January 1, 2013

College Bowl Games / Fiscal Cliff surrender open thread

Or, bread and circuses.  Have at it!

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:32am

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  1. Found courtesy of someone spaming one of Jeff’s old threads:


    From one of the commenters:
    “Looks like it’s time for a Domino’s appreciation day!”


  2. Vanderbilt disposed of North Carolina State yesterday, 38-24, in the ‘Music City Bowl’. The borrowed Titan’s stadium was…how to put this nicely…not filled. But it was cold and sleeting. That’s the real unfilled reason, right? )

  3. Yes, , Danger, Dominoes deserves credit for getting that (temporary) injunction. But Hobby Lobby, denied that injunction by Supreme Twit Sonia Sotomayor, is facing fines of $1.3 M per day for not giving up Sandra Fluke-style condo-mints to it’s employees.

    A shame they don’t sell stuff for any of my hobbies, or I’d give ’em bidness.

  4. Just finished watching the Rose Parade …

    What I’ve found arguing with Left-Libs is they deny or dismiss any private charity or service organization … yet exactly that was so featured at the Parade …

    City of Hope (100th anniversary)
    Salvation Army

    Plus an assortment of smaller service/volunteer organizations …

    One of the biggest failures of Romney et al was the refusal to be aggressive on how general welfare IS a concern and that conservatives DO actively engage in charity/service. And making the case that we do NOT measure “good” by how big government bureaucracy is in any one area dedicated to a particular “problem.”

  5. Hollywood’s Nigger Joke

    I had little dog, his name was Dash

    I’d ruther be a nigger than be white trash

    –African American saying

    Linked for a couple reasons: 1) This fellow Cecil Brown is supposed to be a ‘professional writer’. Anyone else think this piece is sloppily written? 2) Gotta watch what you name these little dogs, boi~!


    The juvenile sea squirt wanders through the sea searching for a suitable rock or hunk of coral to cling to and make its home for life. For this task, it has a rudimentary nervous system. when it finds its spot and takes root, it doesn’t need its brain anymore, so it eats it. It’s rather like getting tenure. —Daniel Dennett

  7. Darleen, you forgot the Lutherans’ float with the guy dressed up as Jesus.

  8. – So we’re just into the first day of the fifth uear of pope Obama’s rein, and already we get delightful surprises from CNN.

    – Who knew Kathy had such a powerful thing for sardines. Apparently Ms Griffith started celebrating early.

  9. Kathy Griffin is from Chicago.

    I’ll let you do the math.

  10. – The irony is I think theres a small fish or anchovy named a Griffin.

  11. – OTOH, maybe she’ll finally get the sack she’s been looking for.

    – She mentioned she needed a “moment” for an upcoming appearence on Letterman. Maybe he can turn it into a “Top ten things you can do with a sardine.”

  12. I used to think she was kind of funny about a million years ago when she was on a comedy show with Brooke Shields. Now she’s just creepy. Like Madonna.

    Those broads are both my age. Keep your clothes on already!

  13. That was kind of gross and dirty and lame all at the same time.

    There is not much sadder than an aging adult woman doing “Do I make your horny” crap in front of a camera. Sarah Silverman? Cathy Griffin is you in a few years. Learn from this. Do not share her fate.

  14. – I Know CNN is in the ratings tank and looking for promo’s, but Jebus.

  15. leigh

    thanks for reminding me … guess I was distracted by all the exploding left-lib heads when that float appeared … OMG!! It’s Jesus! hide the childrens!

  16. Pal

    when did KG make anyone “horny” regardless of her age?

  17. – The clip and her actions actually goes on for some timw, leaving Cooper woth no choice but to threaten to shift to another scene just to end it.

  18. hooray the arduino uno is reading the 1-wire temp sensors(it really helps to wire it correctly).

  19. I think she didn’t call her show The D-List for nothing. It wasn’t because of her spectacular boobage, either.

    She’s popped up on a bunch of cable shows over the years. Her ill-behaved dogs got a work out with Cesar Millan on The Dog Whisperer and got her home office remodeled on one of the decorating shows. There have been a couple others, but I can’t remember them.

  20. althouse fired up

    Here’s something I would dearly love to do with this blog: I want to make it so that emotive, intimidating outrage like that backfires. I want people to learn that they can’t get away with empty assertions like “I am aghast” or “You are despicable.” You have to give reasons for what you think. Even if you really feel those feelings. And, of course, many of these hack writers don’t actually feel the feelings they scribble about. They just don’t want to have to talk about the actual issue. They want to make it something that everyone feels they’d better not talk about. But that should be a loud signal: We need to talk about it!

    And let’s get back to basics: What we need to talk about is Benghazi.


  21. Texas Tech beat Minnesota 34-31 in the Meineke Care Care Bowl of Texas last Friday, so I’m happy with the bowl season thus far.

    And bh, if you’re out there, I’ll be rooting for Wisconsin tonight!

  22. “Pal
    when did KG make anyone “horny” regardless of her age?”

    No idea, but that was a quasi-Mike Meyers “Austin Powers” routine she was trying to put on only I think she was trying to be edgier with it where Meyer’s was mainly pointing out how odd the low end 60’s spy movies looked when they tried to cash in on the already fading Mod movement.

  23. Dominoes improved their crust a lot. If they’d go for a tangy zesty sauce instead of a dully-sweet spicy one that would help. They still have lame cheese though.

    They used to be pretty good. Then maybe around 2002 or so they turned awful.

    They are kind of cheap though if you want to stay out of Gumby’s, Pizza Time, Pizza Patron, or Little Ceasar’s territory.

  24. – Benghazi us in the ER IC ward at the moment, suffering from a case of diplomatic hemotoma.

  25. One of the side effects of Hill’s immaculate concussion is memory loss.

    We’re about to be treated to another round of “I don’t recall.”

  26. – Another case of Teh Mos’ Tran-pee-hair-Rant Administration EVAH!

  27. Gawd. Chuck Schumer was on teevee a bit ago justifying the expense of the inaguration (no figures given, of course) because “We’ve been doing this for hundreds of years.”

    Really Chuck? Hundreds of years? Just like royalty and the Coronations, I guess.

  28. Georgia took care of Nebraska today. Good thing they didn’t need to decide whether to spike the ball with 11 seconds left.

    And Steve Spurrier’s Gamecocks pulled the rabbit out of the hat with a last minute TD. But the big play of the game was this hit.

  29. – That ‘hit’ was poetic justice after one of the worse blown calls in bowl history. With a national audience watching, along with everyone in the stadium, the refs gave Mich. a first down when they were clearly short of the yard marker. Michigan always brings its refs with them, but even they didn’t take it any further. Probably wanted to get out of the stadium in one piece,

  30. Don’t know much about Northern Illinois but they are playing FSU hard.

  31. Until they ran out of gas.

  32. If you’ll cheat in a game then how can you be trusted with real life?

  33. \o/ Stanford won the Rose Ball.

    I’m happy. c:

  34. “Once the Plebs discovered that they could vote themselves bread and circuses, the Republic was doomed.”
    — The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire