January 15, 2013

On executive orders

Rand Paul:

Racist. Who hates children.

Just like this guy.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:15pm

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  1. “…and you will see one heck of a debate if he decides to try to do this.”

    Ooooh! Debate! That’s right up there with Strongly Worded Denunciations! I bet Obama folds like a debutante’s fan when faced with “one heck of a debate.”

  2. The view from the port side.

    “Stroke of the Pen.
    Law of the Land.
    Kinda Cool.”
    — Clinton Presidential Advisor, Paul Begala

  3. Careful, Rand, this is apparently a losing issue. Just like non-organic Apple Pie and transgender-free Baseball.

  4. Jesus. If you’re in New York, get the hell out, folks.

    New York gun law about to be passed* would turn you into a felon for owning three or more guns

    *already passed. It’s law now.

  5. Next up: carpenters allow two and only two hammers. For the children’s fingers.

  6. Now New York massacres will fall from zero to, um, less than zero, I guess.

    Meanwhile, one person died after being hit by a subway car. What was it Joe Biden said? Oh yeah, “If your actions result in only saving one life, they’re worth taking.” Ban subways!

  7. I’ve got like, six different hammers. Time to go off the grid.

  8. There’s going to be two pretty comets this year. One in a couple of months and one around thanksgiving.


    Which is good because Haley’s comet turned out to be a huge disappointment.

  9. He also said the 3 or more provision was removed from the final bill.

  10. The next person who refers to Halley’s Comet as Hailey’s Comet gets put on my special list.

    You don’t want that .

  11. how about haylee’s comet? it may find your lake stash.

  12. Anything that looks like you’re pronouncing it “Hailey” or “Hayley” is suspect.

  13. It was a shit comet.

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  15. I took a trip to the zoo, but the only animal there was a little dog. It was a shit zoo.