December 13, 2012

“54%: Obama’s Approval at 3-Year High”

I’m beginning to think the Mayans were speaking figuratively.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:42pm

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  1. This is only true because a lot of people want to believe that he’s good for the country, in spite of what their eyes and ears tell them, because otherwise the doom they feel is coming will actually arrive.

    Some illusions are difficult to shake off.

  2. And sometimes, the illusion that you’re a good, self-reliant person is all you have.

    When did “Keeping up with the Jones” start meaning that everyone’s on Welfare?

  3. “54%: Obama’s Approval at 3-Year High”

    Translation: We are so fucked.

  4. There’s no way out now. It has to burn.

  5. I think the headline is a misprint. It should read:

    Obama’s Approval at 54% Among People Who’ve Spent the Last 3 Years Getting High.

  6. Am I to interpret this headline as indicating that the number of government welfare recipients is now up to 54%?

    If so, “fucked” doesn’t even come close to describing things…

  7. He hasn’t been doing *anything*, that’s why it’s so high. Look at his daily schedule- it’s empty. He’s in “Holiday” party mode. Be prepared for it to reach the high mark while he’s in Hawaii.

    It’ll happen.

  8. Look at his daily schedule- it’s empty.

    Been that way for four years, even when he isn’t on vacation he doesn’t do anything. He has openly advertised what a fucking slack ass he is and nobody has capitalized on it.

    The Republicans aren’t serious about winning.

  9. It’s because of the holidays. Seriously. People are more apt to be charitable this time of year.

  10. I understand his vacations have cost us over a billion dollars. That’s cheap compared to everything else he’s done or allowed to have happen in his name, so let’s have him on permanent vacation.

  11. I look at it (obsessively) almost daily. And the last few weeks it’s been even emptier than before he started campaigning.

  12. 2 states legalize marijuana and his approval ratings go up. I suspect causation not correlation.

  13. “I give you [Obama], the founder of our feast.”

    “The founder of our feast indeed. I wish he where here. I’d give him a piece of my mind to feast upon, and would hope he has a good appetite for it.”

    “My dear, the children, Christmas day.”

    “It should be Christmas day when I drink to the health of an odious, mean-hearted scoundrel as [Obama]. I’ll drink to his health for your sake, and the day’s sake, but not for his.”

    That’s from memory. I am a Scrooge aficionado, and watch almost every version put to dvd every year. Anyway, there’s some holiday spirit for you.

    Bah, humbug.

  14. *** BREAKING ***

    – Susan Rice pulls name out of nomination. “Position should not be politisized”. Which I take it to be code for “Benghazi is a trainwreck just waiting to happen, so I’ma gonna take what I have and move on“.

  15. America is schizophrenic.

  16. The Secretary of State is nominated by a politician and confirmed by a body consisting of 100 politicians, but it shouldn’t be politicized.

  17. – Link on

  18. – Ok, I give up. Seems I’ve gained magic powers at the expense of my HTML-Fu.

  19. In other words, Obama tells Rice to remove her name from consideration, and Rice agrees to do it.

  20. What’s your favorite cranky?

    Mine’s George C. Scott’s.

  21. In other words, Obama tells Rice to remove her name from consideration, and Rice agrees to do it.

    I guess the thought of her testifying to the Senate under oath didn’t sit well with King Putt.

  22. All explanations above — even the snarky ones — have a kernel of truth. I’d add one more — the increasingly tribal nature of almost everything today.

    It really doesn’t matter what he does (from drone assassinations to the metastasizing police state to the brazen cronyism) or that Liz Warren is a fraud, or that Bob Menendez makes Mark Foley look like an altar boy. They’re the Left’s sons-of-bitches, and that’s all that matters. And what the Left is doing to this nation isn’t fascism, as long as they’re the ones doing it. And as long as today’s brownshirts chant ‘this is what democracy looks like’, well then, I guess they’re right.

