January 7, 2013

“Health Insurers Raise Some Rates by Double Digits”

Those bastards!  And after all Obama’s done to make sure we get affordable, universal health care.  Like, for instance, naming his 2700-page health care law the “Affordable Care Act.”  I mean shit, what more can the dude do?  Affordability is right there in the name!

It’s almost as if the market doesn’t really respond well to economically impossible dictates — no matter who insists upon them, or how “historic” that person may be.

— Though in this case, I think we can say with certainty that the market is simply racist.  And probably owns guns.

Otherwise?  Utopia!

(h/t palaeomerus)


Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:49pm

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  1. All of our cars are going to get 50+ miles per gallon, too!

  2. This Wendy’s is about to learn the hard way what happens when restaurants tangle with Obamacare

    Looks to me like their employees are currently learning about that. But aren’t internet Sorosbot fascists adorable repulsive?

  3. If you like your freedom, you can keep…. sorry, couldn’t say that with a straight face LOL!

    Also LOL at TP’s fans complaining about Bad Actors – like Matt Damon?

  4. It’s all part of the plan. Impose regulations that make no economic sense. Then, when private businesses try to bring prices in line with the costs of the nonsensical regulations, damn them from a height, and threaten intervention to drive them out of the market.

    Guess what? Soon, there will be no private health insurance. Oh, and guess who controls your social security payments…

    Americans are living longer than their controlling Imperial government can afford. Hence, Americans must be done away with.

    Of course, we voted for that. For large values of “we.”

  5. My insurance went up, but my insurance always goes up. I have no way of knowing how much of the increase was to Obamacare™.

  6. When it comes to the words dictators use, I’ve found it’s best to reverse anything they say and that’s what they really mean.

    As in:
    Democrat == actually means autocrat or oligarch
    Liberal == means fascist
    Free == costly
    Affordable == price increases
    Equal, Equitable, Fair, Fairness == not
    Bipartisan == one party rule (theirs)
    Fiscal Responsibility == Spend like a drunken sailor

    You get the picture.

    It ALWAYS works. If they tell you something or are quoted on TV then reverse the meaning and that’s the truth.

  7. jcw46 –

    People like you keep giving drunken sailors an undeserved bad rap.


  8. …and when they run out of money they stop.