January 7, 2013

Harry Reid: Hurricane Katrina was “nothing in comparison” with Sandy [Darleen Click]

Democrat apparatchik media on the Reidism? Crickets.

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  1. Wait a minute, so now Katrina relief was timely? Bush did a better job than Bumblefuck?

  2. New England?

  3. Every time Harry Reid speaks, all I can hear is Mr. Hengist.

  4. You know who’s totally a natural big time expert on hurricanes? Arizona. Since NOW racist. Jeez!

  5. Why is Harry Reid tweaking an invisible pair of nipples, which are connected – one would hope – to an invisible pair of titties?

  6. Reid seems to be saying that the FEMA response to Sandy is rather more lackluster than the FEMA response to Katrina.

    Yet, I heard no stories of cannibalism from inside Yankee Stadium.


  7. New England?

    Yeah, I caught that too, Pablo. Since when is New York and New Jersey part of New England? (The common “New” don’t mean diddly). Yes, parts of CT were hit hard, but the real desolation is NY/NJ.

    Harry Reid, proving once again: It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, then it is to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  8. Take notice, all, that we who live in Tornado Alley don’t spend (or get, I might add) our time on teevee bemoaning our fates. We start cleaning things up, burying the dead and treating the wounded. Certainly people are taking care of business in NY and NJ, but we seem to see a ton of whiny soft underbelly types on the tube.

    “Wadda am I gonna do?!

    I want to see more of the guys who are cleaning up and getting on wid bidness, insurance or no insurance. I know they’re out there. It isn’t all whiny women and pissed off guys in hoodies.

    The only hurricane I’ve ever been in was in Pittsburgh, PA. It decimated the whole shopping district on Mt. Washington throwing pizza ovens and washing machines from a laudromat all over the place and twisting the canopy of a Shell station like an aluminum can. It’s awful, so I’m not being glib about the peoples in NY,NJ, CT.

  9. Will Reid’s lie spur some enterprising Federally employed researcher to commit to a comparison of the energy delivered per area by the two storms, along with the correlated physical and economic damage? ‘T’would be a surprise should it do.

  10. No, someone will just assure us that he’s correct because of Global Warming, because shut up.