January 19, 2013

Nanny Bloomberg declares “Most people I know don’t even have a gun.” [Darleen Click]

Pauline Kael could not be reached for comment.

Posted by Darleen @ 10:53am

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  1. most people I know aren’t poncey manhattan fascists

  2. All those guys guarding him have guns.

  3. Bah! As if a Doomburger would socialize with the hired help, cranky.

  4. They’re not allowed to make eye contact with His Nanjesty.

  5. Gee, I bet they don’t drink 32 oz. sodas either.

  6. …or smoke Marlboros.

  7. And that is important because…

    Because shut up, he explained.

    New Yorkers keep electing this git, so they’re getting what they deserve. Why does the rest of the U.S. have to give a fig what this bunch of idiots does?

  8. Indeed. Let them wallow in their own pseudo-sophisticated idiocy.

  9. Does that include his security detail, or don’t mere servants count as people?

    Also: I wouldn’t bet on it, Nanny Bloomers. A lot of people who have guns refrain from mentioning them to their sissy-boy acquaintances who might faint at the revelation.

  10. “New Yorkers keep electing this git”

    Yeah, what’s up with that? How did they go from Rudy to this?

    I’m not the world’s biggest Giuliani fan, but man, he was about five orders of magnitude better than what they have now.

  11. he’s spent an ungodly meg whitman-sized amount of his own money to hold onto that job

    I think he was one of her inspirations actually

    she so dumb

  12. How did they go from Rudy to this?

    The election to choose Rudy’s successor as mayor was supposed to be held on the second Tuesday in September, 2001. The 11th, I believe. Something happened and they had to reschedule.

  13. And then they elected the guy with the R behind his name.

    Because Rudy wasn’t on the ballot.

  14. Because Rudy wasn’t allowed to be on the ballot.

    FTFY. (Term limits, donchaknow?)

  15. And then Nanny B changed the rules so he didn’t have to obey term limits.

    He’s better than we are.

  16. I still can’t believe Bloomberg got away with telling hospitals to restrict infant formula and pain medications somehow. New Yorkers are the biggest fucking pussies I’ve ever seen. Lilacs. I never want to hear a New Yorker try to pass themselves off as sophisticated, self motivated, impressive, abrasive or anything else. They are a bunch of lavender scented doily pillows. They need to just lie on their couches and shut the fuck up from now on, because Juche!

  17. New Yorkers are the biggest fucking pussies I’ve ever seen.

    If the NYT and its readers are any reflection of the city as a whole, I second this emotion.

  18. As bad as Massachusetts and California liberals are, Manhattan liberals are far worse, and should be restricted to the island of Manhattan, by electronic shock collars if necessary.