December 28, 2012

Trial balloons trailers

The key to running a police state in which, under the best case scenario, the police are still exponentially outnumbered by non-compliant citizens playing the civil disobedience role, is to make improvements on your ability to round up and transport large numbers of protesters — criminalizing them in order to take away some of their rights and, in more extreme cases, their votes.

It ain’t black helicopters that are coming for us.  More like the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle.

No longer will Passaic County law enforcement have to take separate cars to respond to a scene where mass arrests are expected. Now the sheriff’s department has a 16-foot dual axle trailer to transport up to 20 officers to parades, demonstrations, shopping frenzies or college parties that might get too rowdy.

The $130,000 trailer came from the state’s Department of Corrections through a federal Homeland Security grant, putting Passaic County on New Jersey’s Mass Arrest Response Team. That means the trailer will be deployed anywhere in the state where police need its size, flood lights and amplified speaker system to squash a large-scale public disturbance.

[my emphases]  Now, I’m sure Passaic County is a veritable hotbed of street protests, just as I’m sure that, from an environmental perspective, massive police carpooling will doubtless help us combat the scourge of man-made climate change.  So this makes a ton of sense, logistically.  And if it proves successful at rounding up protester in Jersey, that means the DHS might just have to fund one 0f these bad boys for every major county in the country.  Your tax dollars literally coming back to — and for — you!

I just wonder:  does this giant trailer or enforced civic compliance come equipped with plenty of military-style features, including the deadliest of all weapons, the military-style assault rifle chambered in police-favored .223 Remington?

If only for the irony?

(h/t Dennis D)


Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:13am

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  1. More irony from the article, unintentional though it may be:

    The department also used $65,000 in drug forfeiture money to pin new badges on all of its officers and brass. The badges, equipped with an internal tracking number and a special dye that only the Sheriff’s Office keeps, are meant to push back against imposters, according to Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

    Lost, stolen or counterfeit badges have been sold and traded on the black market for years, allowing people to impersonate officers to pull people over or rob them.

    “It’s important that people feel safe in that when someone says they’re part of law enforcement that they actually are,” Maer said.

  2. $65,000? They don’t just need stinkin’ badges, they need stinkin’ expensive badges.

  3. “The scoops are coming!”

  4. Well thanks to homemade insurgent explosives as debuting by the palestinians (the IRA were better at pyro frankly) rolling in the tanks is no longer a surefire way to “pacify” an urban environment.

    Unfortunately without fireproof and bomb proof tanks the next step in urban pacification is long distance fire missions and light cheap vehicles with pintle mounts and improvised steel plate armor. A much cheaper but more violently aggressive solution. Of course the real horror is that an insurgent force can do pretty much the same sort of thing though their fire missions will be improvised mortars and rockets instead of aircraft. That means if the pick-up truck and helicopter pacification effort fails then the city must be burned or knocked down with far greater loss of life.

  5. Some other counties in NJ got some of these $100k+ trailers apparently, some pix here:

    Make sure you are sitting down before you click that link.

  6. It might be cheaper just to buy some steel-box bob-tails.

  7. Lost, stolen or counterfeit badges have been sold and traded on the black market for years, allowing people to impersonate officers to pull people over or rob them.

    Mentor of Arisia has foreseen this…

    It cannot be worn by anyone other than its owner, will kill any other wearer (in fact, it is fatal to even touch if not in contact with its owner), and “disappears” shortly after the owner’s death, by some means which is not explained but is described as “more like evaporation or sublimation, except that there was no gradual diminution in volume, and there was no detectable residue, either solid, liquid, or gaseous”.

  8. More “Smart Diplomacy” and “International Test Passing” to follow: