December 14, 2012

“Black Conservatives Blast ESPN Analyst For Racially-Charged Attack On Redskins’ RG3”

Sorry, RGIII.  But you’ll learn soon enough that, no matter the color of your skin or the length of your nappy rows, you are only authentically black if you back the Democratic Party, the Party that fought the Civil Rights Amendment, was pro-slavery, pro-segregation, home to the KKK, and who now seeks to keep contemporary blacks on the white liberal plantation — using black racial demogogues and “civil rights leaders” to preach racial divisiveness and keep blacks dependent on government, raised in broken homes, and largely poorly educated.

Those who escape this trap are heretics, race traitors, and “not down with the Black cause.”  Which, evidently, equates to remaining poor, uneducated, and dependent — and blaming anyone and everyone except the liberal masters who provide for their meager upkeep and who keep the plantation running.

— Largely by shaming those who try to escape it.

To many in the league and in the media, you went from a rookie sensation to a pathetic Uncle Tom with a big arm and the ability to scramble.   That’s just the way they roll.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:59am

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  1. I don’t give espn any monies you know why cause I don’t pay a cable bill

    so yeah I don’t give espn any monies

    it’s one of my favorite things about not paying a cable bill

  2. And don’t go buying no Saturday Night Specials, neither! Bob Costas will have to get all up in your grill about that.

  3. How dare he not be an ebonics spewing ignorant ghetto rat!?!

    …and keep blacks dependent on government, raised in broken homes, and largely poorly educated.

    Stupid responsible, devoted, married parents. I wonder why they hate black people.

  4. espn don’t want him dating their womens

  5. Speaking of keeping it real, Malkin’s timeline is a sight to behold.

  6. But, but, but, Rush is a RAAAAACIST!

    (Whisky Tango Foxtrot is a “cornball brother,” anyway? Do you suppose there’s an entry in the Urban Dictionary? Why, yes, yes there is!)

  7. Laid out loud and clear:

    “The Klu Klux Klan is not wearing sheets. The Klan is wearing Air Jordans.”

    h/t vanderluen

  8. This is also an indication of the perception problem.

    The Democrats have gotten black people to stereotype themselves as lazy and helpless while thinking the Dems are their friends, and the Republicans still think the Democrats are clueless.

  9. Well said, beemoe. I have been amazed that the dems have been able to do just that so effectively. Fear is a powerful motivator and they have used it effectively on an entire group of people. Also, Rob Parker, on top of being a racist is without a doubt one of the dumbest human beings ever to appear on television in any form or manner. He’s just profoundly dumb.

  10. Come on, Jeff. There is a very profitable industry entirely based on race baiting. Are you going to deny these hucksters their fair shake? What’s the matter with you?

  11. Looks like Parker got suspended, but he has been suspended before, and is apparently not real popular with the other brothers.

    Apparently they are most upset about the white fiance remarks.

    I mean, a brother don’t got to be that down.

  12. What we got going on here is crab mentality.