    It’s as if what’s happening to this nation was, for so much of this nation’s terribly unserious citizens, some inconsequential sporting event where partisans screetch at the refs every time a call goes against them, regardless of what’s actually taken place on the field.

    Sorry to gripe. Back to your regularly scheduled program.

  23. this means Hillary won’t even have to flash some titty to get elected by a country mile is what this means

  24. I don’t want to see Hill’s bazooms, thanks.

  25. She’s no Anne Hathaway.

  26. john effin’ kerry got his xmas gift

  27. Yeah, he’s “popular.” Mostly because too many people have gotten the message that any criticism of BO will get the critic branded as a RAAAAACIST, do you think? (Kind of like all of the “tears” among the North Koreans when Dear Leader Kim Jong Il kicked it?)

    Meanwhile, there’s this: NCTC Gets Vast Powers To Spy On U.S. Citizens (

  28. It’s tough to decide between the George C. Scott version and the Alistair Sim version, but I would probably lean towards George, as I think his portrayal is a bit better. The Patrick Stewart version has some good stuff too, and I would rank it closely below the other two. I usually watch all three of these versions at least twice during the season.

    The Seymour Hicks version is definitely worth a look. It might be that his portrayal is the best one out there, but that version suffers from not having enough time to flesh out the story properly. It’s still canon, but it misses a lot.

    I also watch the Reginald Owen version every year, but I would rank it below the others I have mentioned. The story is also truncated and otherwise altered to the point that it may not be canon. It’s close to the edge. The fact that Cratchet is played by Gene Lockhart, who plays the judge in “Miracle on 34th St” is a nice bonus.

    There are also two musical versions, one with Albert Finney, which I have seen a few times but don’t own, and Kelsey Grammer, which I do. The latter is not canon by any stretch of the imagination, and while it has some good points, I cannot recommend it.

    I own the Jim Carey animated version and watch it every year, having forgotten how much it annoyed me the previous year. Maybe one year I’ll remember and not watch. It was in 3D for the theatrical release and the direction makes that so obvious that it detracts from the storytelling. Also, some of the story is altered, again only to show off for 3D.

    I don’t recall ever seeing the one with Frederick March, nor the one with Vincent Price.

    There is still room for a definitive version, but likely not the will to create it nor the market to pay for it, and perhaps the actor to play in that version and make it definitive doesn’t exist.

  29. – My guess is that at some point early on Rice finally came to grips with that mosr dreaded enremy of the Utopian paper mache fabtasy – reality. She realized Bumbblefuck set her up and confronted him, refused to go along with all the bs and lies, and for the good of the hood they arrived at the “agreement” she wouldn’t puesue it. Hildebeast is slated to testify just before christmas. We already know they were covering up for some reason, so her appearence and the results, if any, should indicate whether this is going to be seriously pursued or dropped like F&F.

  30. You should watch the version with Frederick March. It’s overwrought like most old movies, but I like it a lot. I think mainly because it is truer to the spirit of the story that Dickens was going for.

    The poverty of the Cratchets is portrayed in a really stark way. Tiny Tim (Freddy Bartholomew?)looks about an inch from death with his pinched cheeks. March is truly Scrooge-y and the Christmas Ghosts are actually pretty well done considering there was no CGI back then.

    Best of all is there is a long sequence with Old Fezzywig and the young Scrooge with his lost lady love.

  31. What, no Mr. Magoo version!?

  32. I don’t consider the Mr. Magoo version canon either. It’s okay. Plus, the whole “razzleberry dressing” thing can stick on your head for days, if that sort of thing amuses you.

    I also watch “Scrooged” with Bill Murray every year. It has its good points.

  33. stick IN your head for days.

  34. Razzleberry dressing can stick ON your head too. Trust me.

  35. My favorite Tiny Tim allegorical flic is still National Lampoons Christmas vacation. I just have to put what a total brain fucked Lefturd Chase turned out to be out of things and I’m good with it.

    “…Ummmm….I’d think twice about kissing him sis…turns out he’s got a lip fungus they still havn;t identified.”

