December 28, 2012

NYC Mayor Bloomberg blames Apple for rise in crime [Darleen Click]

No, this is not The Onion

Major crime in New York City inched up this year, and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg on Friday fingered the culprit: too many iPhones and iPads were being swiped.

A rise in thefts of shiny Apple products accounted for the slight increase in the city’s annual crime index, a statistic that covers a number of felonies, including murder, grand larceny and robbery, Mr. Bloomberg said on Friday morning during his weekly radio show. […]

[C]ity officials said the overall crime figure was skewed by the Apple figure.

“If you just took away the jump in Apple, we’d be down for the year,” said Marc La Vorgna, the mayor’s press secretary.

Watch out, Apple! Look at what Bloomy has done to trans-fats and Big Gulps!

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  1. That’s funny, because just today Bloomie was saying that NYC’s crime rate is virtually zero.

  2. lol hannity just said “precedent arnold palmer”

  3. Hell, take away the stolen cars, credit cards and cash and thefts would be practically non existent.

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  5. here is why orangeman needs to go

    johny did this:

    Senate Approves Warrantless Phone Tapping for Next Five Years

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  7. Not as good as it could be; guntutor is woefully ignorant of self-defense, as I point out.

  8. Bloomberg also said, of two random people getting pushed in front of oncoming subway trains, ‘Look! BUNNIES!‘.

  9. i’m sure if you took away those murders, chicago would be such a great place to live.

  10. dream on white boy

  11. SDN

    as I point out

    Ok, just passed back 14 m/o grandson to mom after he spent the night … I’m a little bleary and only now getting some strong coffee … can you direct me to your pointing out? Please?

  12. Comment went to moderation earlier; it’s there now.