January 6, 2013

“It’s become very obvious, even to Blind Freddy, that the expenditure of half-a-billion dollars has done absolutely nothing to reduce crime.” [Darleen Click]

The video is almost two years old, but it is very relevant today ..

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  1. The expenditure of half a billion dollars has done nothing.”

    Actually, regarding the destruction of capital goods, from Bastiat’s point of view, does do something: it ruins the possibility of expending those dollars on other goods which would themselves persist in the world, bringing about higher growth and greater prosperity. But fuck all for that: no one can see what does not happen.

  2. “That’s only the first step.”

    Guess what the final step is.

  3. Is it a cookbook?

  4. He got old?

  5. Gun control, the Obama methods of putting the Left’s doctrine into effect. BAMN hits the gun control road.