December 7, 2012

In case you missed it: coalition letter on taxpayer protection pledge

Seems not everybody is buying the,  “I’m breaking my pledge because I love my country, and how dare you question my patriotism!” high-dudgeon on offer by several of the Republican surrendercrats.

Dear Republican Members of Congress,

We, the undersigned organizations, who represent millions of Americans dedicated to fiscal restraint, have read in dismay some members of Congress will consider raising taxes to address the upcoming “Fiscal Cliff.”

Specifically, some members have said they will repudiate their pledge to taxpayers but attempt to hold the line on rate increases to achieve a “deal” with the Obama administration. We urge you to reject this line of thinking. We urge you to reject tax increases, refocus negotiations on spending cuts and entitlement reform, where they belong, and send a strong signal to Americans they can count on their elected representatives to look out for them in the upcoming budget negotiations.

We have seen this before. We are told to “be reasonable” and “accept reality” and strive for “balance” between spending cuts and increased revenues. All we have to do is “tax the rich a little more,” and economic revival will be at hand. But the spending cuts never materialize, the revenues end up going to further expand government rather than pay down debt, and the reality is Americans are asked to pay still more for Washington.

We understand concerns the sequester resulting from the Budget Control Act of 2011 will do little to address the real driver of our fiscal woes – entitlement spending. We further understand how difficult it will be to convince spendthrift lawmakers to take even a dime from discretionary spending.

But the organizations represented here have proposed hundreds of billions of dollars in potential savings – more than enough to avert the present financial crisis. We have outlined duplicative programs, programs that address needs that no longer exist and programs that exemplify waste and arrogance in government. And all of our organizations and the people who support our efforts understand the only way out of our current economic doldrums is to promote economic growth. Increasing taxes on those who work, save and invest is the last thing we need.

President Obama now proposes a $1.6 trillion increase in taxes. Don’t give in. Stand up to pressure and honor the Taxpayer Protection Pledge you made to the hard-working Americans who put you into office.

And remember, the pledge doesn’t box you in; it sets you free. It enables you to look for the real solutions, the levers on the economy that can produce real growth, real prosperity.


[list of the undersigned]
I wonder if Boehner will light his hair on fire for these repulsive “purists” and economic racists.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:52am

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  1. If any of the people who signed this are still on any committees, they can kiss that goodbye.

  2. Boehner is this close ->| |<- to crying, ya bullies.

  3. Boney is a pussy. We’d likely be better off being the minority party and headed by someone who believes in classical liberalism than being the majority party with that douche at the helm.

  4. Boney, Boner, whichever.

  5. But…but…but…Grover Norquist is an unelected tyrant!!!

  6. Boney, Boner, whichever.

    “Weepy.” Harder to misspell.

  7. Orange Tan Man, Orange Tan Man, doing the things an orange man can.
    What’s he like? It’s not important, Orange Tan Man.

    Is he a rock or is he a hack? When we’re under water will he get wet?
    Or does he wet his beak instead? Orange Tan Man.

    Orange Tan Man, Orange Tan Man, Orange Tan Man hates Principled Man.
    They have a fight, principles wins. Principled Man.

    Deficit Man, Deficit Man, size of the entire universe, man!
    Unusually blind to smaller man, Deficit Man.

    He funds his debt with a million bonds, a billion bonds, a trillion bonds.
    When he spends he’s a happy man, Deficit Man.

    Peonage Man, Peonage Man, sold into debt for a Year Zero plan.
    Soon he’s eating from a garbage can, Peonage Man.

    Is he depressed or is he a mess? Or his savings totally worthless?
    Who sold out Peonage Man? Degraded Man, Peonage Man.

    Deficit Man and Orange Tan Man, they gang up on Peonage Man.
    They have a fight, deficits win. Thanks Orange Tan Man.

  8. Sorry, meant to title the last item They Might Be Liars.

    With apologies to these fine gents: