January 9, 2013

Walking and chewing gum, simultaneously!

Just in case you’re under the mistaken belief that ObamaCo’s gun control gambit is fruitfully helping to bury the Benghazi debacle — with its related cover-ups, lies, and the serial duplicity surrounding every aspect of its reporting — fear not! I’m on that shit! Like Michael Moore on a pork chop.

1. “Benghazi penalties are bogus”

2. “Clinton Publicly Linked Benghazi to Video Before Woods and Doherty Were Killed”

3. “Clinton cites ‘self-consciousness’ over ‘disturbingly large ankles’ as latest reason she can’t testify before Senate”

One of those is made up. But as truthiness goes, it isn’t far off the mark.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go buy ammo.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:48pm

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  1. Also underway: fleeing Afghanistan.

    At the White House on Friday, President Obama will meet with Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Although Mr. Karzai will presumably take up his continuous complaints that America has “imposed” corruption on his country, the more vital subject for both parties will be the size of the U.S. military footprint beyond 2014.

    Administration officials are already leaking that the U.S. presence will be smaller than that requested by Gen. John Allen. The U.S. commander in the region has said that a force of 6,000 to 20,000 troops is needed. The White House has floated that 3,000 to 4,000 may be sufficient.

    The divergence mirrors a more general disjunction in U.S. policy and perceptions regarding Afghanistan. Americans think the war is going badly, and many think it is hopelessly lost. But the Obama administration says that the process of “transitioning” responsibility for security to the Afghan military is going well enough to justify dramatic reductions in American forces this year and after 2014.

    Has the president decided to cut his losses or does he actually think that the U.S. will have succeeded in Afghanistan at the end of his second term? Does it even matter?

  2. There’s still ammo to buy in Colorado?

  3. Really Ernst… I can’t find .223. or .257 Roberts. 12 guage is in good supply, but mostly rabbit rounds. Good hunting Jeff!!

  4. Yeah, I can’t find dick.

  5. I was going to ask the same question. There’s no ammo to be had right now.

    I’m beginning to wonder if the administartion isn’t exerting some behind the scenes influence on this. I understand the shelves being emptied, but have the factories stopped producing? What is a reasonable time frame for some ammunition to once again start showing up at the online outlets or storefronts?

  6. It likely takes a while to ramp up production. No one wants to be stuck with overstock, since one gets taxed on that at the end of the year.

  7. I axed at the WalMart and that is exactly the reason they gave me, cranky.

  8. OT: Assault crane collapse in Queens. This is the fifth time. It is time to outlaw cranes.

  9. I have to go buy ammo

    …and then lose it in a boating accident?

    I have maybe 550 rounds of .22LR, and about 100 rounds of .38 special. Once all of that is gone, the zombies get to eat me.

  10. I saw some 7.62×51 when I went shopping investing yesterday. No idea if the sporting goods store commodities broker still has any.

  11. ….The latest.

    – Apparentlythey’ve had enough time now to make sure no one is going to break ranks and roll over, so she’ll be able to lie with confidence..

    – Its clear that Obama and the WH and every staffer/cabinet member involved in Benghazi are all party to whatever is being covered up and all will be getting a pass to protect the king.

  12. Sort of off-topic but sort of related – that $1 trillion platinum coin idea is straight-up Wiemar Republic-style inflationary insanity. If that actually happens expect a run on wheelbarrows.

  13. The local Dick’s has decent amounts in .223 and also .22-250 and the like. Ditto .243, .30-06, etc.

    They probably ordered several pallets of the stuff before all hell broke loose. .22LR, oddly, seems to be in short supply.

  14. – Diversified media.

  15. *Weimar

  16. Mongo, how is anyone going to buy a wheelbarrow without a wheelbarrow to carry the cash to the hardware store in?

  17. Does anyone know where one can find .22 long rifle online? All my sources are empty.

    On the other hand, cheaper than dirt can sell you 7.62×39 right now, if that works for you. Most everyone else cannot.

  18. The local Dick’s has decent amounts in .223 and also .22-250 and the like. Ditto .243, .30-06, etc.

    That’s probably because of an informal boycott owing to Dick’s dickish behavior lately.

  19. Dick’s was aptly named. I hope they go out of business.

  20. Dick’s is overpriced and has dickish employees. They are mainly a sneaker and sportswear, gym bag and crappy camping equipment as an after thought kind of a store.

