December 23, 2012

Oft-marginalized protein wisdom cracks the Fab Fifty blog awards

Kudos to me — and to Mr Ross for recognizing my enormous and often unappreciated talents.  He is to be commended.

But not as much as I.  Because my awesomeness preceded his recognition of same.

Still, nice gesture.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:34am

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  1. Y’know, it’s customary in situations such as this to give a shout-out to all the “little people” who “helped make this all possible” — even though no one ever means a word of it, and everybody knows it.

    The Forms. The Forms must be Obeyed.

  2. It was all me. Every last ounce of it. Me, I say. How dare you try to get your you on my me. OUTRAGE TO FOLLOW!

  3. It’s the humility around here that I like the most.

  4. Jeff, as good as you are with the “me” meme, the President has taken it to 11.

  5. Huuuuzzzzaaaaahhhhhh!

  6. Best Writing is a pretty good one, as far as awards go. That’s the one I would want. I remember the first time I visited this website. I have just moved to Colorado and started my first post-college job. I stumbled across pw and realized that I, too, could voice my opinions on the Internet.

    That last paragraph was my attempt to talk about myself while pretending to honor someone else. A few tweaks and you never know…OVAL OFFICE 2016, BABY!

  7. Jeff, it’s an honor just to have your footprint on my face from when you trampled me to get to where you are.

  8. – Just be careful Jeff. You know what always follows awards. The dreaded “we’ll expect you to get up and say a few words to the assembled throng”, and thats where the ‘dillo shows up in a leopard leotard singing some enchanted evening, and swinging from the stage curtins.

  9. we’ll expect you to get up and say a few words to the assembled throng”

    On first read, I saw “throng” as “thong” and thought it the ‘dillo was confused again by what is meant by “black tie” dress code.

  10. When I was young there was Andy & Froggy. Now with some years under my belt there is Jeff & ‘dillo. Life just keeps getting better.

  11. Congratulations on the well-deserved award!

  12. congratulations!

  13. Congratulations! Remember you couldn’t have done it without us.

  14. If you were marginalized – and, let’s face it, you were, then it may have been because you got a bit too cocky comin’ out of the gates with the PJ media folks, and a tad too cheeky with the academic left in CO.

    I mean, you had the armadillo swilling nyquil and tequila chasing “little red pills” it found in the living room couch. That alone had to have Peggy Noonan reaching for her Xanax. And you had biting snark founded in a fluent, linguistic deconstruction of the Left’s leit motif with the deftness and certitude that a Chomsky, Rousseau or Alinsky once only aspired to.

    Word is, you cut a little too close to the bone…everybodies’ bone that is.

    Me? I always thought you had the right enemies, so, Tally Ho! No matter what Michelle Malkin says!

  15. You didn’t build that.

  16. Fantastic and deserved!

    Let’s see if some of those other named bloggers get over their hissy-fit constipations and resume throwing you some linky love.

  17. Jeff, if you start crying and saying “you like me, you really, really like me”, I’m leaving.

  18. Dunno, Jeff, I’ve always enjoyed operating in the margins.
    Good work, and congrats.

  19. “Best Writing” …. check!

  20. Congratulations!

    Don’t let it go to your head or the armadillo might get miffed at you stealing the spotlight. ;-)

  21. Where’s your badge? You didn’t post your badge.

  22. All together, now…

    Badges? He don’t need no steenkin’ badges!


    Congratulations, Jeff!