November 20, 2012

Turbo Tax Timmy wants unlimited borrowing authority [Darleen Click]

It’s not like it’s real money anyway …

Posted by Darleen @ 7:31am

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  1. Quick note: if there’s one thing I would chose to personally avoid at all costs, its the stomach flu. Unfortunately I didn’t get a choice this year.

    Knocked me out for the weekend … I need to catch up.

  2. Let’s just print 16 One Trillion Dollar bills and start over.

  3. What he really needs is forcible lending authority.

  4. OHNOES Team R needs a spending limit for to fiercely wrangle concessions

  5. I love that I’m supposed to pretend that this is an adult, and that I live in a fundamentally serious country.

    Quick google check… Coming up on the Today Show, Willie Nelson denies any negative benefits from extreme pot usage.

    So serious.

  6. Remember: Team Obama is the SMARTESTEST ADMINISTRATION EVAR!!!!!1!!1 Ergo, this is a good idea, by definition.

    Besides, endless borrowing and printing more money when you need some has always worked when other countries have tried it.

  7. I own a $50 trillion and a $100 Trillion dollar bill from Zimbabwe I use when teach about inflation. (I also own a gold certificate and a silver certificate I use when I teach about debt and the value of money) I am a little excited about the fact that I will soon have another example to use with my students. (Who by the way refuse to believe me when I discuss the debt and deficit with them in my senior Economics class)

  8. By the way, I still check my money, and still write “tax cheat” on any bill with Timmy’s name on it.

  9. It doesn’t really matter. Sooner or later, reality will step in and say “that’s enough”. The entitlement checks will start bouncing , and down will come cradle, liberals and all.
    All of which will occur much sooner when the rest of the world decides they’ve had enough of our lunacy, decides not to donate 19% of their GDP to paying down our debt, and replaces the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.
    Then Timmaaay! won’t even be able to print money.
    In the end, reality wins. Reality always wins.

  10. gahrie,

    Yeah. I do that too when I have any notes in my wallet.

  11. That’s why Timmeh needs forcible lending authority mc4ever59.


    I’d say this is coming soon for us, but we actually already lost this last summer. Zing!