January 10, 2013

Father of the Year, Bill Clinton: on irony and objective correlatives


Posted by Jeff G. @ 8:51am

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  1. And to think I invented the word “Hipocracy” BEFORE Victor Davis Hanson…

    There ain’t no justice.

    The pic? Oh, that’s just Bill skankin’ out again…

  2. Who would leave their teenage daughter alone with the Father of the Year?

  3. Don’t forget Ted Kennedy in 1976!

  4. I was going hookers, but after some Googling, those are porn stars.


  5. – The brain dead nedia just adores the Clintons. The political gift that keeps on giving.

    – While Willey is out winning sperm donor of the year, Hilldebeast is getting ready to scam ths useful idiots yet again.

  6. My Three Daughters

  7. (sugar) Daddy of the year? Maybe. In the creepy way, but yeah, maybe. Father of the year? Bullshit.