December 13, 2012

“Replacing Speaker Boehner”

You’ve heard me mention this before:  sixteen abstentions would lead to a (potential) tie for election of House Speaker, provided no Dems cross over to vote for Boehner, resulting in an opportunity for Republicans eager to serve their constituencies to pick a replacement — one that need not even be in the House.

I offered previously for consideration Allen West, but there are a number of others who could do the job — among them, Sarah Palin, or even Rick Santorum.

What this country needs now is a non-DC voice to stand up for the conservatives principles that supposedly form the base of the GOP platform. This could begin with a signal to “pragmatist” deal makers that our principles aren’t for sale — and that if your excuse for cutting deals is that you have no leverage to resist, even as Speaker for the Party in power who controls the governmental purse strings, then you need to get out of the way and let someone with bigger balls than yours take your place.

Imagine this scenario, described last evening by Mark Levin:  a West or a Palin takes over the Speakership, announces immediately that the House has no plans to surrender its power of the purse to Obama’s 2/3 vote plan to take executive control over debt-ceiling levels, votes to cut taxes by 5-10% on the bottom 3 tax brackets, sends that bill over to the Senate, and goes home.

Then that new speaker announces publicly that they’ve cut taxes for the middle class — not just agreed to keep the rates the same, which is what Obama is proposing — and now the question is (and here’s my contribution to the counternarrative), why is Obama willing to hold actual middle class tax cuts hostage for a chance to punish small business owners, or “millionaires and billionaires” making $250K yearly, as he likes to spin it, all for new revenue pulled out of the private sector, which will curtail growth and harm employment, that would fund the government for a mere 8 days?

— Whereas an actual tax cut on the middle class would stimulate growth and bring in more revenue to the government — without divisive class warfare?

New leadership. Brave GOP governors.  Standing on principle.  These are the ways back.

Let’s get going.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:44am

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  1. The reason that spineless maggot doesn’t get defenestrated is because he is entirely surrounded by likeminded individuals.

  2. Non-DC socialite. Every time a Republican says that some Democrat is their “Friend” I want to puke. THAT is why they’re failing so badly. I could never be “friends” with someone who is actively destroying the country, while – at the same time – personally profiting.


    I want a speaker who is willing to say they hate Nancy Pelosi.

  3. I think the reason a Speaker has influence in the majority caucus is because he is a member of it. A Speaker who isn’t a House member would almost certainly find that the Majority Leader takes charge of the caucus position, leaving the Speaker as essentially an employee like the sergeant-at-arms or the parliamentrian.

    The Speaker of Britain’s House of Commons is, I believe, a member of the governing party’s caucus, but has no particular authority in it.

  4. Same here Carin. I want one who calls a spade a spade and looks the president in the eye and tells him he’s full of shit. Sort of like Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinnie: ‘Everything that guy just said, is bullshit.’

    I want to see this proposal of Obama’s regarding the budget. The one Carney keeps insisting is out there for all to see.

  5. The Speaker of Britain’s House of Commons is, I believe, a member of the governing party’s caucus, but has no particular authority in it.

    No, the Speaker is elected by majority of the Commons, and can be from any party. They retain their constituency responsibilities.

  6. This would be a great move, and it could save the GOP brand from wandering in the wilderness for the next 40 years. That’s why it won’t happen.

  7. I’m a bit of a Debbie Downer these days.

  8. I want a speaker as feisty as Gingrich & Sununu were to the MSM when representing Romney, or as Palin has been since forever. They point out the b.s., in simple terms, with the appropriate level of contempt.

  9. I just think the circle’s too tight to help any of these idiots. When this game ends, it ends in collapse. At least we’re seeing signs that the markets are becoming wise to this stupid nonsense.

  10. As long as the new Speaker spearheads this new project, I’m good.

  11. I think Ryan would be a perfectly acceptable speaker person it’s more about recognizing that what they’re doing at present is deeply broken and fucked

    you know like twinkies and general motors and higher education and the united nations and the roberts court and verizon customer service and the space shuttle and cable news and FEMA and occupational licensing and health care and copyright law and air travel and the federal reserve and the war on drugs and benghazi

  12. As much as I like Allen West, his chances of being Speaker are exactly zero. The Establishment GOP wanted him gone as much as the Dems did – that’s why his district was redrawn, by his own damn Party, to be majority Democrat. That he nearly won anyway must have made them piss their pants.

  13. santorum would be good. he knows that playground.

  14. I’ve got a replacement recommendation that would shake a few people up.

    Rick Santelli, the original creator of the Tea Party. He’s a sharp, honest, unafraid supporter of responsible economics. That’s pretty much all this country needs at the moment. Everything else is or will be inconsequential if the Obama spending machine isn’t stopped.

  15. Dump the fargin icehole.