January 19, 2013

Gun Appreciation Day

Varmints beware.

Of course, as a CCW holder, every day for me is gun appreciation day.    And I still think a million gun march would be most effective.  But hey:  it’s the thought that counts.  So do what you can.

(Incidentally, my carry piece, a subcompact Beretta PX4 Storm chambered in .40 which comes standard with a factory magazine that holds ten rounds, in my case, of hot Hornady Critical Defense Zombie ammo, falls within all but NY state law, I believe.  So I’ve got that database point going for me. That at one time you could easily find 14 and 17 round mags with an extender for the firearm through Beretta doesn’t mean I did so, and in large quantities, to boot.  As far as you know).

I’ll be gone most of the day coaching a wrestling tournament in beautiful Loveland CO.  Happy gun appreciation day!  And while you’re celebrating, don’t forget to salute the newly-elected, Boehner-led House, Sisyphusian in their patient resolve, who have once again determined that the best hill to die on is never the one you happen to find yourself on today.

But don’t worry.  It’s genius, this strategy.  The Krauthammers and the Roves have all told me so, and who am I to argue with such big political brains?

Posted by Jeff G. @ 7:22am

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  1. The “What Would Django Do?” piece at the link is damn fine.

    The disarmament of black America led to its spiral of internecine violence, not the arms. NAACP officials who blame gun makers for the 8,000 lives lost every year should take the plank out of their own eye and listen to Bill Cosby’s “pound cake” speech. Almost everywhere African-Americans predominate is rife with drugs. As Johnny, a field marshal for the group that protested the Mulford Act, said at my Berkeley event: In the 1960’s, we and the drug dealers had an understanding. They didn’t deal drugs in our community, and we didn’t shoot them.


    Good stuff.

  2. – Jug ears gets another lesson in foriegn policy and the only way to deal with terrorists, those shadowy figments of the Conservatives imaginations. You know, like WMD’s. …Link

  3. Over at RSM, I asked a guy which hill he was ready to die on, in regards to elections. Wouldn’t answer, wouldn’t even consider the question.

    Typical rah rah GOP yay Romney kinda person.


  4. romney is just what seeps in when there’s a vacuum

    porky porky chris christie is to fat to seep though so maybe next time will be different

  5. If there’s a vacuum, ask yourself, who created it?

  6. People who suck?

  7. all i know is it wasn’t me

    I think a lot of it was the legacy of bush not using his administration time to help cultivate talent on the bench plus Palin’s up to the last minute indecisiveness I think kept people out of the race what otherwise might have jumped in (remember this was back when she was still relevant) plus Mitch Daniel’s slutty wife didn’t help

  8. Mitch Daniels’ I mean I think

    I haven’t thought about him in forever

  9. Heh.

    Literally and figuratively!

  10. You do still think a million gun march would be most effective? You do? I’ve thought about this and I believe I can help in two ways. One is so marchers can flaunt a 30 cartridge magazine without being arrested. It’s made of paper. Ordinary card stock. Print out this template for a scary magazine, tug to fit the whole page, cut out, fold and glue. I haven’t actually tried it, but I’m very good at this sort of thing and I got an A in drafting a long time ago plus I’m fairly handy in Photoshop today.

    The other thing is the David Gregory C/C Weapons Passes that are masks of his face.

    I can’t actually go myself. Well, I could but I don’t want to, and I really would like to but then I just don’t care to engage in spectacle. On the other hand I could go but I certainly won’t, so please accept these two tokens in support of this possible maybe perhaps effort.

  11. I sent an email to the prosecutor who decided not to prosecute Gregory because “there was no intent” when Gregory flashed the illegal (in DC) magazine. (I admit to some puzzlement over “intent” because Gregory intentionally broke the law) I probably shouldn’t have called Nathan a fool and a knave, though. Perhaps that is why I did not get a response.

  12. you’ll be lucky if they don’t track you down and shoot your dog

  13. – They came dangerously close to, you know, actually holding a Progressive responsible for something he said and did, which in and of itself is a fundemental no-no in the Utopian world of the Left, and blasphemous toward the approved and accepted narrative.

    – In other words, the usual duplicitous bullshit.

  14. trenchant!

  15. Earl Weaver died yesterday. He was a pistol. One constantly going off, too. Or if not going off right now, about to go off, we could be sure. One of the wisest pistols I’ve ever seen.

  16. porky porky chris christie is to fat to seep though so maybe next time will be different

    Never underestimate the power of gravy.

  17. wow that should have said *too* fat I think I need breakfast

  18. Good for Rand Paul, taking on Hillary’s chief rival for the 2016 Democrat nomination like that.

  19. chris christie is a corpulent cruise missile aimed at the Team R nominee

    he’s very dangerous because obama’s propaganda sluts are 100% on board

  20. Which is why is a shoe-in to be Jeb Bush’s running mate.

  21. i don’t see the Jeb thing happening

    the Bush name is shit

  22. but it would be clever for Jeb to pick a running mate what makes him look thinner

  23. Godspeed, Earl.

  24. Shit’s gonna smell like roses to what’s left of the Republican party after another four years of Obama.

  25. RIP, Earl.

  26. “What Would Django Do?”

    Play some ‘Spanish-Gypsy’ style Jazz guitar?

  27. Jeez, Stan Musial, another baseball great tied to St. Louis, died today.

  28. pennsyltucky native be stan

  29. Stan was 92?! RIP Stan the Man.