December 17, 2012

Also, a note to Nina Easton

Many of us are parents ourselves, and most of us are raised by at least one of our parents, be they biological or not.  We don’t need a “Parent-in-chief,” and in fact the very idea speaks to the infantilization of a nation grown more and more dependent on big government.

When we elect a president we are electing an executive officeholder. Not Oprah fucking Winfrey.

Unless we get back to separating out the two we’re going to continue down the road to compassionate despotism — wherein a compassionate despot, a national Daddy or Mommy, will tell the nation “we can’t wait” and begin taking matters into his or her own hands to “fix” our nation’s boo-boos.  As s/he defines them.  For political purposes.

And s/he will be hailed as a brave “adult” for doing so — and not just by the leftist media.

To be clear, I have no problem with a President galvanizing a wounded nation.  But that’s not what Obama does, because that’s not who he is.  Obama has and always will pick his spots based on political expediency — and just as he tried capitalizing on the Gabby Giffords shooting (remember when the left and the media were busy blaming Sarah Palin for that shooting?) by trying to blunt political speech and TEA Party activism, he is, I’m convinced, using the opportunity of this horrific massacre to begin pressuring legislators to find ways to blunt another natural right, this time the right to self-defense.

Because let me remind you of this:  Obama famously defended medical infanticide.  And talked about not having his own daughters “punished” with children at an early age.

So you’ll forgive me if his sudden interest in the children causes me to throw up a little in my mouth.



Posted by Jeff G. @ 8:42am

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  1. For me the most awkward part is when the left media turns to us and goes, “Oh, isn’t it wonderful! Don’t you wish you’d voted for him now?”

    No I f******* don’t. Turning a tragedy into a political speech is disgusting.

  2. save some vomit for the pop music tribute ditty

  3. I don’t despise President Obama nearly as much as I despise those who voted for Obama.

    Obama is who he is.

    Voters, though, should know better.

  4. What worries me is, this government-as-daddy little god-king comes from a political movement that advocated killing your parents.

    Obviously he hasn’t thought this through.

  5. Nina Easton was the chick who used to announce music videos during the early days of MTV, yes? I actually miss those days, Pat Benatars “You Better Run” in heavy rotation….

  6. Amen, Jeff. I about barfed yesterday when she said that.

  7. Wrong Nina Easton .

    I think you’re thinking of Sheila E.

  8. crap, it was Nina Blackwood and Sheena Easton.

    One was a VJ, the other had the Sugar Walls.

  9. PS: Can we please stop comparing whatever sanctimonious pronouncement dribbles forth from King Barack the First’s pie hole to the Gettysburg address?

  10. Worked with Nina for a bit at Fortune, socialized a few times.

    Nice enough, and was considered “unusually” centrist because of her Fox gig (based on prevailing MSM attitudes.)

  11. Hey! How about that? Gov. Haley has nominated Tim Scott to replace Jim DeMint. Good on ‘er.

  12. Tim Scott seems to be a fine, upstanding man who made the best of a bad situation growing up via the help of others in his community. So, he’ll be called an Uncle Tom by the left.

  13. The NewBusters website informs me that CBS and ABC said not one word about Tim Scott during their evening broadcasts, and that NBC devoted 24 secs. to the story. I made no note whether the long tale of now deceased war-hero Senator Inoye was told at length, however, so as such I do not know.