks like the color of the rental I drove some 4K miles over the holidays. I’ll have to say, you’ll never lose it in a parking lot!

  65. i’m sorry that car looks like a bug. good luck with it gregor.

    I woke up one morning and there it was.

  66. Some people are ‘super tasters’ (I have been cursed with this, myself)

    Here is a song for you, then.

  67. Those smokestacks mark the site where union goons and Pinkerton men started a shooting war back in 1892. A lovely little labor dispute, where the union, the management, local law enforcement, and the Governor all fought it out to see who could come out looking the worst.

    I encourage you all to read the account, reminding yourselves the whole time that such events could never happen here again. No, never! Perish the thought!

  68. Too funny, Slart. I love They Might Be Giants.