    Spend your dollars at Bass Pro and Cabela’s.

  21. “cranky-d says January 9, 2013 at 3:24 pm
    Dick’s was aptly named. I hope they go out of business.”

    Wimp’s might have been a better name.

  22. “McGehee says January 9, 2013 at 2:57 pm
    Mongo, how is anyone going to buy a wheelbarrow without a wheelbarrow to carry the cash to the hardware store in?”

    And then you still have to pay the wheelbarrow usage tax. Thanks Roberts!

  23. – The stone walling continues unabated.

    – The FBI is now the point agency on Benghazi. Which ob its face is incredible, and begs the question, is there a domextic involvement in this entire mess that no one had made connection too as of yet, because otherwise using the FBI to investigate a foriegn affairs disaster is unheard of just in itself.

    – Is there a single soul in Congress paying attention to this debacle?

  24. Link.

  25. Is there a single soul in Congress paying attention to this debacle?

    It sure doesn’t look like it, BBH. Where’s Darryl Issa been? I want to watch this spectacle on C-SPAN but I bet they do the old “behind closed doors because of national security” crap.

    OT: How come all of Obama’s Cabinet nominees are old white dudes?

  26. Are republicans busy trying to assure their base they aren’t useless? I haven’t anything from anyone.

  27. Cranky, the local walmart has .22 short…I bought a bunchh, but no LR

  28. On Tuesday, a lawyer for Trump sent the letter to Maher with the birth certificate attached, asking the “Real Time” host to make good on his late-night offer:

    Attached hereto is a copy of Mr. Trump’s birth certificate, demonstrating that he is the son of Fred Trump, not an orangutan. Please remit the $5 million to Mr. Trump immediately and he will ensure that the money be donated to the following five charities in equal amounts: Hurricane Sandy Victims, The Police Athletic League, The American Cancer Society, The March of Dimes, and The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.


  29. Just ordered 500 Remington Yellow Jacket 22 Long Rifle 33 Grain Plated Truncated Cone Hollow Point from Midway. Many of the .22s are out of stock but some aren’t.

  30. Mongo, how is anyone going to buy a wheelbarrow without a wheelbarrow to carry the cash to the hardware store in?

    I’m sure they’ll still be taking EBT cards. All da Preznit’s gotta do is move the decimal on your benefit accout balance a few places to the right and you’ll be good to go. :D

    Seriously, though. This is third-world banana republic bullshit to even be talking about it, much less doing it.

  31. The US government today is brought to you by fiat(no, not the car company), chutzpah(the guy is dancing right on your faces! Oy vey!), and the platinum coin (friends call him the trillster).

  32. Seriously, though. This is third-world banana republic bullshit to even be talking about it, much less doing it.

    You’d think just floating it as a trial balloon would be enough to cause the next t-bill auction to fail.

    Oh Wait. The fed’s too big to fail and just sells to itself.

  33. You need a “Tactical Wheelbarrow” to take to the store.

  34. tactical wheelbarrows will be banned under the assault wheelbarrow act of 2013

    you’ll have to remove the wheel to make it compliant

  35. oops my mistake! assault wheelbarrow and hoarding prevention act of 2013

  36. Thanks geoffb, they had some more in stock when I ordered just now.

  37. next up : a run on wheelbarrows

  38. “you’ll have to remove the wheel to make it compliant”

    Darn. Back to sleigh rails. Or are the called skis?

  39. assault wheelbarrow and hoarding prevention act of 2013

    That’s the one that authorized funding for the “Coalition of Gather’s & Sharer’s” aka COGS in the Great Machine, right?

  40. Sleighs, Ho-ho-ho.

  41. Glad you got some Cranky-d.

  42. Good call, geoffb. Just ordered a wheelbarrow load of it. Who’d a thunk the day would arrive when .22 LR would be in short supply?

  43. Spend your dollars at Bass Pro and Cabela’s.


  44. A trusted source informs me that those ski/sleigh rail things are called runners.

    Now I want to put a bayonet lug on a wheelbarrow and removable caster sockets.

    Might as well plant a scope on it too for long distance hauling. And maybe a lanyard on the handles ?

