January 10, 2013

Piers Morgan confronts ex-Marine who wrote scathing letter to Dianne Feinstein

His argument, such as it is, seems to be this: “I see no need for anyone to have an assault rifle, and neither does some high-ranking former General.” To which the obvious reply is, “Yeah? Well, I do. So, you know, impasse!”

But Joshua Boston, the ex-Marine, goes further — and in my opinion exposes the ignorance of anti-gun agitators:

Look: if Piers Morgan doesn’t wish to hand down a “killing machine” to his children, then he doesn’t have to. But if I wish to train my children for self-defense, and pass my weapons down to them, that is my choice.

Boston is precisely right: any law that seeks to make such an exchange of private property illegal is a de facto attempt at disarming the populace. Not only that, but it is in fact an attack on the very idea private property itself: because it turns our gun “ownership” into a kind of rental or leasing operation, with the federal government as the ultimate owner of your private property.

This is in every way fundamentally un-American. It is about power, and their desire to wield it with impunity. The question is, do we have the will to stop it?

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:22am

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  1. What a pain in the ass it is having to waste time constantly explaining the distinction between need and right. Fucking FDR and his moronic legacy.

  2. The Marine did a fine job. I admire his discipline and self-restraint, because about the third time Piers did his “I greatly respect the work you performed in defending your country,” all I could think of in reply was, “Thank you, Piers, and may I say that I greatly despise the work you’re doing to undermine my countrymen’s last, best method of ensuring their liberty.”

    I’d probably also have thrown in a couple of derisory retorts along the lines of “I don’t care what you think about modern rifles, and neither do the Founders, and neither does the Bill of Rights!”

  3. Man have you ever got that right Squid. I found myself internally intoning “Of course they’re powerful killing machines Piers: that’s what they’re intended to be, you jelly-legged moron.”

  4. Ooooh! A “killing machine”. Sca-a-a-ary!

    You POINT it, Piers. And you have to pull the trigger. It doesn’t kill on it’s own.

  5. Assault weapon ban in Chicago somehow fails to stop guy from threatening landlord with assault weapon. Yellow lines in the road do not stop vehicles. They only stop conscientious and careful drivers who see them and recognize them. Assault weapon bans work the same way. Criminals don’t bother to obey them.


  6. – What I’m still trying to figure out is, other than the Progressives Fascists, who in the hell cares what this non-American fop thinks about anything?

    – Why do we play this game with these Leftist morons?

  7. When they passed Prohibition, nobody had booze. Of course banning icky guns will make it so nobody has guns.


  8. Because collapse is more inevitable than stability, BBH. And the more we give them the illusion that they’re pushing stability and not collapse, the worse off we’ll be when the collapse comes.

    …But yeah. I don’t watch the Left circus, and wish I could wake up more people to how pathetic it is.

  9. “Killing machine.”


    Reminds me of when I got to attend the commissioning ceremony for an attack sub in Groton, CT – there was someone there with a big sign that said:

    “One ballistic submarine can destroy 37 cities!”

    My right hand to God, my first reaction was that it was a General Dynamics advertisement.

    I mean, that’s what they’re *FOR*, right?

  10. – Yes, well admitedly that post was Titanic rhetorical, but really, other than the obvious press agitprop that pushes this crap to sell advertisement, it seems we just can’t get enough of stuck on stupid sometimes.

  11. Unfortunately, while my fellow Marine did a good job at composure and hit his points well, unfortunately many pieces of information did not go uncorrected.

    For example, when Pees said “Magazines capable of killing hundreds of people” it should have been brought up that a magazine itself has no killing power, as was clearly illustrated by David Gregory not but a few days ago when he illegally displayed a standard capacity magazine against the wishes of the DC police and their laws. I mean, nobody died on the set and he had one!

    Two, General McChrystal is an idiot of the highest caliber (pun very much intended). The 5.56mm round is a *medium powered cartridge*, and even then its power has more to do with the length of the barrel than the cartridge itself. It’s basic physics. Energy is 1/2 mass times velocity squared. Double the mass, you double the energy, double the speed, and you *SQUARE* the energy. So a longer barrel will produce MORE energy and a shortened barrel will produce less given a round with the same powder charge.

    Regardless, no shit a round does massive amounts of damage. That’s the WHOLE FUCKING POINT. We don’t make bullets that tickle (well, some might claim the .380 fits that bill), we make bullets that, when propelled quickly, provide massive damage in an attempt to incapacitate our target. An AR is not unique in this and in fact, a standard 30.06 hunting rifle will do damage that makes the AR’s wound channel look like a scratch.

    Another thing that should be mentioned in these situations is the rate of fire is completely irrelevant. In my video, I show how even as a C class USPSA shooter, it takes time to locate targets, and in my case, these are static, non moving, non-return-firing targets. Wouldn’t matter had I pulled the trigger as fast as the action would cycle, I’d not have been able to make critical hits. The guys who can dump a mag into a 3″ circle while running are people who’ve trained their whole life to do it.

    But of course, none of these facts matter. Pees and his ilk want to ban and they will discard any information that doesn’t fit their end result and not lose a wink of sleep over it.

  12. “One ballistic submarine can destroy 37 cities!”

    When Morgan threatened to leave the country if we didn’t enact the gun control laws he demanded, my first reaction was, “If you’re trying to make us enact gun control, Piers, you’re going about it all wrong.”

