December 14, 2012

Not to diss the Mayans or anything… [McGehee]

About eleven and a half months ago the 2,011th Common Era calendar ended.

Unexpectedly, a 2,012th one began the very next day.

Just sayin’.

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  1. Gregorianist!

  2. How do you know? Maybe we’ll pull the shower curtain back and Patrick Duffy will be standing there.

  3. That’s probably the same smug attitude Neanderthals had too. ;-)

  4. Yeah, but did they sacrifice any virgins or conquered warriors to continue the cycle?

    Maybe some virgins…

  5. I. fucking. despise. the. “Common Era.”

    and the commie pinkos who promote its use

  6. Exactly, Jeff. It’s a friggin’ CALENDAR, ya mo-rons!

  7. I. fucking. despise. the. “Common Era.”

    Hear hear! What was wrong with using BC and AD? Yes, I know those terms have scary Christian-germs all over them, but so what? You don’t have to actually believe that there’s a Lord whom we happen to be in the 2012th year of. It’s just what the guys who invented the current calendar called it, and using their terminology is a show of respect for them and their creation, not intrinsically an acknowledgment that they had The One True God on their side or anything.

    Invent a new calendar — maybe one of those gay-ass ‘metric’ calendars — and you can call the eras anything you like. Until then, screw you, it’s AD and BC…

  8. I originally posted this as a comment somewhere, is why it says “Common Era.” I’m not sure “2,011th Anno Domini calendar” would have gotten the point across as well. Some would have asked who’s this Domini guy and why does he have so many calendars.

    As it was, it was well enough received.

  9. Speaking of morons, Jeff didn’t post this.

  10. You might have tried Gregorian calendar.

  11. I’m no good at chanting.

    Or reading, apparently.

  12. Eh, you left yourself open is all. I couldn’t leave it alone.

    Half the time I get pedantic and make a spelling correction or something I misspell a word in my comment.

  13. The Maya descendants in Mexico have repeatedly told anyone who would listen that they consider the doomsday prophecy to be a bunch of dishonest white men intentionally misinterpreting their calendar to make money of of dumb new agers.

  14. So come JD 2456282.500000 we all die?

  15. You might have tried Gregorian calendar.

    “Are the Gregorians those guys in white shirts on bicycles who go door to door? I didn’t know they sold calendars!”

  16. In praise of calendars. ’nuff seen.


  17. This post was made before the shootings in Connecticut, but I was wondering about the possibilities that killer’s derangement will be found not to be depression or anger but rather having overdosed on the whole Mayan end of the world nonsense and was trying spare his parents and a bunch of children from the horrors he imagined. I’ve seen him described as autistic or as having Asperger’s either of which have traits of intense and submersive interests. If he became focused on December 21 he may have gone down that road.

  18. That’s an interesting point; nor was Adam Lanza the first person with an autism-related disorder to commit a killing in a school setting — a professor at Casper College was killed in front of his students by his son, who used a bow and arrow and knife. An acquaintance of the son said he claimed to have Asperger’s.

    And as I’ve pointed out repeatedly when reminding people of this incident, I recall that the Casper killer had been living back East in, I believe, Connecticut before traveling to Wyoming to commit his crimes.

    I would be very interested to know whether he and Lanza had anything else in common.

    Edit: Wyoming killer’s Connecticut connection confirmed. Asperger’s claim also conformed.