December 6, 2012

WaPo Dana Milbank: Romney lost, but he OWES Obama fealty or something [Darleen Click]

How dare Mitt go back to being a private citizen!

The nation is heading toward the “fiscal cliff,” but have no fear: Mitt Romney is coming to the rescue — of Marriott International Inc.

In his first public comments since election night, the defeated Republican presidential nominee issued a statement Monday announcing his next step. An appeal to national unity? A charitable initiative?

No, he announced that he was rejoining the hotel chain’s board of directors. […]

Romney’s post-election behavior has been, in a word, small. Never again, likely, will his voice and influence be as powerful as they are now. Yet rather than stepping forward to help find a way out of the fiscal standoff, or to help his party rebuild itself, he delivered a perfunctory concession speech, told wealthy donors that Obama won by giving “gifts” to minorities, then avoided the press at a private lunch with President Obama.

Wow, 60 million Americans told Romney to go home, he does, now Obama’s media sycophants are whining that this “fiscal cliff” might be Mitt’s fault. What is Mitt supposed to do … oh wait

But this is a crucial time for the country and particularly for Romney’s Republican Party, which must unshackle itself from the far right or become irrelevant.

Ah! See, “losing” isn’t enough for the Left. Romney owes Obama a demonstration of his fealty by publicly destroying American principles and the people who still hold them.

Isn’t it nice to know what the new “proper behavior” is in this Age of King Barry I?

h/t Daily Caller

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Comments (17)

  1. if only coward mccain had shown as much class and humility

  2. Maybe Obama wants to stage a triumph in D.C. and will ceremoniously strangle McCain and Romney for his adoring fans.

  3. Holy shit. Jim DeMint is leaving the Senate.

    I’ve got a sick feeling in my gut.

  4. Mitt Romney is 67 as I remember, I assume he’s done with politics.

    Unshackle itself from the far right. Yes, of course. Does anyone have an example of Dana Milbank using the word “right” as a noun without the adjectives far or extreme being placed in front of them as modifiers?

  5. So does Haley use the occasion to promote Tim Scott?

  6. How dare a vulture capitalist, 1%’er go back to the private sector to create (or save!!) jobs when he should be kissing Obama’s hem and playing fall guy for Obama’s anti-capitalist policies!
    Charlesaustin – Does Dana using “ultra right-wing” count?

  7. Jeffery Lord seems to sense a shift, calling it The Conservative Revolt, though he doesn’t take the next step to imagine something other than the Republican party yet.

  8. So does Haley use the occasion to promote Tim Scott?

    That would be a solid pick. I’d feel a whole lot better about this.

  9. Trey Gowdy would work too.

  10. Libby, the exception that proves the rule?

  11. Even to me, Dana Milbank seems like a douche.

  12. Slippy’s opinion matters soooooooooooooo much to all of us.

  13. That’s not Milbank whining —that’s jeering.

  14. DeMint taking over the Heritage Foundation, so more good knews than bad.

  15. DeMint: “The problem is not Harry Reid.”

    A note of doubt creeps in

  16. The problem in the Senate is one man with too much power and no willingness to listen to anyone. Improving conservative messaging at Heritage is a good longterm strategy, but it will have no beneficial effect on what’s going on right now.

  17. I have a lot of banana republicky thoughts these days, but they will just stay thoughts.