    I think I would have wanted to say the same thing to the signholder at that commissioning.

  13. I will brook no cheap jabs at my Walther PPK… that now lies at the bottom of a lake.

  14. We’re all going to be cited for polluting our local lakes.

  15. Robb, you mean to say that owning an AR does not automatically imbue one with superhuman marksmanship?

    Damn, and I thought all I had to do was point the rifle in the general direction and the gun would take care of the rest.

  16. We’re all going to be cited for polluting our local lakes.

    heh, they’re all beginning to color out rust brown on account of all the introduced iron, eh?

  17. Blake, sadly your jest is taken as gospel from many of the ignorati.

    When going through boot camp at Parris Island, at 500 yards I put 99 out of a 100 rounds into a man sized target. I’m a good shot, sure but I was laying down using my own arm and sling as a tripod. When I’m standing, shooting offhand, I’m lucky to get all my hits @ 100 yards into an 8″ circle. Add in moving targets and me moving, and my hit ratio goes down the shitter.

    And I had extensive training.

    Look at cops, they have a horrific shot to hit ratio. Why do they need standard capacity magazines? Because they miss. A lot. Why do we need standard capacity magazines? Because we can miss too. We’re not all Grand Master shooters, and even GMs aren’t used to being shot back at.

    The problem revolves around the fact that those who wish to enslave us simply want us disarmed and now they’re using all these useless phrases and scare tactics to get enough people to grant them cover. They don’t have it, but I don’t think that’s going to matter to them. They’re just going to say “No, you may not have guns” and assume we’ll all just go “Well…damn. Fine… here they are”.

    That will go down in history as one of the top “Wow. I was wrong about that” moments of all time.

  18. Speaking of, uh, something on this blog somewhere, there are a bunch of gay Frenchies (is that redundant?) who publicly oppose gay marriage because it’s too conventional.

  19. No! Because it’s homophobic!

  20. Good demonstration of just how heavily regulated guns already are:

    We Need To Regulate Cars The Way We Regulate Guns

    h/t instapundit

  21. “I wouldn’t want to hand my children that sort of killing machine.”

    “And yet when your baby daughter Elise turns 16, you’ll give her a shiny new car. A machine with every bit as much killing potential as a firearm. A machine which is far more likely to cause injury to herself and others. And you’ll smile as you hand her the keys, and your friends will look upon you as a good and loving father. Yet that machine won’t be able to protect your daughter from predators, nor to safeguard her freedom against the police state you so cheerfully promote. That machine was never held up by the Founders as a fundamental human right important enough to be listed second only to speech and religion. If you were a decent father, and had the first clue about what makes America exceptional, you’d make damn sure that she was responsible and competent with firearms well before you entrusted her with an automobile.

    I’m through wasting my time talking to you; it’s obvious that you’ve neither the desire nor the ability to learn anything about this subject. You’re simply wrong about nearly everything regarding this issue, and on those elements where you have a modicum of knowledge, you’re just a hypocrite. If you had an ounce of decency, you’d walk away from this show tonight, and not return until you’d learned some basic facts, and had something valuable to share with our nation.”

  22. Huh. Great minds think alike, so they say.

    I suppose ours do, too.

  23. When McChrystal was in the Army, he carried an M9 Beretta or similar, which fires a 9mm Parabellum round at a velocity of 1250 fps. At close range, it does devastating damage to a human body.

    Does that mean I cannot have one?

  24. As good as it is to be the king, what’s even better is being king forever.


    Enjoy your tax hikes, serfs. Now hand over your property. Guns are reserved for aristocracy only.

  25. Jeff, you should do a post on what RI Red says January 10, 2013 at 3:51 pm.

    Wyoming Lawmakers Propose ‘Gun Protection’ Legislation

    The “Firearms Protection Act” bill, introduced this week, would make any federal law banning semi-automatic firearms or limiting the size of gun magazines unenforceable within the state’s boundaries.

    Anyone trying to enforce a federal gun ban could face felony charges under the proposal. It also includes a provision allowing the Wyoming Attorney General’s office to defend any state resident against any federal firearm ban.

    The states need to declare, and I’m proud of Wyoming.

  26. Seconded.

  27. ““Magazines capable of killing hundreds of people” it should have been brought up that a magazine itself has no killing power,”

    I dunno. Have you ever read Texas Monthly? Especially their yearly barbecue tourist/snob issue?

  28. Hot damn. If it (the Wyoming bill) passes and their governor signs it, Texas has got some competition.

  29. Texas has got some competition.

    Well, yeah. If Texas were 5000 ft higher and had winter eight months a year…

  30. Ben Shapiro does a nice job slapping Morgan around. Aside from buying into the “assault weapon” trope, that is.

  31. Local radio newsies and our state rep were discussing gun control this morning.

    These were actually some of the better ones, still when I got to work and turned the radio off they were in a deep analysis of cop killer bullets.

    The stupid is terminal.

  32. Full Morgan/Shapiro segment here.

  33. Well, yeah. If Texas were 5000 ft higher and had winter eight months a year…

    Are you saying that like it’s a bad thing? It sounds like you’re saying that like it’s a bad thing.

  34. I was just listening to a replay of Mark Levin’s show from last night. In the second hour, a former cop called up and said [I think I’m paraphrasing – getting old]:

    You know how much ammo you need only after the fact.