December 10, 2012

“Gun Ho: Firearm Sales Rise In 48 States In First 11 Months Of 2012”

Probably because people trust so much in an efficient and generous federal nannystate to protect them and their children and their private property rights — while creating a stable currency, reducing massive borrowing and spending, and loosening onerous regulations and lowering taxes on businesses in order to spur growth and really revitalize the economy.  Meaning the guns are just kinda a silly hobby, and these sales are mostly to collectors, who have a ton of disposable income given the number or recovery summers we’ve had since Obama took office.

Either that, or because they’re racist bitterclingers who should probably be categorized as potential domestic terrorists subsumed with darkie / beaner hatred, a condition easily identified by checking voter registration roles and NRA memberships:  Republicans / libertarians who belong to the NRA are the new Bircher KKKers, and need to be monitored.

For freedom!

My advice to all of you who’ve been buying up firearms:  stock up on ammo and additional high capacity magazines.  In addition to “assault rifles” and high capacity mag restrictions, I suspect the next political move by the left, which will peel off enough votes on the right to pass as legislation, will be some sort of onerous ammunition tax or tariff on imports that will necessarily drive up the price of ammo and make high capacity mags scarce and expensive.

For those of you with a little extra money, you might want to invest in reloading equipment and materials, too.

It’s all about choices right now.  Because what’s coming is coming.  It is inevitable, given the trajectory of spending in this country — and the absence of political will by the GOP leadership.  Unfortunately, not everyone has the resources to set up all the conditions for extended self-sufficiency.  So network.  Look for barter partners:  someone who reloads but may be in need of freeze-dried food, for instance.  Or else form a kind of co-op.

I know it seems silly and paranoiac.  But just as nobody wants to die because they chose political correctness over prudence, nobody wants to watch their kids go hungry or unprotected because they didn’t want to be sneered at by the very same would-be fascists who, when the monetary collapse hits, will be the latest to understand that there are no atheists in foxholes — even if only metaphorically.

I still need to pick up a longer-range rifle scope, some night vision equipment, a few surveillance cameras, a shotgun, and a rifle chambered in 5.56. I also want to pick up a crossbow, a child’s crossbow, a machete, and a battle hatchet.

It’s difficult being patient, knowing what we know is likely to happen.

My wife and son both know how to shoot, th


Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:08am

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  1. I know it seems silly and paranoiac. But just as nobody wants to die because they chose political correctness over prudence…

    From the piece: “Massachusetts took the top slot with a 64 percent increase in background checks, followed by Rhode Island with 62 percent.”

    Some chose both, apparently. Me, I just scored a difficult to come by (around here) sportsman’s club membership because practice makes perfect.

  2. Why tax ammo when you the EPA can just ban that pollutin’ shit?

  3. Oh, yeah, and when lead-core ammo is banned, you can bet I’ll turn in all that I have. Yup.

  4. I realize that doesn’t help at all as far as new ammo sales go, of course. The EPA could drive the cost of shooting up high enough that few could afford it.

  5. Those who bought black market could, which is exactly what they’d be inviting by trying to make the cost prohibitive.

  6. Just put a nice green laser on my pocket pistol. Don’t want to lose or leave any of those 30 rounds to chance, really.

  7. Here’s what I bought for my PX4 Storm subcompact, serr8d. My SF buddy is a dealer and there was also a special being run, so I got it and the ECR holster for the Beretta for almost $170 off.

    Also, Beretta offers an extender which I bought that allows for use of full-size mags in the subcompact. So my carry piece can hold 17 rounds of .40 Hornady Critical Defense ammo. Which is a fine thing.

  8. Guns and the “Chicago Way” a mash-up.

  9. Reloaders are your friends, my Outlaw friends.

  10. Pablo, the Black Market can get you anything.

    “I know a guy, etc.”

  11. I am still trying to figure out how to reload rimfire ammo, leigh.


  12. If you reload you still need powder, primers, and bullets (or lead and molds), and a source of cases as well. Those can all be controlled, too.

  13. Awesome, slart. We had two reloaders and all the items cranky mentions, too before the tragic barnfire.

  14. Apparently (according to the Rocket City Rednecks) you can blow up a shack using just gasoline and gunpowder and a little non-Yankee ingenuity.

    Might need some tweaking if you’re not in full possession of the shack, though…

  15. I was kidding about reloading rimfires. Unless you can stretch the brass back to where it started and do whatever else is required, you can’t do that. Because rimfire doesn’t have a separate primer.

    But I might be wrong. And, note, we’re talking .22LR, here, which can be had for approximately a nickel a round.

    IOW: multiple axes of kidding.

  16. I knew you were kidding, unless you’ve figured out how to change the physics of rimfire.

    I was just funnin’ ya.

  17. Being less sure of myself, I flinched.

    You win!

  18. I live with a Federal Firearms Dealer. I have an edge, so it’s not a clean win. ; )

  19. Out here in Missouri you can still get bulk .22 LR for a lot closer to $0.035 a round. That’s 33% more training for the same cost.

    Remember to get all your manuals downloaded and saved off as necesary. Some decent cleaning and disassembly/reassembly videos on YouTube. See, Google isn’t totally evil.

  20. Since we’re selling one of the houses, I’m hoping to have time to learn to reload. Finding somewhere to set up the equipment will be the real challenge.