  45. Maybe this is one reason for the run on all ammo.

    U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal said he wants legislation that would require instant background checks for the sale of gun ammunition.

  46. Dairymen? DFLer’s? dunno

    Don’t see any gum, but it’s . . . well, it’s . . . aw fuckit, just watch and the picture will be clear.

  47. Sorry, link. I was kinda stunned there for a sec.

  48. Geez. We need to outlaw demo hammers too now. And maybe concrete. Or gravity.

  49. Darwin just missed one there.

  50. I like this map.

  51. According to the gun review site, “Haus of Guns,” backorders for the Magpul AR-15 30-round magazine (“PMAG”) have surpassed one million.

  52. – Some reich wing media outlet needs to publish the names and addresses of every wimmins that had abortions in the last four years in that same area where they did the gun ownership thing.

    – The howling would be audible for 100 miles, but I bet that crap would stop in a heart beat. And make it clear WHY it was done in responce to the Left bastards so they’d own it.

  53. s/”Dick’s”/”Bass Pro Shops”

  54. cheaperthandirt.com has .22LR. I may just have to spend some beer money there.

  55. …although they are out of stock on nearly all items. Fuckers.

  56. At Midway they only have 26 of 122 types of .22 left in stock and most are oddball, but that Rem. still shows in stock.

  57. Coming this spring: “I’ll trade you this here bar of gold for some of them cartridges ya got there…”

  58. Speaking of .22 here is a clear gel test of 4 types.

  59. baracky be stimulating his $$$$

  60. Cheaper than dirt fooled me too, slart.

  61. the whole gun thing is getting boring can we fast forward to the wolverines part

  62. please

  63. oh yeah that picks up the tempo

  64. here is a video for you

    i been listening to this and I thought it was like a big thing but apparently it’s not here in LA very much yet or everybody just got too busy to listen or something

  65. it’s about drugs and how they make it hard to maintain a healthful skincare regimen

  66. no for reals I’m serious blue-eyed soul is back and it’s fierce you can tell cause of it’s wearing a hoodie and it doesn’t make eye contact yo

  67. More of the fascinating world of Illinois politics :

    “3 incoming Illinois lawmakers facing criminal charges”


  68. After Alex Jones interview Piers Morgan and guests joke about shooting him with a LEGAL. SEMI. AUTOMATIC. GUN. at the boxing match Alex proposed.


    These are the ignorant boobs who want to take your guns away. They are still mindlessly farting out the same outrageously outraged but irrelevant questions about why do you need a SEMI! AUTOMATIC! RIFLE! (or handgun) as if that was a point. If asked to define it the chump would almost certainly start babbling about uzis and armor piercing high capacity laser bullets that don’t show up in metal detectors. These are the same nimrods who in 2003 were telling us that depleted uranium is a nuclear weapon designed to cause radiological poisoning and cancer and that napalm should be banned by chemical weapon treaties just because it is a chemical what was at one time used as a weapon (they apparently still don’t know about the switch to white phosphorous).

  69. Seems to me that we ought to be ramping up the mockery, bigtime.

    For example, this gentleman is not pulling any punches:


  70. Jeff, the correct term for number 3 is “cankles.”

  71. Spend your dollars at Bass Pro and Cabela’s.

    Thirded. There are a couple of Bass Pros near The Freehold, one on Atlanta’s northside and another in Macon. Guess which one I’ve been to?

    But if Cabela’s would open a store in, say, Jacksonville, or Birmingham — hell, even Murfreesboro TN — I might be there four or five times a year whether I needed to go or not. I guess I’m just more partial to the more Western-headquartered store.

  72. I can spend all day in either Bass Pro or Cabela’s. Finer fishing gear I haven’t seen anywhere. I also love all the dioramas of wild beasts and grazing antlered rats of various sizes. Bass Pro finally opened a store in Tulsa a few years ago. Before that, the closest one was in Springfield, MO.

    Cranky, you could kill two birds with one stone: guns to lose in the lake while fishing with your new gear, that badass reel with the jeweled escarpment that you hang onto for dear life.

  73. We have a Cabela’s close enough to drive to from Minneapolis, but the fact is I do almost all my shopping online. I might go there for a bow because they have a range and would likely help set it up for me, but as bows aren’t currently on the outlaw list my energy has been focused elsewhere.