November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving — play it safe? Stir the pot? [Darleen Click] UPDATED

Thanksgiving this year is going to be, to say the least, a lively event in politically-blended families. Some such families have a rule about no politics, some will leave those discussions for after dinner to pick at each other as they pick at the turkey carcass…

And some families will have members engaging in open warfare over the appetizers and first cocktails.

I’m pretty happy that my immediate family is pretty cohesive in our political outlook, and I look forward to sitting with my dad while the two of us try to outdo each other in mocking the intellectually-bereft Left.

However, I know many of you will either be the minority voice at your family gathering or there is that “special” uncle or cousin that is going to get into your face with Obama-Sore-Winner syndrome.

So what will be your strategy this year? Opening lines?

Discuss & share!


I wonder how Jim Geraghty would try and persuade this person?

I’m going to post the exchange I’ve been having with a person I haven’t seen in several decades. I had no idea of his politics until he took offense at my citation of Newbusters article on Rachel Maddow’s dance of moral equivalency regarding Hamas and Israel by pretending not to know “how it all started.”

Now what I’ve written to him contains a lot of thing you’ve seen me write before, so feel free to skip. Indeed, this is more an exercise in watching a trainwreck and if that’s not for you, carry on!

[HIM] I cannot believe a supposedly intelligent person can spout such absurd nonsense as come from you and those like you. You are either ABSOLUTELY NAIVE (which i don’t believe) or you actually know that your party is full of crap and don’t care. The idea of blowing Benghazi out of proportion to call people LIARS when you have no clue YOURSELF what the truth is outrageous. DOES 9/11 ring a bell ? When Bush allowed us to get attacked and kill thousands ? and then LIED us into a war with IRAQ ? Please Darleen… you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Don’t tell me about Israel. I am a Jew with friends and relatives there. I am also a VERY WELL INFORMED citizen on politics and you embrace LIES and distortions. I have no use for trying to educate conservative ideologues who have a blind partisan allegiance to a party of liars. Republicans tried to use the debt ceiling debate as a tool to hold the country hostage to their partisan ideology and purposely caused us to have our credit rating lowered and HURT OUR ECONOMY. They are guilty of treason in my opinion. They should absolutely be voted out of office. You had a crew of idiots running for president ..from Michelle Bachman, Herman 999 Cain, Rick OOPS Perry, etc. And finally ended up with the serial LIAR Mitt Romney. Anyone who could ignore all of his flip flops and LIES, and pandering to each group he was in front of..and SUPPORT that person for president is truly an incompetent voting citizen. I am done. Not interested in reading your propaganda or engaging you in a battle of wits…because you are unarmed.
[ME] XXX, I’m not asking you to “educate” me. I’m not an ideological Republican because the GOP establishment is as interested in holding on to government power as is the Democrats. I’m a classical liberal aka Constitutional Conservative. I’ve been interested in current events and politics since my dad started me on newspaper reading when I was 10 (he started in the newspaper biz in the 50s).

In the words of Dennis Prager, I’m more about clarity than agreement.

I’m sorry you have gotten so angry with me over the jousting about politics, especially since the Leftists have won this round. You keep asserting things without substantiation. We KNOW that Susan Rice told falsehoods on the Sunday shows about Benghazi. Whether she knowingly told those falsehoods is unknown and still under investigation. But she was handed a false narrative that she unquestionably carried on with. Doesnt speak well for her. Petraeus has already testified that his immediate memos of Al Qaeda’s involvement in Benghazi were redacted.

You have not given me one so-called “lie” that Mitt told. Obviously, Harry Reid lied about Mitt, but that doesn’t count?

You still haven’t answered about Israel. Do you REALLY think they started this round of violence? How am I “embracing lies” when I say that people who make a moral equivalency between Israel & Hamas are morally bankrupt? That’s an opinion based on my understanding of the facts on the ground. I could be mistaken, and you can give me facts to show where I’m mistaken, but that doesn’t make my opinion a “lie.” I have close family & friends who are Jewish. The 1967 war started on my b-day, RFK was assassinated by a Palestinian on my b-day. I have always been pro-Israel so I don’t see how that is so infuriating to you.

People DIED at Benghazi and now Turbo Tax Timmy is saying he wants unlimited authorization to borrow? How close to we have to get to Greece before the unconscionable spending stops?

I do NOT “belong to the Government” and it is NOT my God/Father/Husband. I’m not #Julia and I don’t wish a life of serfdom on my fellow citizens. That is what I see will be the result of a Leftist “fundamental transformation” of America into Europe.

If you’re ever interested in real, substantive political debate, I’ve been writing for years at You’re welcome to stop by, but there are some very sharp people there that will challenge you to present substance, not just assertions.

I’m sorry we got off on such a bad foot. Peace be with you.
[HIM] By the way, You should view this video to educate yourself on THE FACTS. This is Rachel Maddow having a discussion with Richared Engel about the Israel – Palestinian conflict. Objective observation will show that she supports Israel and is anti – Hammas. This report takes place in 2009 but sounds very much like the current conflict. YOU WILL NOTICE the screen behind her says WILD WORLD OF SCARY.. which is the expression used in the story you posted. This phrase being used in the video leads me to believe that your post was ACTUALLY a portion of her comments from this report in 2009 rather than the current conflict as you led the readers to believe. (you and whoever sent it to you) IN FACT, I believe you eroneously think those comments were recent. Your post is the typical tactic of taking comments “out of context” to change the entire meaning of the message. I know you republicans HATE facts and putting comments into ACTUAL context…BUT HERE IS THE contest of her report. Her report, as most of her reporting, is designed to INFORM and EDUCATE. She is educating the listeners on the history of the conflict.
Watch this if you REALLY care about truth. If you are just devoted to demonizing the other side, then you will ignore this opportunity to be educated. And once you are proven wrong…. I will , of course, expect silence from you. I know you would never admit being wrong.
[ME] The report has her current remarks on Gaza AND also refers to, as background, to the video you post. No confusion here, both were posted. The author points it out to contrast her balanced approach as part of Air-America to her current statements. To quote the author of the piece “Notice how Maddow did mention the context — Israel launching air strikes in Gaza in response to rockets being fired at Israelis. This was back when Maddow was on the fringe-left, now-defunct Air America Radio. In other words, she was more balanced in her coverage then, at least when it came to Israel and Hamas, than she is now with a much larger audience on MCNBC.”

Why should I be silent? If NB was posting an old clip claiming it was new, I’d agree with you. But they posted both, referred to both, as compare & contrast.