  36. Charles Dickens came to America and while here went to Eastern State Penitentiary in Philly, presumably to examine the modern democratic methods of incarceration. He wasn’t thrilled if I recall correctly. Eastern State in its present condition is visible in the early madhouse scenes in Twelve Monkeys.

  37. Is Eastern State still available for Hallowe’en tours, sdferr? It is very creepy.

    I’m trying to remember the name of the old ‘Mad House’ (now abandoned) that was out in the country. It was notorious for ill-treatment of children, indeed all of its patients. The place is huge and has many many buildings. I don’t know if it was open in the 1880s or before, but the photos remind me of a lot of drawings of Bedlam.

  38. I think it’s more or less a continuously open museum piece these days leigh. I dunno whether it’s still tricked out for Halloween, but I’d bet at a guess it probably is.

  39. – Most tranperant administration Evah!

    …..or then again maybe not.

  40. “Terror Behind the Walls” is an annual Haunted House Halloween event run by the Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site, Inc.


  41. Thanks, sdferr and nr for the link.

  42. 60 Jeff Goldstein had it nailed over four years ago. Predicted that electing Obama would send race relations back thirty years, and it did.

    Posted by: George Orwell


  43. I’m going to burn down my credit by taking out as many unsecured loans as possible, finish my real estate “projects”, quit my job, and go on government assistance.
    I have friends who are diligently keeping at their crap jobs just so they can pay into SS, because they think someday they will be able to draw on it!

    I guess we’re gonna find out who’s strateegery is best.

  44. you are welcome after sdferr mentioned it i remembered i would occasionally drive by it years ago when i lived there

  45. missfixit, you also need to get yourself and at least one of your children on disability. Something untestable like fibromyalgia or any other facetious disorder (there are many) covered as a disability.

    That way you’ll qualify for reduced rates on utilities, EBT, cash assistance, free medical.

    It’s a sorry day we’ve come to that hard work is for chumps.

  46. You know my youngest still wets the bed sometimes. We’re getting on disability ASAP.

  47. Now yer talkin’!

  48. I only half sure missfixit is kidding.

  49. That 54% is truly frightening. I’m sure that the number will be much, much lower this time next year or in two years. Won’t matter by then because Obama’s transformative policies like Obamacare will be deeply entrenched.

    Re: Rice. Wonder what kind of cushy job she’ll land in? Obama may have even helped her line it up as a consolation prize. Bureaucrats like her always manage land on their feet regardless of past performance (see: Jamie Gorelick).

  50. National Security Advisor. She won’t have to sit through Senate confirmation since it’s a presidential appointment.

  51. missfixit says December 13, 2012 at 5:40 pm
    You know my youngest still wets the bed sometimes. We’re getting on disability ASAP.


  52. I “thin” too but not so much….our qb Robert G. has now been labeled a “cornball brotha” by an ESPN analyst and I am so behind the racially divisive times that I dont even know what that means. One of the very reasons that we are so screwed is because the extremely ignorant leftards have been emboldened by the attitude and policies of this current administration. “Forward” to the new normal.

  53. To be authentically black you have to act like a thug, speak in dialect, and have a bunch of kids with different women. That’s what the pasty-white left thinks, anyway.

    The whole notion of being authentically black is insane. The notion of being authentically anything is insane. How about being a good person who takes care of his own business and responsibilities, and leaves others to do the same? Wouldn’t that be the goal to aspire to for everyone?

  54. How about being a good person who takes care of his own business and responsibilities, and leaves others to do the same?

    – Better known as a “Rethuglican” or “Tbagger”.

  55. MLK, 1963:

    I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

    RG3, 2012:

    For me, you don’t ever want to be defined by the color of your skin. You want to be defined by your work ethic, the person that you are, your character, your personality. That’s what I’ve tried to go out and do.

    What does Rob Parker think about MLK’s “blackness”, I wonder?
    And what would MLK think of Rob Parker? That’s a legitimate question.

  56. RG3 for President.