December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas, everyone … [Darleen Click]

Posted by Darleen @ 10:38am

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  1. One good Christmas music video deserves another. Merry Christmas from the family!

  2. Lightning strike late last night has left The Freehold without TV and broadband. Yet somehow the shitty cell reception is suddenly good enough to use my smartphone.

    Last night’s rain also filled our pond after it had been run nearly dry all summer and fall.

  3. Said it before, and I’ll say it again: on an alternate timeline where people actually have common sense, Prof. Sowell was the first black President of the United States.

  4. A hearty perrennial, Sowell’s boot in the world’s ass.

  5. Merry belated Christmas. I totally over did it. I could seriously use a boot in the ass right now. My house is a wreck. My intestines have decided to go to war with my lungs. My kids are horribly psychically damaged from my inebriated over-sharing. I’m probably never going to be allowed at midnight mass ever again. For some reason I made a speech at my wife’s work Christmas party and I thanked her for the “reindeer shaped penis sock”*. It’s snowing, and I’m working today.

    My Christmas was awesome, in other words, and I hope yours was too.

    *true story. The speech, not the sock.

  6. Cable company comes through! Civilization is saved!

  7. I’m not sure I could survive without the internet any more. I’m not sure I’d want to.

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