[HIM] If you require me to point out Romney’s lies it is a worthless endeavor. There are tons of obvious lies. A book the size of watt and peace could be completed compiling his lures. I find out unbelievable that any objective observer would question that our require examples. As for assertions without facts….how can you make a claim like that when your texts are filled with unsupportive assertions. Harry Reid obviously lied about mitts taxes ??? Obviously ? Because you say so? I don’t believe he lied. I believe Mitt did not pay taxes for many years. I will find the recent article that explains how he did it. It wasn’t illegal. He just used creative accounting to pay zero taxes . Why do you think he refused to show them . OBVIOUSLY he is hiding something Big !. See what is obvious to refuse to acknowledge even though it is comin sense . He easily could have proven Harry a liar by simply showing good taxes. How powerful that would have been to his campaign….but he didn’t…hmm why would that be. Common serve would suggest that Harry was correct. What is your constitutional conservative explanation for you passing on the opportunity to prove Harry lied ?? Obama and the democrats are for the middle class , the poor, the workers . Republicans are for the super wealthy and giant corporations. Anyone that votes for repubs that are not millionaires and corporations are voting against their own interests.
ME XXX, I work in DA office. I’m not an attorney, but you know assertions w/o evidence just doesn’t make it to filing a case. Unless you think Price Waterhouse is corrupt then Romney has filed, and paid, taxes for years. Indeed, he also gives away huge amounts to charity AND has for years given of his personal time to helping others. Those stories came out at the convention … of him helping a dying boy, of bringing food to a struggling family, of stopping work and organizing a search for a missing 14 y/o. Story after story (and yet not one equivalent story about the Obamas). Romney’s taxes involve hundreds of pages which include privileged information on other people who do not consent to have it divulged. Do you think for one moment if Romney had done any cheating that the IRS would NOT have been sic’ed on him like this admin has sic’d the IRS on other private citizens that have displeased it? Obama has outdone Nixon on the Enemies List thing.

And please don’t make me laugh with the sophomoric & Lamestream media promoted meme of Obama “for the poor” and GOP for “the rich”. It’s redistribution v Liberty … equality of outcome v equality of opportunity … takers v makers … covetousness v self-reliance

Obama has plenty of Big Business & Evil Rich support … it’s called “corporatism” . What confiscatory income taxes do to “the rich” (how 250K is EVIL rich would be risible if not so disgusting) is not really affect the current wealth assets of the already super rich, it protects them from other upstarts GETTING rich. It closes the door and puts alligators in the moat.

Tell me … how’s a small business, say a trucking company with 72 drivers, $6 mil payroll, supposed to expand and grow with all the thousands of pages of new regulations and onerous new taxes now to be paid because, well, RICH NEED TO PAY MORE?

Now I could do anecdotal all day long. However, Gov’s own data shows the EEVVVILLLEEE Rich already pay the most in taxes and close to 50% pay NO TAX AT ALL (those Bush tax rates dropped a ton of people off the tax roll … for nefarious evil reasons I’m sure. No non-Leftist does anything without unpure motives, right?)

Isn’t it interesting that RIGHT AFTER the election we get the “oops, sorry the reports were delay” bad news about soaring unemployment, explosion of food stamps and Benghazi.

BTW Nice goal post shifting. No response to Israel. Oky doky then.

Oh … here.
[HIM] Darleen, you live in a conservative “bubble”. You would not acknowledge a FACT or Truth if it smacked into the bubble…because NOTHING gets in. You have a closed mind. You most likely get all of your information from FOX news and other right wing fanatics like yourself. You can stroke each other all you want. I am not going to waste my time sending you proof that you will ignore. If I showed you a copy of Mitt’s taxes showing he didn’t pay them, you would have some dismissive explanation…”forgery”. PULEEZE…he cannot show them because of other’s people’s privacy ?? and you REALLY BELIEVE THAT CRAP ? !!! unbelievable.
What BS that is claiming Romney game so much money to charity.
It is MANDATORY ! He tithed to his church…he did not donate or do anything for non-Mormons. Do you understand that at the end of the year, each Mormon that is part of the approved congregation has to have a meeting with a church official to state whether they have tithed. If the church official believes that he has not given his 10%, he is forbidden to enter the temple. He cannot go to the wedding of a relative if he is not an approved member based upon giving 10% of his income. THAT IS WHAT YOU CALL BEING CHARITABLE ?? BUBBLE !
You accuse me of making statement without evidence…and then you make multiple outrageous claims….WITH NO EVIDENCE. Apparently, your word is gospel.
You accuse me of not responding to a certain part of your diatribe….while you ignore comments I have made because they are either inconvenient or you didn’t get around to those items. I had a short time to reply the last time and only was able to address part of your vast array of accusations and unsubstantiated claims.
WHATEVER. Darleen… .have a good life.
My life is filled with joyful people and my valuable time is not worth trying to educate you. I know you didn’t ask for education. I am just letting you know that you are seriously misinformed on MOST of the topics we have addressed.
Sad that a person that is not a millionaire and not a part of a multi-million or billion dollar corporation would not understand that you support a party that is out of touch with American values…. Has forgotten how and why this nation was formed and is dedicated to making the rich richer and the allowing the rest to just flounder. Thankfully, most of the country agrees with me and we are saved from the incredible damage the republicans would have done if they won the white house. Before long, the Supreme Court will be adjusted to better protect THE PEOPLE. because contrary to what you probably believe ..Corporations ARE NOT people…and Citizens United WILL be eliminated with a constitutional amendment. Sad that you support a party that is trying very hard to destroy the fabric of this country ! Power corrupts and absolute power, absolutely corrupts. Your party PURPOSELY damaged our country for the goal of regaining the power of the white house. These are Disgraceful politicians and a sad shame that naive people believe their deceptions and abuse of the citizens. But there is hope. THE PEOPLE saw Mitt and the republicans for what they are and rejected them.
BYE BYE MITT,, BYE BYE ALAN WEST, BYE BYE Scott Brown, and the rest of the haters that we voted out. We are on the right track as long as we continue to rid D.C. of the destructive members of the republican party including the tea-baggers who would take us down for their own warped reasons.
[ME] When the majority of the media is Left, how can I live in a conservative “bubble”? I read the NYTimes and LASlimes and WaPo and SFGate and etc. I cannot help but know the Leftist memes and dogma down to the last tittle.

You rant against LDS, is that what this is about? Bigotry against Mormons? What has tithing got to do with Mitt’s charitable works? He donates to charity far in excess of what his religious obligations are. And he has donated HIS TIME. Again, not one story can you offer from the Obama’s doing anything like it. Ever.

What claim have I made that is false? You assert, you don’t substantiate.

