December 24, 2012

Obama: most Americans don’t want military-style assault weapons; high-capacity magazines

Fortunately for those Americans, they aren’t compelled to own either — though they have an unalienable to right to own both, and no right to deny me my natural right to self defense.  Meanwhile, most Americans don’t want ObamaCare.  And they have no choice in the matter.  Because Justice Roberts.

So.  The defense rests.

Honestly:  are these the kinds of bleating idiots (Penn Jillette excluded) who you want crying for legislation that would remove your liberty?  Just listen to the inanity — including from a former CNN anchor who believes all semi-autos should be banned, and that if the CT shooter had gone in with a handgun, he couldn’t have killed more that two people.

I will resist any law based on misinformation and ignorance that pretends to trump my natural right to protect myself, my family, and others from predators. So long as the police carry semi-automatic weapons and “assault rifles,” we maintain that we too have that right. And that’s because we don’t aim to deconstruct the Constitution or rewrite the second amendment to please progressive sensibilities.

All that is accomplished by an “assault weapons” ban is turning 10 million or so erstwhile law-abiding Americans into instant felons. A ban on high-capacity magazines would probably quadruple that number, as most semi-auto pistols chambered in 9mm, .380, .40, and even .45 have magazine capacities that exceed the magic number of 10.

And as I noted yesterday, the irony of a supposedly free people being arrested for having such weapons by police armed with those very weapons is the very epitome of what a post-constitutional, liberal fascist police state looks like.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 8:17am

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  1. That most Americans don’t want military style assault weapons is self-evident.

    300 million Americans and 15 million AR’s and AR variants in circulation. 300 > 15 million by a wide margin.

    Seems to me the market has that issue covered.

  2. crap.

    300 million > 15 million

  3. I guess we’ve achieved Democracy, where a majority of people get to decide what I can and can’t do with my own damn money. And to think I used to say the Democrat Party should change its name to comply with Truth in Advertising. How silly of me.

  4. At the risk of sounding trite and asking a rhetorical question right out of the gate, have these Wizards of Smart™ figured out how the market for illegal firearms can be contracted? (And by that, I mean made smaller.)

    What ‘Most Americans’ want and don’t want is irrelevant to what most criminals want and can get in a heartbeat with no pesky background checks.

    Also, have these same WoS determined how many is too many magazines to be owned by an idividual or a household? How much ammunition? How many weapons and what kind? I am probably giving them ideas, so I’ll stop.

    Other than those questions, this is totally doable, man.

  5. Well, all I can say is that *if* most Americans don’t want high-capacity magazines, who the f*ck has bought all the 20- and 25-round M-14 box mags?

    This is clearly a violation of my rights. I want the guy who has them all to be forced to give me some. I only need 6 or 8!

    Yeah, decided against the Mini Thirty. Got the M1A.

  6. It’s very difficult, just in spatial terms (like having a table quite large enough to get everyone into the shot), to obtain a ratio of drivel spouting fools to reflective thinkers (i.e., those intent on discovering facts as opposed to simply making them up) proper to the matter at hand: which ratio would bear a closer proportion to the population at large. Gillette should be outnumbered there, not by three to one, but much nearer to fifteen to one I reckon (perhaps worse), and concomitantly, his severely diminished opportunity to speak would fall accordingly. Such is the ‘conversation’.

    Is it as though television cameras make the people who sit before them stupid and immoral? We wouldn’t think so, yet these ladies urge we must think so, if we are to think as they do.

  7. NR

    I don’t think “outrageous” quite covers it.

    Let’s publish the address, with pictures. of the publisher & reporters of that rag.

  8. The media make it sound like a Bushmaster is an M240.
    Plus the media is all knowing to the point of asserting raw conjecture as fact: Lanza would have only been able to shoot two first graders if he just was carrying a pistol.
    The media is staggeringly hypocritical… I read this AM that David Gregory’s kids go to a school that has a huge armed guard staff of 11- and it seems they are hiring… a night shift position is open, plus the secret service is about the place when Obama’s kids are around

    I saw a short clip of Cory Booker and he pointed out that in his cesspool of a city, of all the criminal shootings, only one was by a licensed gun and owner. He went on to rail against illegal guns in the hands of criminals.
    Lanza was a possibly mentally deranged/psychotic break criminal who first stole guns from his mother and then second went crazy in a school.

  9. Got an email this morning about my order of 20 round mags.

    We have been notified by our drop ship warehouse that the following item was unable to ship on your order due to depletion of inventory.

    “Item” was the entire order. No extras for me this year it seems.

  10. What flavor, geoffb?

  11. Feelings, nothing more than feelings…

  12. Holy shit.Check this out:

    6 20round mags for a SCAR 17 bid up to $1350. So far. That’s over $220 per mag.

