April 26, 2005

Talking back to 80s music, 43

Sure, but that was back in, what, 1983…?  That small cafe is now an Autozone, and the only reason you’d pass it as shadows fall these days is if you’re in the market for some crank or a $25 blowjob from a tranny hooker.

“Always Something There to Remind Me,” Naked Eyes (original by Burt Bacharach/Hal David)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 5:02am

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  1. $25, eh? ( ponders career change… )

  2. i saw bacharach in concert last month. he played this, has a trio that sings. it was so beautiful. why? naked eyes, WHY???

  3. I take it tranny accounting doesn’t pay what it used to, harrison?  What, with outsoursing and all…

  4. Ah, but there’s always something there to remind me.

    Turing word: moral.  Which somehow seems more like it belongs on Hawkins’s site, but, whatever.

  5. OK, always learning something new here.

    What’s crank?

    what does tranny mean?

  6. RWS, yer kidding, right?

  7. Just in case you aren’t: crank is methamphetamine.  A tranny is otherwise referred to as a crossdresser (or a man in a dress), not that there’s anything wrong with that; take a walk on the wild side and all.

  8. RWS must be kidding…we have those in Mississippi.

  9. Well, we may have had them in Mississippi, but not in my neighborhood.

    Guys, I’ve been protecting my children from this evil world for 18 yrs (As I am directed by Jeff to do) This is a full time job! I don’t have time to get into the definitions of all the perversions of the world.

  10. Aww, Maggie! The Naked Eyes version isn’t so bad! In fact, I heard it this a.m. on my way to work. Nothin’ like synth pop to start your day!

  11. RWS, to expand upon Patrick’s definition: “tranny” is short for transvestite.

    I was going to say that you need to “get out more”, but I can’t say that being out more brings one in regular contact with transvestites.  At least, not where I’m from.  Getting out more for me means being in close proximity to foxes, bears, and mountain lions, though your wildlife may vary.

    In any case, Google is your friend on these, unless you’re surfing from work.  In which case, googling “tranny”, “sybian”, “squicking”, “crank”, or any of the other great words Jeff tosses around can be dangerous to your further employment.

  12. I take it tranny accounting doesn’t pay what it used to, harrison?  What, with outsoursing and all…


    (Sorry so slow, I was out late last night…)

  13. The Naked Eyes version is one of my FAVORITE songs of the 80s, even if it’s really a song of the 60s.  You can’t beat carillons, Simmons toms AND Moog bass in the same song.

  14. Actually, “tranny” is short for transsexual.  Meaning someone who’s had a sex change operation.  When it’s female-to-male, said operation is called an “addadictomy.”

  15. Craig, it appears we’re both right, though the entire concept is still wrong.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


  16. Why would a transmission need a hooker?

    At least you could get some lube at the Autozone.

  17. Hmmm, I suppose if it was a manual stick-shift, then it kindamakes sense.

  18. I saw a terrifying way for a tranny to disguise that which is always there to remind you.  It’s NSFW, so I won’t link it, but it involved superglue, probably some experience with beast wars transformers, and was pretty convincing.

  19. man, $25 just doesn’t buy the Crank and Whores it used to.  Man, I miss the 80s!

  20. YOu know what I miss about the 80’s? Being freakin young.

  21. RWS,

    No Shit!

  22. freakin young

    Right on.  That and jelly shoes.

  23. Jelly shoes smelled like skunk.

  24. Speak for your own jelly shoes.  Mine smelled like heather and gumdrops.  And Cherry pez.

  25. I’m afraid I was a bit of a prep. I was wearing pink izods and levis. I did refuse to wear penny loafers though and opted for cowboy boots.

    I was such a rebel.

  26. Heh. I was 8 or 9 in 1983 so I mostly miss Star Wars and GI Joe toys.

  27. Hm. What was I wearing in the ‘80s?

    (checks underwear) Nope, not those.

  28. RWS,

    ESPECIALLY if you’re trying to protect your children!

    How would you know what it was they were being exposed to if you overhear them talking with their friends about the “tranny dragging on a spliff and shooting crank” they saw on the way home from school.  For all you know, they walked past an auto repair shop.

    Would you know what it meant if one of your kids friends looked at the clock and said “it’s 4:20”, or your son’s buddy said, “wow dude, your mom’s a real MILF”?


  29. Desert Cat, you had me laughing until the MILF part…cuz that has happened. MY name was even on a freakin high school thread. UGH.

  30. Hey, a McGehee sighting!