Can you define American values anymore? Last I looked, it had to do with Liberty, self-reliance, coming together as community ON A VOLUNTARY BASIS to help one another. How about property rights? When did it become UNAmerican to say, yes this is MY business/farm/family I DID BUILD IT? American principles are NOT “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” < --moto of the Left Which is why studies have shown conservatives give more per capita in time and money to charitable causes than leftists. Charity is what an individual does. Charity is NOT demanding of the Government to seize your neighbor's property to make YOU feel good about yourself. Remember, the Constitution is a document that enumerates the LIMITED powers of the Feds and PROTECTS citizens FROM the government. Yet it is Democrats that are pushing to expand the Leviathan of a Government that involves itself at every stage of our life. Shall I play you the clip of the Obama ad that says "we all belong to the government"? How about the slideshow on Obama's campaign site about "The Life of Julia"? Or the campaign ad by Lena Dunham stating that voting for Obama is like have sex for the first time? Even Pew research has shown that 85% of Obama's campaign was negative. Shall I play you the ad Obama ran that said specifically that Romney wasn't "one of us?" Or how about the post-election survey being done by OFA that asks one to identify from 22 categories what constituency one belongs to --- and "white" and "men" doesn't appear on that list. Sorry, dear, it is not conservatives that have devolved into tribalism. And generally, that's what the Left boils down to. It's all about feelings. As Thomas Sowell points out it is "First Stage Thinking". See you HAVE to demonize anyone that disagrees with you. Non-leftists MUST have evil motives, conservatives NEVER operate with good intentions. You even resort to the laughable lines that Romney, West & Brown are "haters"? To grant that people who differ with you might actually have a point is to suddenly be berift of your superiority so you engage in free-floating ad hominem that has no basis in reality. NONE. You even resort to using a sex-slang term, "teabaggers" without any sense of irony after you accuse conservatives of "hate." How is it that vile cartoons about Condaleeza Rice, or obscene slurs and threats against Mia Love are NOT racism, but questioning the credibility of Susan Rice, who unquestionably spread falsehoods on Benghazi as White House spokesperson IS racism? And again. Absolutely nothing from you about Israel except some bizarre huffiness that I should dare follow up. I demonstrated that you misread the Maddow piece -- no answer. I asked you specifically about Hamas -- no answer. Just high dungeon, offensive accusations and unwillingness to engage in substantive discussion. I'm not really surprised, bless your heart. There's an old attorney saying that goes "If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have neither on your side, pound the table." All you've shown is you can pound a table. Peace out, brother. I would like to write an article about this exchange. Would you like me to send you a link when it's done? =============================== [HIM] YOU CANNOT BE THIS DENSE AS YOU PRETEND TO BE. Of course, YOU CAN BE IN A BUBBLE WITH MANY SOURCES OF INFORMATION. THAT IS THE FRIGGIN POINT. YOU WOULD NOT NEED A BUBBLE IF WE ONLY HAD FOX NOISE TO RELY ON. THE BUBBLE IS WHAT KEEPS THE OTHER INFORMATION FROM BEING EXAMINED, CONSIDERED, EVALUATED. YOU DON'T ALLOW THE INFORMATION TO EVEN APPROACH EXAMINATION. YOU ARE PERFECTLY CONTENT TO BELIEVE ANYTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT DEMOCRATS, LIBERALS, OBAMA..WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE. BECAUSE YOUR SELECTIVE PERCEPTION IS IN GEAR. YOU ONLY TAKE IN WHAT MATCHES YOUR PRE-CONCEIVED NOTIONS. It was not a RANT against Mormons. Geez what BS the way you twist things ....again It was education. You claimed he DONATED SO MUCH MONEY TO CHARITY....... I INFORMED YOU THAT THIS IS NOT A DONATION....IT IS AN OBLIGATION. This is known as a FACT. IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING AGAINST MORMONS....IT HAD TO DO WITH FACTS.... FACTS FACTS.... DARLEEN YOU CANNOT BE THIS CLUELESS. YOU KNOW WHAT I SAID. YOU ARE SO TYPICAL OF YOUR IDOLS. TWISTING MY WORDS...taking my words out of context and CHANGING THE MEANING OF MY MESSAGE. That is the republican's specialty. YOU SAY I MAKE STATEMENTS WITHOUT EVIDENCE.....BUT YOU DON'T ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU, IN FACT, DO THAT CONSTANTLY ! All throughout your all of your rants you make claims and statements as if they are fact...yet supply no evidence. YOU SAY MITT "DONATES" FAR MORE THAN HIS RELIGIOUS OBLIGATION. PROVE IT ! EVIDENCE ! WHERE DO YOU GET THE INFORMATION TO MAKE THE BLANKET STATEMENTS THAT YOU MAKE. FOX NEWS ? I AM NOT GOING TO GO ITEM BY ITEM TO RESPOND TO YOU. MOST PEOPLE YOU AGREE WITH DO NOT BELIEVE IN SCIENCE, EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE, FACTS, ...IT IS A WORTHLESS WASTE OF TIME TO TRY TO DEBATE SOMEONE WHO LOOKS AT THE WORLD IN A WARPED AND DISTORTED WAY. ARE YOU KIDDING ????? I CANNOT EVEN STOMACH READING YOUR RHETORICAL GARBAGE. I QUIT WHEN YOU TALKED ABOUT PLAYING CLIPS.....AND THE ACCUSATION THAT OBAMA SAID THAT ROMNEY 'ISN'T ONE OF US"... !!!!! WHAT A FRIGGIN JOKE. THE REPUBLICANS HAVE BEEN TRYING TO SAY THAT OBAMA IS NOT "ONE OF US" DURING THE ENTIRE CAMPAIGN !! TRYING TO SAY HE IS NOT AMERICAN...."I WISH HE WOULD LEARN TO BE AN AMERICAN" ...HE IS A KENYAN...HE WASN'T BORN HERE...HE IS A MUSLIM.....HE IS A ........ FILL IN THE BLANK...CUZ HE ISN'T ONE OF US ! AND YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY ..NERVE....TO WHINE THAT ROMNEY IS THE VICTIM OF THAT ATTACK. AND BY THE WAY.....DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT THE PRIVILEGED LIFE OF ROMNEY..... IN THE 1% OF THE 1% REALLY PUTS HIM IN TOUCH WITH THE AVERAGE AMERICAN ???? CLUE .......HE IS NOT IN TOUCH WITH WHAT MOST AMERICANS EXPERIENCE ! YOU ARE HYSTERICAL.... MAKING ACCUSATIONS AT ME THAT SHOULD BE MADE AT THE MIRROR. JUST WHEN ??? DID YOU GRANT TO ME THE OPENNESS THAT PEOPLE THAT "DIFFER FROM YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY HAVE A POINT" CLUE ... YOU NEVER DID. YOU AND YOUR "I WORK FOR A LAWYER" AND AM SO SMART.. AND READ EVERY PUBLICATION PRINTED AND KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING ATTITUDE IS REALLY LAUGHABLE. YOU DO NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION TO SHARE MY PRIVATE MESSAGES IN AN ARTICLE. ARE YOU REALLY WILLING TO DISPLAY YOUR FLAWED REASONING AND LACK OF COMMON SENSE ? SO DO WHAT YOU FEEL YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO. AND i WILL DO WHAT I HAVE TO DO. I AM SURE YOU WILL REDACT AND EDIT MY WORDS TO MAKE SURE ALL OF MY COMMUNICATIONS ARE MISREPRESENTED SO YOU CAN BE HAILED AS A BRILLIANT DEBATER..... BLESS YOUR HEART FOR YOU MUST HAVE BEEN INDOCTRINATED BY YOUR FATHER FROM THE AGE OF 10 TO BELIEVE ONE WAY AND NOT ALLOW ANY PEOPLE WITH DIFFERENT VIEWS TO EVEN BE ACKNOWLEDGED. PEACE OUT FOR SURE =============================== [ME] XXX, please. Is the Washington Post EVIL CONSERVATIVE? Then look here... this ad begins with "I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message" So XXX, please post the Romney ad that HE approved of that says Obama is "not one of us." Again, I said Romney gave charity IN EXCESS of his religious obligation. Is there a reading comprehension problem here? You do realize that using ALL CAPS doesn't hide the fact you again engage in pounding the table - fact free, intellect free. I actually can differ on policy with many people and we get along just fine. I work with a man, a gentleman who has been quite the Democrat Party mover/shaker for years. Was involved in Clinton's campaign and worked on the 08 Obama Campaign. Indeed, he & his wife were Clinton's guests at a Obama fundraiser in 08 and got to meet Obama. We had some very friendly conversations during the 08 campaign. You know why? Because OUR AMERICAN PRINCIPLES were firmly intact. He's the guy you hate now - a conservative/anti-left Liberal. And his whole family (including his Marine brother) voted for Romney this year out of principle. Oh, btw, he's black. So I guess, like Allen West, Mia Love, Condi Rice, Susanna Martinez, Marco Rubio, -- he's now a "race traitor". One last thing, I did NOT ask your "permission" to write about this exchange. Since I will remove all identifying information, I'm free to share with others. All I asked was if you wanted a link to it. **********The end at this time**************

