November 26, 2012

“Obama Promises Six Billion For Green Energy In Asia”

Gee, and here I thought that tax on millionaires and billionaires who make $250K a year was a key component to paying down the debt.  Which it is, I guess.  Just not ours.


Yesterday the United States, Brunei, and Indonesia formed the US-Asia Pacific Comprehensive Partnership for a Sustainable Energy Future, and President Barack Obama promised up to $6 billion for the green energy idea.

“The Partnership will offer a framework for consolidating and expanding energy and environmental cooperation across existing regional forums to advance efforts to ensure affordable, secure, and cleaner energy supplies for the region,” said the White House.


Many green energy companies failed here in America, with some receiving millions in tax-payer money. The most infamous one is Solyndra, a California based solar panel company. The Energy Department gave them a loan of $535 million dollars, but they went bankrupt in August 2011. $350 million tax write-offs were allowed in the deal, and the House Oversight Committee thinks the total loss could be $849 million.

Abound Solar received a $400 million loan in 2010 and ended up laying off half of their employees in 2012. They announced on June 28, 2012 they would file for bankruptcy.

Despite the green energy failures in the States, President Obama looks forward to working with these countries to advance alternative energy.

Uh, no he doesn’t. He looks forward to institutionalizing transnational progressivism through the spread of the global environmentalist movement that will one day have the centralized committee power, by way of appointed international bureaucrats acting in accord with some vague treaty on sustainability, to punish nations economically, redistribute wealth globally through the ruse of environmental protectionism, and weaken the last vestiges of the rather quaint (and anti-central) notion of sovereignty.

The fact that he’s going to force us all to pay for our own decline it is part of the thrill.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:02pm

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  1. The fact that he’s going to force us all to pay for our own decline it is part of the thrill.

    I know I’m excited about it. Whee!

  2. “Obazma Promises” is coming to be one of those strange permanent juxtapositions of contrary particles of speech, in which there is and there isn’t, it can and it can’t.

  3. Ahh, so…NOW I see why we’ve had a plethora if stories about Asians not being Republican. Preparing the battle space against the womanly Republican leadership.

  4. “The fact that he’s going to [borrow money from China in order to] force us all to pay for our own decline it is part of the thrill.”

    And he’s making us pay multiple times. First, here in the US, where it failed. Now again in Asia. When that fails, too, maybe he’ll try again in South America…All while doing everything to kill domestic energy projects.

  5. I’m sure O’bama is Irish with his spending o’ the green.

  6. Libby, he was sending money to Brazil for their oil industry in his first damn term.