January 11, 2013

palate cleanser: Satchel scores his second tech fall Saturday, 19-4

Weigh-ins for Districts are this evening, with the tournament tomorrow. It’s an hour ride, so we have to be out of the house tomorrow morning by about 6 am.

Because the thought depresses me, I figured I’d post this, from a happier time: last weekend’s season finale dual meet.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:56pm

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  1. The lighter weight classes can be the most fun to watch in most martial arts – more action and technique on display.

    Go, Satchel, Go!

  2. That was good fun to watch. To my untutored frankly ignorant wrestling watching eye, it looked like an exhibition of disciplined freedom of action on display. Again, good stuff.

  3. What an excellent sport for wriggly little boys!

    They wrassle each other anyway; might as well teach ’em some discipline and skill while you’re at it.

  4. Good stuff. It’s cool to see these skills in a younger kid. Good work, dad.

    I forgot what I was watching for a second and thought he might actually snag a kimura on that other kid.

  5. Holy cow! I forgot what motors those little guys got, that was a lot of activity for just one match.

    They were also a lot more technical than I would have thought for that age.

    Grats, Satch. And to his teachers.

  6. That was fun to watch. Little guys are machines!

  7. – Visagoths raising future Visagoths!

  8. That was fun, like watching my eleven year old grand niece playing hockey these past four years.

    Go Satchel!

  9. I always wrestled one of those semi-squishy “martial arts” floor mats. Haven’t done it since high school though. I wasn’t good or bad at it. I liked hurdle jumping in track for some reason though.

  10. Good stuff, though I was hoping for a pile driver.

  11. Very fun

    the twins are done with soccer until next fall … and, like di has stated, they r a couple of wriggly boys who cannot be in the same room together for more than a few minutes without ending up on the floor wrestling.

    I have to find them a local wrestling program!