Posted by Darleen @ 7:37pm

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  1. do you know that the kkk is a demonrat operation? do you know fred phelps is a demonrat?

  2. However, I know many of you will either be the minority voice at your family gathering or there is that “special” uncle or cousin that is going to get into your face with Obama-Sore-Winner syndrome.

    While you gloat for your Messiah, I weep for your children and grandchildren and the future you’ve damned them to. Enjoy your free contraception.

  3. – Opening line: : “Well, now that we know that Obama is a total war monger and makes Bush/Cheney look like Sunday school teachers, When can we expect the Left to start calling for him to be tried for war crimes?”

  4. I have to admit I’m getting a vast amount out enjoyment over my “conversation” through facebook messaging with an old high school guy who I just “friended” last week.

    I had no idea he was a full-blown moonbat! The more he rants and shrieks and uses every cliche’ about evil conservatives, I find myself enjoying how I keep hammering him to stay on topic and try to substantiate his assertions. I engage in a bit of mockery and the calmer I stay, the more hysterical he gets.

    I’m seriously thinking about posting some of it — he’s dead serious but he’s like a parody of every ranting leftist that has run across this place.

  5. – Opening line: “I see where they just published the totals for US abortions for last year and they said there was over 790,000 babies legally murdered. I had no idea so many woman were being raped.

  6. whoa, I’m really going to give this guy a stroke… he just answered me in a long free form rant written in all caps.

    (when I mentioned that Obama ran an ad that said “Romney is not one of us” he is sure I’m lying)

  7. – I bet if you raised the war issue with him he’d come unglued. The Left now realizes what a total fraud Obana is, and its all right there recorded for all time in his undeniable actions, from spiking the ball on Bin Laden, to his “kill list” and drone war that has killed at least 6000 Islamists so far, to his following of Bush/Cheney to the letter in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    – The Lesft are ib total disaray over it. No where to hide. He lied to them and they don’t know how to face it. Won’t talk about it, can’t talk about it, just launch off into ranting hysterics if anyone, including their own moonbats, dare to bring it up.

  8. I don’t have to worry about that this year: I volunteered to work through Thanksgiving.

  9. a long free form rant written in all caps.

    Imagine that orally.

    Now you know why I totally avoid politics with my family.

    My brother works in a coal fired power plant and still voted for Obama. I love them to death but when it comes to politics they are completely fucking nuts.

  10. Post the whole thing, Darleen.

    My 2 cousins will be at dinner, multiple Ivy League PhD’s and howl at the moon barking occupy moonbats. They protested in Madison, and are complete MediaMatters ThinkRegress memebots. And, they have the social skills of Maher, and never shut up.

  11. So you you destroy them, JD, or just watch the Better Half do it?

  12. My house will be a no politics zone.

  13. he just answered me in a long free form rant written in all caps.

    the all caps means he’s serious(ly deluded)

  14. bring up mangy sanger and black babies and hillarity!

  15. Pablo – I usually just let them babble, and randomly interject – “do you realize that you just called us racists?” or “how much of our money wound you allow us to keep” or “you pinhead twatwaffles should never utter the phrase epistemic closure when you have not left the warm embrace of the bosom of academia in your entire life” or “fuck off socialist”

  16. I plan on having a heated argument with myself, after which I will refuse to be in my own company for at least a year.

  17. Cranky – just make sure you win the argument. Nothing worse than losing an argument with yourself.

  18. I’ve stopped rolling my eyes and started calling bullshit rather openly on the mindless progressive drivel, challenging politely but distinguishing between opinion and facts and trying to point out the roots of what’s philosophically wrong where possible. Not everyone is happy about it, but I also have some relatives saying, “Thank God.” Too many impressionable teenagers around to let it go.

  19. My favorite tactic is too say something and when they object to note that I was just quoting Barack Obama or Bill Clinton or John Kennedy, etc.

  20. I’ve given up trying to argue with people who know what they feel. Until they run out of excuses for why it hurts, there’s no reasoning with them.

  21. I’ve given up trying to argue with people who know what they feel. Until they run out of excuses for why it hurts, there’s no reasoning with them.

    That was profound.

  22. charles

    My favorite tactic is too say something and when they object to note that I was just quoting Barack Obama or Bill Clinton or John Kennedy, etc.

    Excellent. Also good when the topic turns to how the filthy christers are trying to christalize the country & turn it into a theocracy! You can tell because christers like GWBOOOSH use “god” in their speech all-the-time

    So then start quoting some stuff from their hero FDR full of god-talk and watch their faces melt.

  23. whoa, Ernst … what Lee said.

  24. We shall go on to the end, we shall mock them fight in France, we shall mock them fight on the seas and oceans, we shall mock them fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall mock them fight on the beaches, we shall mock them fight on the landing grounds, we shall mock them fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall mock them fight in the hills; we shall never surrender

  25. Don’t really have this problem. If anyone has an issue with my views, they’ve never brought it up.

  26. [Very happy to see you around again, man.]

