December 8, 2012

“Cowboys’ Josh Brent arrested after crash kills teammate Jerry Brown”

— prompting Jason Whitlock to liken AAA to the Klan while Bob Costas begins getting ready for a Sunday night halftime show in which he’ll calls for a ban on cars and beer.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:48pm

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  1. he been eatin bread

  2. Yeah, too many young players own BOTH!!!!!1111!!!

    Costas reminds me (both physically and in his breathless outrage) of nothing more than an overwrought high school girl who’s suddenly seen that bad things are done by supposed good people to other good people in the blink of an eye and for no rational purpose.

    They then frantically cast around to find some reason, some logic that can help them rid themselves of the underlying fact of these incidents; they could happen to anybody at anytime with no warning and that means YOU!!!

    It’s similar to the middle aged period where realizing that one’s death is inevitable and unescapable, people begin to do strange and bizarre things to reaffirm to themselves that they and they alone have the power in their life to change the direction and length of it.

    Whether he stole it from somewhere or it was original thought, Morrison had it right when he sang:

    “The future’s uncertain and the end is always near”.

    Keep that in mind every day and consider yourself blessed if one passes without trauma or tragedy. They’re getting fewer for us all.

  3. If gas and liquor prices were high enough and cars all had governors to prevent speeding then this would never had happened.

  4. when it’s your time it’s your time

  5. Florida prosecutor Angela Corey blames the fatal collision that killed Dallas Cowboy Jerry Brown on white hispanic child murderer George Zimmerman who lives in a gated community when he is not annoying the police or hunting dark skinned children and shooting them in a back from hundreds of feet away for cruel sport. Or whatever.

  6. Drunks not wearing seatbelts and speeding along a frontage road tend not to have good outcomes.

  7. Maybe Costas should begin to question his overt facilitation of the sport that engenders so much violence and death.

  8. I’m pretty sure our country was founded on cars and beer. And I KNOW that TV was founded on cars and beer. So cut out that shit about cars and beer. Because Bob Costas makes his big-assed paycheck from cars and beer. So shut up, you.

    Thank God for cars and beer.

  9. ….and length of it.

    – Or marry a near sighted girl and just keep telling her “objectss in the mirror appear smaller”.

  10. Never let a fatality go to waste.

  11. Moral preening from a fascist. How precious.

  12. – Moral equivalency meets reality. Later the head shrink business is going to go through the roof, but then they’ll have the rituals of ObamaCare entitlements to try to work their way back to some sort of disillusioned pathos. So theres that.

  13. The car travelled for almost 300 yds after it left the road.

    He was going insanely fast.

  14. The NFLPA gives these guys a card.

    If they’re wasted or in trouble, all the gotta do is call the number on the card and somebody will come get them.

    In addition, these guys were supposed to be on a flight for a game in a few hours.

    There was some industrial level dumb on this one.

  15. Never let a fatality go to waste.

    Words the left lives by.

  16. “Words the left lives by.”

    hi rep gabby!

  17. The only thing I disapprove of so far is that Josh Brent is only being charged with manslaughter instead of first-degree murder.

    There is no one outside the Democratic Party so stupid as not to realize that choosing to get drunk and behind the wheel can result (and often does) in exactly this outcome.