November 20, 2012

Reimagining Frederick Exley’s A Fan’s Notes for 2012

As I lay back on the divan, exhausted, thinking of Frank Gifford — the all-American curl to his forelock, the clean-cut, square-jawed righteousness manifest in his burst to a graceful gallop that in his playing days left lesser mortals, flawed champions all, broken in the dirt at his feet — I couldn’t help but notice:  he’s now an old white man.

His kind are these days relics, moral throwbacks, political antiquities that best serve now as nostalgic curios, long in the tooth, frozen in the amber of a now ironic golden age.  And though it wasn’t always thus, and though I am quite aware that perhaps the scotch is talking here, tastes evolve, and the tide of cultural preferences can erode even the most solid rock. Of which Frank was an example.

But time, like a younger Gifford, moves smoothly and powerfully forward. Which is why I’ve decided to reinvent myself.  To idolize Jay-Z, instead.  First because he’s the bomb, and second, because he’s relevant.  And relevancy is the new black.

Or at least it was in 2008.  But popular sentiment is nearly always at least a half-decade behind the avant-garde, the engine of moral correction, the invisible hand of a new and thrilling aesthetic, so it takes time to settle, to burrow, to nestle into the crevices of our consciousness and take root — or, to take it another way, to become the soft and inviting shag upon which our newest thoughts shuffle their warm relaxed feet.

Plus, Beyonce!

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:48am

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  1. Yeah, and that whole “believing in nothing, they’ll believe in anything” thing?

    I don’t believe it.

  2. Give me some more of the Devotchka/Gogol Bordello gypsy cabaret thing. Because everything old is new again.

  3. – Every refuge has its price, and it won’t be too much longer now before the last two generations learn all about that up close and personal.

    – Theres going to be a whole lotta angry young guys, and of course the common wail will be “why didn’t anybody tell us!”

  4. – Theres going to be a whole lotta angry young guys, and of course the common wail will be “why didn’t anybody tell us!”

    To which the common reply will be, “We did. Repeatedly, and in imaginative ways. You tuned us out because we’ve lived too long and so obviously couldn’t possibly know anything.”

  5. That was deep shit, man….

  6. Also J-Z is all up in that occult shit. Bad mojo dude.