  27. Butler vs Illinois. Fun game.

    Bh – been around. Lurking. Last couple months have sucked, so I haven’t had much to offer.

  28. Stir Smoke the pot: Morena Baccarin, good — Morena Baccarin blonde, bad. And why this question sits at the heart of all political considerations, no matter how far afield they may seem.

    But first, be sure to smoke the pot.

  29. You get the benefit of years of painful exchanges with my brother-in-law.
    (thank you for the kind words)

  30. pot will turn your brains into fried eggs

    nancy reagan told me so

  31. Nancy Reagan also told us that short hair is very hit and miss.


  32. Be bold.

    Or don’t, and just fix the html.

  33. Argh …. the tags are playing games with me! (sorry sorry sorry)

  34. sdferr

    I put the tags in, and when I update, the closing tag is stripped out! Yikes. just removed ’em.

  35. heh, jes joshin’ ya D.

  36. JD,

    Do either of your cousins have a hair-shirt? Cus I think a Thanksgiving live-blog is just what we need around here.

    Whata ya say? You could make it pay per view and fund a few charities;).

  37. People who use all caps scare me.

    They don’t really calibrate their experiences at a human level. How would they express being hit by a car? Double all caps?

  38. Well, I’m off to my brother’s for Thanksgiving —which would be fine except for his idiot wife and my other brother. Then we’re off to the in-laws for the weekend.

    I have a good book, a pint of Bourbon and a pint of Canadian whisky, so I should survive –even without my cigars.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Protein Wisdom


  39. Have a good one, Ernst.

  40. Wow, just scrolled up and started reading Darleen’s live-blog.

    First response:

    No one should used Rachel Maddow and education in the same sentance unless the topic is boy band hair styles.

  41. Ernst

    Happy Turkey back at ya

  42. Fortunately, if politics come up at family gatherings, my family is right of center and far right.(that would be me)

    If the odd leftist does wind up in our midst, it never goes well, because I tend to start laughing. Then the leftist gets mad and I laugh even harder.

  43. Happy T-day Ernst!

  44. I gotta hand it to this (all caps warning for bh;) “HIM” fella really knows his hate.

  45. But Danger — it’s “we” who are the “haters”

    Rachel Maddow told him so.

  46. *reads Darleen’s exchange with… HIM*
    Woah, he broke out the ALL CAPS.

    Because it makes things more truthy when you do that.

    Lots of boldness in this thread… ;-)

  47. Oh great, just as I post that the tag is fixed.

  48. People who capitalize nouns at random sorta freak me out too.

  49. “and yet not one equivalent story about the Obamas”

    Man Darleen you’re like the Obama Scrooge! Are ya trying to make him cry?

  50. Sometimes the noun cap thing is a confused holdover from the Germ[an] studies creeping in where they don’t belong bh. We could call it a brain-sneeze or something like.

  51. Yeah, I avoid talking politics on Thanksgiving. It’s bad enough I gotta put up with Dallas fans…

  52. Silly Krautophiles.

  53. So Lee, take the ‘Skins tomorrow? That’s the way I’d go.

  54. “I am not going to waste my time sending you proof that you will ignore.”

    But I will rain down the Mormon (ooops, that’s “MORMON” *) crazy-talk. That’ll show ya!

    (*bracketed to protect the all caps sensitive types;)

  55. (*bracketed to protect the all caps sensitive types;)

    Always appreciated, Danger.

  56. take the ‘Skins tomorrow? That’s the way I’d go.

    Umm, it would be impolitic of me to say, is all I will say about that right now…

  57. Danger

    That’s his part & parcel of “Mitt’s lies would fill a book” yet he refuses to name even one.

    It’s akin to the passive-aggressive spouse who says to the other “well, if you don’t know why I’m mad at you, then you obviously don’t care enough to realize what you did wrong and my pointing it out would go right by you.”

  58. “My life is filled with joyful people”

    Ya don’t say! Are they all premium members of the he-she Romney haters enlighteners club like you?

  59. “I had a short time to reply the last time and only was able to address part of your vast array of accusations and unsubstantiated claims.”

    Man’s gotta have his priorities! Plus responding with Romney – boo! buys you time to war-game your next line of Romney attack.

  60. “Before long, the Supreme Court will be adjusted to better protect THE PEOPLE.”

    Yeah, but what about the rest of us? Do the (uncapitalized) people get protected or do we just have to adjust?

  61. I have an on-topic comment.

    These relatives that bum you out?

    It can be worse.

  62. “See you HAVE to demonize anyone that disagrees with you.”

    Doesn’t he know that irony that rich has been banned in New York and California and has been demonstrated to be far more detrimental to one’s health than sodium chloride, trans-fats and all of the MSG in China combined?

  63. bh

    I know.

  64. “It can be worse.”

    Yeah, I hear ya bh,

    Hey, why don’t ya meet us down in Hotlanta a week from Friday. beemoe, Stephanie, and maybe Donald and if we work hard enough on the shame angle we could get McGehee.

  65. Ahhh, y’all going to have a get-together and I’m out here in Cali listening to the ground rumble waiting for Vesuvius to blow.

  66. “Corporations ARE NOT people”

    So then they must be PEOPLE. But why do they need an “adjusted” Supreme Court to protect them?

    Back to reading, I’m sure he’ll tie all of these plot twists together in the surprise ending.

  67. Darleen, you’ve scared up a real-live barking moonbat of the genus Liberal Fascist! Good for you! Get his blood pressure up to stroke levels, then offer him a valium! Cheers!

  68. “Again, not one story can you offer from the Obama’s doing anything like it. Ever.”

    More salt in the wound Darleen, can’t you tell this man is in pain?

  69. Shit, probably didn’t phrase that last comment very well, my fellow pw peoples. I still have family. They’re all younger than me and don’t bring food or booze but they’re still family. (So, I probably shouldn’t duck out to Atlanta, Danger.)

    Guess I’m just being a killjoy shithead and saying that if you’re honestly complaining about annoying relatives you should take some time to count your blessings instead.

  70. Speaking of “HIM“.

  71. Make sure you point out that he missed a few capital letters on that last rant. Cus I can tell consistency is important to this guy.

  72. serr8d

    I haven’t heard from him since his ALL CAPS jeremiad.

    I think he retired to the fainting couch.

  73. Cus I can tell consistency is important to this guy

    Spelling not quite so much with the occasional liberating freeform.

  74. bh

    Thanks for the reminder

    I enjoy counting my blessings … including the fact that #1, mom of 13 m/o Zander, is 14 weeks preggers.

    I love being a grandma

  75. Cheers, Darleen. That’s fantastic.

  76. – The projection these nimrods spew out is downright amazing.

    – Dar, this guy has some deep seated dissapointment in his life he was more than happy to find something other than his own short comings to blame it on, which as all of us here know all to well, is such a identifier of the paranoid, envy ridden, guilt riddrn, average moonbat.

