December 3, 2012

The face of a “White Hispanic” “racist” committed to denying a poor black youth his Skittles and Tea

The defense rests. And certain Florida prosecutors and cowardly politicians should resign in shame.  But they won’t, of course.  Because we live in Scapegoat America.  And Scapegoat America has a homestyle recipe:  Pick your villain, freeze him, and then attack, using relentless negative press, race-baiting, and the outraged cries of “civil rights” leaders.

yield:  social status and preening moral superiority, that is, until such time as the tissue of lies falls apart. At which point you shrug your shoulders, pretend you were never part of the howling mob, and go on about your business until the next scape goat appears.  At which point, bring out the claws yet again…


Posted by Jeff G. @ 5:10pm

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  1. he has very expressive eyes

    windows of the soul they are

    i remember this weirdo cook at miss peaches in his stupid trayvon shirt when this all first happened

    i wonder if he ever wears that shirt anymore

  2. That they tried to pass off a black and white photocopy of this in discovery is nothing short of criminal. There should be sanctions.

  3. There should be sanctions.”

    And instead there are rewards and accolades.

  4. Sanctions like hoisting on one a them Vlad The Empaler deals?

    Cause that’d be lettin em off light.

  5. Sanctions as in the prosecutor and whoever on her team failed to release the full photo going to jail for the maximum sentences of any crime Zimmerman was charged with.

  6. Here’s the B&W version.

    Bastards. Who goes to the trouble to even make such a thing? A filthy son of a bitch, that’s who.

  7. Or the prosecutor being told, yo, you aren’t a prosecutor anymore and if the bar sees things our way you won’t be a practicing lawyer anymore either and we’re going to recommend that Zimmerman sue your ass for everything you’ve got. AND THEN we can look into criminal misconduct.

  8. It’s not really a question about the color photos. Everyone knew they existed, the prosecutor was trying to keep them from being published in discovery so the color photos wouldn’t be released to the public. That being said, the sheer amount of legal malfeasance on the part of the Prosecutor demands dismissal of the charges.

  9. Matt,

    Now that the election is over, and the persecution of George Zimmerman has served its purpose, dismissal is a real possibility.

  10. A correct conversion of this to grayscale would involve weighting the three colors appropriately, making sure to scale the resulting range of pixel intensities to 16 bits in such a way that a range of gray values is obtained (IOW: so that you don’t have all pixels near zero or near saturation).

    I’ve grayscaled that image, and it bears no resemblance at all to what Pablo linked to. It looks exactly like what you’d expect it to look like.

  11. My understanding is that it’s a photocopy of the original, Slart.

  12. That picture looks like it’s been greyscaled, then Photoshopped, then exported to jpg. The apparent resolution of the image is a whole lot less than the sample resolution of 596×625, which means it’s been speckled, deresolved, then resampled at near-native resolution.

    Or something like that. I am not a Photoshop expert of any sort.

  13. It’s a really, really poor photocopy, if so.

  14. It’s a really, really poor photocopy, if so. It looks like a photocopy of a photocopy of a fax.

  15. If that was introduced as evidence, something is very, very wrong.

  16. I’ve received faxes that looked like that, slart, and the sender insisted she’d faxed the original. Just a POS fax machine.