December 5, 2012

“Ricochet Lawyers Discuss Constitutional Law After Obamacare”

Which on the surface sounds a bit like discussing rock n’ roll after Aha! But who knows. Maybe during their reunion tour they’ll ditch the digital keyboard for piano, a flying V guitar, and an actual drum set.

Keep hope alive!

(h/t sdferr)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:12am

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  1. I sure do miss me some Norwegian pop music from the 80’s.
    ? Take on me……….. ?

  2. Dave Brubeck passed today. Some of his peculiar polyrhythmic-polytonalities crossed eyes too. He taught me to read music. Well, actually his brother played the larger role, laboring to put the tones on paper.

  3. I sure am confused about the Founding Fathers. On one hand, they were racist and sexist racist slaveholders, but on the other hand, the Constitution they wrote advocates exactly the type of government Nancy Pelosi wants us to have.

    Now, I find out that the same Constitution that hated everybody except rich white people protects people’s right to walk around naked:

    “Opponents of the ban have filed a lawsuit seeking to block the legislation [banning public nudity] on constitutional grounds, and that case is still pending in court.”

    Please, somebody help me get some of this straight. Thanks.

  4. About that Con Law in the Age of Obamacare thing;

    What you want to remember about the Constitution is that, like all living things, it has an appetite to sate.

  5. M. Greve’s post-comments comments.

  6. Judge Griffith at one point questioned why the court should be involved at all in what amounts to a dispute between two other branches of government.

    “Why drag us into it?” he said.

    He also questioned the lawyers challenging the recess appointments, wondering why the Senate itself wasn’t contesting Mr. Obama’s moves. Instead, only Senate Republicans, who are the minority party, have sued.

    No one knows. It’s a mystery.

  7. This here is more Joe than Dave, but still worth a listen if ya find 5/4 fun.

  8. Aha did a great theme song for one of the James Bond films back in 1987: The Living Daylights.

  9. Dalton got a bit of a raw deal. In addition to Daylights, three of the previous five Roger Moore Bond films involved the Soviet Union in some way, (and Chistopher Walken’s Max Zorrin was an East German, ex-KGB whack job). Dalton had to settle for fighting a Panamanian drug lord.

  10. True, and I liked Timothy Dalton’s darker, gritter portrayal of Bond. Unfortunately, the franchise got caught up in a big legal battle after his 1989 film, License to Kill, ending Dalton’s brief tenure.

  11. Sorry to hear about Dave Brubeck passing.

  12. Levin led with the recess appointments case tonight. He seems encouraged by the Judges’ questions during the oral arguments phase of the case.

  13. I love Dave Brubeck. I’ll have to haul out his CDs.

  14. Take 5. Classic. Played it on fledgling public tv in, yes, Binghamton, NY in 1969. Ish.

  15. Take Five is an odd choice though, insofar as it wasn’t really Dave’s. Though Desmond deserves some recognition too. Blue Rondo, on the other hand, Dave.

  16. Blue Rondo, definately Dave.

  17. You are definitely harshing my mellow.

  18. I posted Blue Rondo on Facebook noting his passing. When I was young WGN played snippets of Take Five before their late evening movies. I’m talking 60’s and 70’s.