    – And once they’ve taken that bait, they will go all the way to borderline suicidal rather than face any of it.

    – Thus the screaching, name calling, and general hysteria, and most of all the wild insane projection.

    – The next time you’re wondering, this is how they excalate to shooting up movie theaters. When the human mind is unable to resolve incompatible udeas, it protects itself by going insular, and sometimes insane.

  77. “So, I probably shouldn’t duck out to Atlanta, Danger”

    Now your talkin with a purpose Mr!

    “Guess I’m just being a killjoy shithead”

    But you’re our killjoy shithead and DON’T YOU FORGET IT!.

    ” you should take some time to count your blessings instead.”

    I’ll drink to that! We’ll need several rounds to cover them but no one said that life was gonna be easy.

    (get your but down to Atlanta, Mr!)


    Clearly he’s got his hands full making counter-accusations so cut him some slack would ya? ;)

  79. “shouldn’t”

    Oops, sorry bh I missed that little contraction :(
    If it makes a difference it’s the week after Thanksgiving.

  80. This guy is very generous with the Clues. I bet he’s some kind of crime investigator. Either that or he watches a lot of morning cartoons on the Disney channel.

  81. You, sir, are a monster, Danger. [Positive emoticon here.]

  82. – The coment, wildly inserted in the incoherent stream of rant and dribble; “people who think like you are a danger to themselved and others” says it all.

    – Whatever you do Darleen, don’t get within 100 miles of this guy.


    So, sounds like it’s a go then.


    BravoBRAVO!!! That’ll teach her a lesson.

  84. “You, sir, are a monster, Danger. ”

    My favorite drink! Have you tried the Rehab Lemonade Tea?

  85. Man it got dark out! Time to sign off.
    Carry out the plan of the day, people.



  86. I am done.

    Liar, liar, PANTS on fiar !!!!

  87. Well, Darleen, you had yourself a one on one with the way things are out there. Half the country is completely insane, and you couldn’t reach them with the space shuttle.
    It can be a drag, but then I just stop in here at PW for a dose of sanity and realize that hey, we ain’t dead yet!
    A very Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you here.

  88. Bh was right. I am thankful for my d-bag cousins. And I am thankful that my little bro is still with us for at least this holiday season. Off to the mountains

  89. bh says November 21, 2012 at 10:43 pm

    People who capitalize nouns at random sorta freak me out too.

    Sorry, I am occasionally guilty of that. It is usually not meant to be random though, sometimes it is for emphasis, or ironicalness, or sometimes just to piss off the memory of a grammar Nazi who ruined creative writing class.



  91. It really is a religion, which makes it all the funnier when they try to play the secular intellectual card.

  92. Barack Obama isn’t divine. He’s as mundane as a dirty sweatsock.

  93. From the goober’s gobbling…


    An anti-Mormon bigot who knows nothing of giving to either Church or charity. All’s he can do is take, take, take, mooch, take, redistribute and then take some more.

    And the all-caps? Dude, we realize that LeftLibProggs think with emotions rather than intellectualism. You’ve proven you haven’t advanced much past pre-teen emotionally; that rant would better suit a 13-y/o railing against her parent’s restrictions. If you’re lurking (and I know you are) go ahead and register and leave us some thoughtful commentary.

    Oh, and I wouldn’t blame you if you ripped the all-caps key from your keyboard before stepping in here. You’ve quite a steep gulch to think your way out of.

    To all the pw commentariat: Happy Thanksgiving! Recall to whom you should proffer thanks!

    Cheers, all!

  94. People who capitalize nouns at random sorta freak me out too.

    We call them ‘Germans’ where I come from.

  95. Yep. I cap single words because I’m German. That’s not sarcasm, it’s a good explanation. Sometimes you have let people know that you’d REALLY be selling that word if you were speaking in person. It’s not something I’d normally do with a noun though.

  96. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

  97. That sucks, Darleen.

    My brother and I were having a conversation recently about the perpetrators in society getting all offended and victimized when you basically cut them off from their supply — the things they’ve been taking out of your hide, you and your honest fellows — whether that supply be intellectual or material; narcissistic or physical.

    Once they figure out that you’ve isolated and identified their various criminalities, you’re the villain for violating their status quo.

    This year I lost a 35 year friendship when a “liberal” friend, having already determined me a misogynist for opposing gender feminism and a racist for being white, finally called me a poor-hating bigot, presumably for being the Republican I’m actually not.

    I also lost a relationship just for wising up and expecting normal, as in adult, honest, accountable, fair, and reasonable, all hallmarks of real intent, real effort, and real connection.

    In both cases I was the jerk just for existing (sound familiar?) and no amount of calling things out for what they really were mattered in the least. What mattered was wounded ego, wounded fallacious preconceptions, and wounded bad habits.

    It sucks. Like any spiritual malady, leftism is a disorder — the unreformed are perpetually offended you’ve noticed. Ernst, upthread:

    I’ve given up trying to argue with people who know what they feel. Until they run out of excuses for why it hurts, there’s no reasoning with them.

    Yup. The Buddha said life is hard. These people prefer to have you buffer it for them. Christ was tortured to death. Nobody protects you for doing the right thing, yet doing the right thing is what makes you free. It is truth.

    So let it lie there and go create an alternative. Now you know why I wholly support secession and why the moderate right decrying it are wrong — you can neither reason with the unreasonable or touch tar and not be pitched.

    Do. Not. Play.

    Happy Thanksgiving, all. Hang in there.

  98. As a famous wrestler once said: “Don’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better.” No disrespect to the Buddha.

    Darleen, this guy must be related to my SIL who went all-caps on me over the election. The day after, I beat her to the punch and sent her Cardinal Dolan’s prayer for wisdom in the coming term of the re-elected president.


    I also capitalize proper nouns and am German and took German language classes. So that’s my excuse. That and my sometimes inverted sentence structure. German says you cannot have two verbs in close proximity to one another in a sentence; one has to go to the end of the sentence.

    It’s just us at home this year. I’m cooking so it should be awesome.

    Happy Thanksgiving all!

  99. Playing it safe is Thanksgiving monkeybread.

    First time I ever had monkeybread was a Thanksgiving confab at a family friend’s parent’s home in Wichita Falls, round about 1966 or so. Our own family adopted it as a necessary accompaniment to any Thanksgiving dinner, so it’s been a tradition since. Yee-haw, monkeybread.

  100. HIM: DOES 9/11 ring a bell ? When Bush allowed us to get attacked and kill thousands ?

    Oh goody! A 9/11 Troofer, LIHOP Division. No need to waste my time further.

    You have far more patience than I do, Darleen.

  101. OT, but I notice the finger flipping douchette wound up being fired.

    The comments under the article are instructive, as usual. It gives me some faith in my fellow citizens when I read comments like “Freedom of Speech” does not mean “Freedom from consequences.”