  13. How can anyone watch this and not be afraid for the future?

  14. who first stole guns from his mother and then second went crazy in a school.

    i think 2nd was to put 4 shots in his mom’s head

  15. Jeff, definitely a seller’s market at the moment; but shop around.’s full of price opportunists, I’m seeing huge variation in asking prices for M14 mags.

  16. SCAR 17 mags have been notoriously hard to find to begin with. I bought ten of them at an average price of about $35 each. Glad I did. Also bought 9 for my S&W M&P. So I’d be good if only I hadn’t lost all my guns out on the lake the other day. Stupid skiff.

  17. I’m just stunned that I can – well, *could* – actually own an M1A in CT.

    If only that kayak hadn’t capsized in the Housatonic River. Right in the deep spot, so there’s no hope of recovering it. I only had it about a week too.

  18. My little old fiberglass stocked SKS which I bought around 1980 or so. Ah well, I have plenty of 10 round stripper clips and some 30 rd mags.

  19. Lib NY Paper Publishes Names & Addresses of Legal Gun Permit Holders

    I, for one, would suppose that the criminal community (such as it is) would be MUCH more interested in the people who DON’T have weapons, so this could conceivably be a method of warning random burglars away from those locations.

    But as a “Do Not Break In” list, whatever works…

    I imagine that a sign reading “This property protected by Smith & Wesson” would be just as effective, but more personalized.

  20. If things continue at this rate by next week they will be offering a free rifle if you buy 3 magazines.

  21. World’s Largest Gun Supplier Claims it Sold 3.5 Years Worth of AR-15 Magazines in 3 Days

    Some of those might be mine. If only I had something to put in them and put them in.

  22. “charlesaustin says December 24, 2012 at 10:19 am
    How can anyone watch this and not be afraid for the future?”

    Well it’s sort of like you’re putting up the Christmas lights and the ladder starts to lean AWAY from the house and you realize that you might get hurt, and you might not, and this probably won’t be any good, but the ladder is STILL already moving away from the house, it ain’t going the other way any time soon and you are pretty much along for the ride however you feel about it.

  23. Lucky Gunner and SG Ammo are completely out of 5.56. Brownell’s has nothing but tracer. Cheaper Than Dirt has very little in stock and it starts at 70 cents a round.

    It seems that America is making an incontrovertible statement as to what it wants.

  24. no not just wrong but

    But if LaPierre really believes that Americans wish to cede control of their schools to the federal government, he really is crazy.


  25. So a financial “expert” and a news anchor met a libertarian on a talk show (the beginning of a good joke) and the cackling hens tried but they couldn’t defuse the truth bomb that they walked into.

    Well placed Mr. Jillette

  26. My little old fiberglass stocked SKS which I bought around 1980 or so. Ah well, I have plenty of 10 round stripper clips and some 30 rd mags.

    SKS are going for $500 to $800 on the online auctions. AK 47 are over $1500.

    Say what you want about Bumblefuck, but he is doing wonders for the arms trade right now.

  27. how hard would it be for peeps to start making their own clips/magazines at those prices?

  28. Clips – for firearms that can use them – are abundant, and typically hold less than 10 rounds. Nobody wants them ‘cos they’re not sexy.

    Mags – well, some are easier than others. For some firearms, making a good *reliable* mag is a non-trivial exercise, even though all you’re really talking about is sheet metal stock, a couple-ton hand press, a spot welder and some handtools – because the tolerances are pretty tight and most people aren’t trained sheet metal workers.

  29. I’be been using the “post-constitutional” term a lot lately. It really irritates the shit out of liberals…because they know its true.

  30. and most people aren’t trained sheet metal workers.

    that’s what the you tube is for

  31. merry christmas all

  32. That’s why you make a form or other appropriate tooling and use THAT to bend and weld your sheet metal.

  33. Just don’t shove “Sh**” in my face at the checkout counter at Christmas time, OK?

    However elegant your handbags, however lovely your locally produced jewelry, however tasteful your selection of plaques with life-embracing quotes, you’re just paving the way for the day you stand before a store window looking at Yukon Cornelius having an orgy with Rudolph in the manger, thinking, “My, how did we come to this point?”

    The Mayans had it wrong. The old world doesn’t end all at once: It just dies a little bit every day.


    Sam Donaldson To Tea Partiers: “It’s Not Your Country Anymore – It’s Our Country” (Video)

  34. utah dude doing the mass tonite

  35. the year of faith

  36. Sam Donaldson is a little slow on the uptake as well as displaying the epitome of projection.

  37. Re: newrouter says December 24, 2012 at 9:29 am

    Goose meets sauce.

  38. Lucky Gunner and SG Ammo are completely out of 5.56. Brownell’s has nothing but tracer. Cheaper Than Dirt has very little in stock and it starts at 70 cents a round.
    It seems that America is making an incontrovertible statement as to what it wants.

    I wonder.

    I think it likely that what we’re witnessing is more in the line of a statement about what 2nd Amendment supporters fear than what America wants.