January 7, 2013

recursion / nostalgia

It’s an inside joke, but long-time readers deserve it.  So here’t goes:  one mile high dirt berm, with an (unmentioned, but still plausible) outside chance of balloon fencing!

You know, sometimes I think God is just bored, and he thinks an enjoyable way to pass the time is to reach down and give a few random titty twisters.

Which explanation sure beats the hell out of any light Darwin might shed on history.

(h/t JohninFirestone)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:20am

Comments (3)

  1. Some of us are wondering whether Chuck Hagel could come up with so brilliant an idea as a mile-high dirt berm. I’m not so sure he doesn’t have it in him.

  2. That brings back fond memories of explaining angle of repose to a nitwit.

  3. That’s why my Lay-Z-Boy is adjustable, right?