  102. Ernst got it right early on, JHoward sorry to hear, that stinks.

    The most grossly unfair thing is that while we can’t actually communicate with them we have to live with them (at least until they get to the historically-repeated phase where the left starts slaughtering peasants, with “peasants” being non-leftists).

    While I think the “the world is mad no need to understand” crowd are just making excuses, it is easy to understand why they want to.

    California has decided they can do without a private sector. Check now to see if you’re a peasant, avoid the rush.

  103. Menu tonight:

    Sliced Turkey Breast baked on top of a corn bread stuffing with broth, celery, onion, apples.

    Sliced Ham baked in canned pineapple rings and chunks(do NOT use fresh pineapple as it will melt the meat into a bland pink sludge) and maraschino cherries.

    White rice w/ gravy or white rice with butter and sugar mixed in

    Peas w/ a little bacon up in there

    Mashed Sweet Potatoes

    Cranberry sauce fresh from the can

    Apple cobbler

    Texas Toast on request

  104. someone flipped a finger? Nobody tells me anything

  105. monkey bread was a holiday breakfast thing before everybody died

  106. the stupid Samsung added the space

  107. hf, is that one with a caramel glaze kinda stuff on it? Never had that one m’self.

  108. the stupid Samsung added the space

    well i blamed bush

  109. Yes it’s very honeybunnish, just twisty

  110. I may get it one more time at my aunt’s on this trip…

  111. It reminds also of babka

  112. Our’sn looks more or less like this. Yeasty moist buttery conveyer-belt — served hot.

  113. Yes that’s close… Twisty was the wrong word… Spirally I guess

  114. I’m kinda drunk I had another t n j

    they’re very very festive and I get to walk home through charmingville

  115. It’s called blowing rock cause they have this rock way up in the air what blows

  116. Seen good pretties on the BlueRidge so far? And still headed northish into Va.?

  117. blue ridge parkway south of roanoke is good

  118. yes will end up in roanoke at some point… is of course not as beautiful as when you have canopy but it makes up for it with solitude … love it and will be back… i’m starting to get really curious about these people

    they’re like a lost tribe of thomas kinkade people… it’s all pretty pretty charming charming with these ones, but NO personality whatsoever, unless you count the occasional overt snootyness

    the whole state can’t possibly be like this… i think asheville and this blowing rock are just cut from the same cloth is all

  119. Time was (and that time was long ago in the current reckoning of such measures — decades, I mean), a place like Floyd Co. Va. stood as a sort of escape from the world of the snoots, though an escape into another sort of closed world all its own, a world of the forever-been-there-people who all know one another’s business and a handful of hippy pot smoking (growin’?) folk. That was back awhile, as mentioned, so it may not be so any longer. For instance, the monied may have discovered it and brought their world down from DC along with ’em. If not however, it might be worth a visit.

    Too (and it’s a ways north of Roanoke) there’s a great Shakespeare Theater in Staunton, plus the museum home of the ol’ racist T. Woodrow Wilson: a good place to take a piss.

  120. i think baracky did his “you didn’t build that” schtick in roanoke

  121. floyd co sounds fun… tomorrow is grandfather mtn and the blowing rock then heading north more.. i did see some nc that was very normal and waffle housey on this one detour i had to take on the parkway

    more of that please

  122. obama croatoaned our whole fucking economy

  123. ok executive decision

    if i do grandfather mtn i can skip the actual blowing rock i think

  124. It probably has something to do with Duke University stinking up the joint, happy.

  125. All I know is these people are so not who they think they are

  126. Am I the only one who was scandalized by Jugears making the sign of the Cross over the turkey’s head? And with his left hand, yet?

    What a douchebag.

  127. i hated him already

  128. Well I couldn’t be scandalized by it because I don’t go out of my way to watch Turkey Pardonings. Or NORAD Santa trackings.

  129. I legit started laughing when the guy began typing in all caps like it would somehow make you agree with him more, Darleen.

    I’m sorry you have an acquaintance like this.

  130. Who the fuck “euthanizes” a turkey?

  131. My belief is that these people don’t see us as human and are doing their best not to see us as human. These idiots think that by e-shouting at you they might drive the demons out of you and if that fails they can always shun you or try to sabotage your life by starting crap with your boss or accusing you of harassing them.

    For the most part they are true enemies(not rivals, not good faith ideological opponents) who are working up the courage to either hurt you or make a bid dramatic show of turning their back on you.

    I believe that in a cartoonish, angry mob, “haven’t really thought it through but it sounds good and it feels good to day-dream about” way, they want you dead, brainwashed, intimidated exiled or otherwise restrained/contained/neutralized. They expect to be lauded as heroes and to live in a paradise once the people like us are bound, expelled, slain, or silenced.

    When these creepy lefty zealot people call Christians “Talibans” they are telegraphing their admiration for the ruthless sociopathic oppression and domination the Taliban accomplished, and are fantasizing about exercising that kind of power on you before you can do it to them.

    Basically these people think Hitler is really awful except, if they were IN his crowd cheering for him and if he kept them in the dark about the icky stuff, and they were afraid to be outside of his crowd…they might find it a bit easier to follow him than they thought. After all they just have to look the other way if they don’t like seeing people being rounded up. Obviously nobody is going to take the big leader out and it’s possible to live in peace in his new Germany. It’s better than the Weimar days right? And he’s not dumb enough to shoot people in the streets every day like Stalin and scare folks too badly. You cans still laugh and drink beer as long as you have you papers with you. Papers are light and easy to carry around right?

    Now, what if Hitler was replaced by a softer, less apocalyptic figure and he wanted something more like feudalism and had a Fabian (Uncle sugar) approach of stirring up the masses and then appeasing them and merely legally harassing his critics and obstacles? What if he just wanted total bureaucratic power instead of a war machine and expanding empire? Even easier to live in that world right? He just needs to wait for the people (gen X) who remember what it was like before the big change to get old and die off (I’m 41) and poof…it was ALWAYS this way.

    I fear that we have some real bad days ahead of us. History is malleable, and we are doomed to repeat our mistakes.

  132. When these creepy lefty zealot people call Christians “Talibans” they are telegraphing their admiration for the ruthless sociopathic oppression and domination the Taliban accomplished, and are fantasizing about exercising that kind of power on you before you can do it to them.

    Exactly correct. Like Tom Friedman’s wistful admiration for the Chinese Oligarchy without the caveats.

  133. As my son says “Fuck ’em”.

    Sometimes cursing is the only proper way to convey one’s contempt.

  134. I have been having a “conversation” on another forum with some leftists about Israel/Palestine, and it has really got me thinking.

    How in the hell did Israel, the child of David Ben Gurion and a model of socialist democracy, land reclamation, everything the left supposes to desire, how did this fall from grace and a hyper violent pyscho religious death cult become the hero/victims?

    I know that leftism is a fraud, blah blah blah and all that. But how did they come to turn on one of their own like this?

  135. oodles of black people hate jews

    “the left” isn’t ready to go there

    but “taking a hard line on Israel” they can do

  136. How in the hell did Israel, the child of David Ben Gurion and a model of socialist democracy, land reclamation, everything the left supposes to desire, how did this fall from grace and a hyper violent pyscho religious death cult become the hero/victims?

    Did you see the video I embedded to “him” from Prager/Carolla? That’s just about the first question Adam asks Dennis. Dennis says the Left supported Israel from 48 -67 … first because it was founded as a socialist state AND it was a “victim”. The Left doesn’t divide the world as good/evil, but rich/poor, strong/weak. When Israel proved itself strong in 67 and stopped being a victim, the Left shifted its allegiance to the new “victims” the Arab-Pals and, in Prager’s words, has remained the most anti-Israel force outside of the Arab world.

  137. hf

    The Left hates religious Jews. It loves themselves its ethnic (but irreligious, even atheist) Jews who find those religious ones kind of icky.

  138. all politics in failshit america is identity politics

  139. left -> hyper violent pyscho religious death cult

    What’s not to understand? The left pretty much loved Hitler too until he turned on Russia. They loved Russia during the starvation era and claimed that there as no starvation era. They are a verbose blood thirsty mob and they intend to stay in that mob because if they fall out, it might turn on them.

  140. I don’t know the history well at all but do wonder whether the early gooey-naive Israeli attachment to socialism falling away to the hard knocks of failure on the commercial level — to be replaced by a more sensible business ethic — hadn’t also a role in the abandonment of Israel by the US and Euro left?

    Then too, saving Russian Jews from the clutches of the Party meant taking anti-communist Russian Jews into the Israelis’ community, and these Russians couldn’t have stood by to watch socialist perversity without speaking out, hence changing minds from out of their wealth of experience. (The US doesn’t have near enough of these survivors of Euro-communism, does it?)

  141. The left are the audience that happily applauds atrocity as the finest of all entertainments as long as it is committed against someone the left kind of fears, resents, holds in contempt, is out of style, or feels restrained by (usually due to conditioning by propaganda organs). They love it when other people (noble savage idealists) do what they don’t yet have the guts or resources to do themselves.

  142. the apartheid metaphor resonated on the left some of them still trot that one out now and again

  143. The Left admires whoever they perceive to be the weaker (or oppressed) party in an exchange. Hamas is perceived as weaker than Israel (rightly so), so they are the “good guys.”

  144. History as a concept in play, has many meanings depending on the cultural outlook. There is the clinical/archeological view, the thematic view, the mythopoeic view, the theoretical view, the ideological view, the cultural/tribal view, the political view, the demographic view, the natural view, the economic view, the total bug-fuck nonsense view(nation of Islam), the secret conspiracy view, etc.

    Two people setting out to do history especially of a time they did not live through, can come up with very different things. Some of what thy come up with is likely to be plausible but inaccurate or just total bullshit. The left recognize how ductile history can be. If you don’t much care about event A and aren’t going to go and research it, then when a seemingly cool guy who tells you about event A, and some stupid bitchy nerd no one likes tells you about A, then you are likely to assume that the cool guy is right as long as he is a little bit plausible. The left has been conditioning us for a long time and with increasing success on who is a cool guy and who is the stupid bitchy nerd no one likes. Our history is increasingly whatever the cool guy says because we lazily accept that the cool guy is history.

    The left is not looking at the same history the rest of us are. We are looking at the “stupid bitchy nerd no one likes” history. That puts us on the side of the stupid bitchy nerd no one likes.

    To the leftist, history marches towards an inevitable leftist utopia bulldozing all that impedes it, and it erases its tracks behind it and replaces them with much better tracks so that people looking back don’t see all the awful bullshit. The left thinks that history can be best manipulated as a fashion statement. Orwell/Blair was very explicit about this in 1984. If you know the “wrong” history that marks you as an ugly, stupid, uneducated, sucker, and a backward outsider, who doesn’t “get it”. They want the stupid people and the lazy people, and the uncaring people, and the gullible people to tune out competing messaging. They want people to talk leftist pablum to each other whenever they talk to each other at all, and to be afraid to say anything that isn’t “leftist compatible” because that just might get you shunned, dumped, attacked, humiliated, fired, or sued, arrested, etc. The stupid, the uncaring, the gullible, and the lazy will let the cool guy handle history for them freeing them to do other shit. On Facebook. With their new phone. (Keep him in president okay? Romney sucks!)

    That’s why a lot of people right now think socialism is good, capitalism has failed, and that Russia was mad at us through the cold war, because we were the bad guys. They think Stalin is a bogey man that only nerds would care about and he only ever gets brought out to end real debate. He has his own little Godwin’s law attached to him.

  145. The Left admires whoever they perceive to be the weaker (or oppressed) party in an exchange.

    Seems like a fine place to link to that Evan Sayet speech — arguably one of the most important conservativey-things anyone’s written or said in the last decade. (Along Codevilla’s “The Ruling Class” essay/book.)

  146. Happyfeet at 5:14 pm, 22 Nov;

    BABKA!! YES!! When I was little and we visited my father’s family in Pennsylvannia, there was always wonderful, homemade babka.
    But the old ones are long gone now, and with them , the babka.
    Is this a metaphor for America?

  147. My wife picked up a babka at Panera Bread last week.

  148. I baked a babka last year and I’m not that old.

  149. My m-i-l and I just finished the Panera babka, and now we have bubkis.

  150. I’m in wilkesboro now it’s not even a little snooty

    we’ll just chalk blowing rock up to a learning experience

    grandfather mtn was mostly just some good hiking that you had to pay $16 for per adult

    I think there are seasons where it’s pretty neat though with many plants that make flowers for you to see

    it still had a lot of that vegan hillbilly attitude going on, but I kept a civil tongue cause it’s just how they are

  151. There’s trillium in them thar hills. Well, at least in the springtime there is.

  152. I keep seeing that word

  153. The grandfather mtn supposedly has some notably large population of wild azaleas and rhododendrons

  154. Yep, I’ll bet. Those are all up and down the mountains of the east coast, and great beauties they are too. Plus the old dogwoods, which I haven’t seen lately but understand they’ve been taking an awful beating by some anthracnose disease, which too bad. Still, they’re there too at about the same time. And the redbud, the forsythia, the magnolia stellata, tulip magnolias and magnolia grandifloras. There’s much to recommend the woods of the east. Except poison ivy.

    Maybe someday even the chestnuts which used to dominate the eastern woods will be brought back, though they’re now nearing a century gone. That would be an order of magnitude higher likelihood than the original intent of the Constitutional era gets brought back. Neither is impossible though.