November 16, 2012

God knows none of us wants to think about this now… [McGehee]

It has occurred to me that Spongejoe Hairplugs talking about being the next President of the United States must be a punchline within the White House as well as out.

Barack Obama’s re-election Tuesday before last has shown Democrats the perfect (as seen through their prism) way to ensure that they hold the White House after Obama’s second term ends: more black nominees.

Of course, although Allen West and Mia Love went down to electoral defeat last week, and the Allred attack on Herman Cain may have driven him out of last spring’s primary campaign, 2012 has shown Democrats that the Republicans have some ammo for such a battle — so their next nominee will have to bring more to the table than skin color.

And this, to me, explains Obama’s defense of Susan Rice as a black woman being attacked by a couple of rich, old white guys. I suspect that, regardless of whether she becomes Secretary of State, Susan Rice is meant to be the Democrats’ next presidential nominee.

Now, while West and Cain aren’t white, they are men — not young men — and Cain certainly could be considered rich (I don’t know about West). As for Mia Love, even assuming she runs for Congress again in 2014 and wins, I believe they expect to Palinize her out of the running early on.

So. Thoughts?

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  1. Known? Knows?

  2. God knows what He has always known. Hence, tenses are meaningless to Him.

  3. It’s not that I don’t want to think about this right now — it’s that I refuse to. Seriously — I’m not talking about anything relating to the 2016 election until after New Year’s. I wish I could wait ’til New Year’s 2014, but I guess we live in a perpetual campaign now…

  4. Whether is is Rice or not they will continue the pogrom on all possibly effective conservatives especially the race and/or gender traitors. The politics of personal destruction has been too successful to ever stop it. It will continue and increase in destructiveness. But after four more years of Obama will there be anything left to destroy? Or will we all be like a WWI “no man’s land”, a constantly re-churned sea of mud.

  5. “it is”, fat fingers strike me too.

  6. The mudsea image conjures up another link in the story of the worst rising to the top: the object of capture becomes evermore less valuable, so the otherwise sane contenders simply turn away from the chase.

  7. but I guess we live in a perpetual campaign now…

    Yup. Have been for at least the last 20 years.

  8. Greetings:

    Vice President Joseph Biden (nom de Mafia, “Joey Plugs”) reminds me of a loudmouth guy that used to come into my father’s favorite bar, “Archer’s”. Once, when I was about seven, my father took me there on a Saturday afternoon to watch the then New York Giants baseball game on TV. I was sitting at the bar with my father, having my burger and Coke with three cherries, when the loudmouth guy thought he saw an opportunity to insert himself into our afternoon. Over he comes, in his gladhanding way, and says too loudly, “Well, Ted, are you going to introduce me to your boy-o?”?

    Now, my father didn’t suffer, and had no intention of ever suffering, fools gladly. Taking a long pull on his Lucky Strike cigarette, and exhaling slowly, he answered, in that New York way, with a question, “What are you doing at this end of the bar?”

  9. A dozen female members of the House staunchly defended U.N. ambassador Susan Rice against Republican criticism over her remarks on the deadly Sept. 11 Libya attack, suggesting the GOP lawmakers’ comments were racist and sexist.

    “It is a shame that anytime something goes wrong, they pick on women and minorities,” Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio, the next chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, told reporters Friday at a Capitol Hill news conference.

  10. Exactly, geoffb. Imagine putting up with that for eight years with her as president.

  11. Not sure that Rice is in line to be for 2016 but I completely agree that they will look to run black, Hispanic, and/or female (or any combination thereof) candidates from now on.

    But that’s really just the icing on the cake, so to speak. The real effect of Obama’s second win on future Democrat campaigns is that they no longer have to pretend that they’re not completely advancing a socialist agenda.

    Despite the protestations from the Establishment GOP to the contrary, Romney is exactly right when he says Obama won by passing out gifts. Future Democrat candidates are just going to up the ante.

  12. Ofercryinoutloud

    Everyone knows the next President of the United States is Michele Obama.

  13. These wymyn make me ashamed of my sex. I thought we were supposed to be all empowered and as good as the guys now?

    Suddenly, well not really suddenly, we’re delicate flowers in need of men to protect us from the Big Bad World. Not hardly, bitches. Stop it with the blaming and grow the fuck up. Take responsibility.


  14. So. Thoughts?

    My first thought was “I hate you McGehee. For busting my one forlorn bubble of hope that after an additional four years, most voters will have forgotten Bush’s name let alone his presidency, but will have had 8 years of thorough economic misery drilled into their cat-food eating existence.”

    My second was “You bastard. Quit with the frelling hints already.”

    My third was with a soul deep sigh of resignation, and a “Yep.”

  15. Heh Ernst, there’s a younger member of the family who may be more appealing to the yout vote. Barry has only to wave his godly hand and Article Two age qualification clause can be swept away — for the fairness! 35 is so old! 18 in 2016!

  16. Along those lines, at what point does the image rehabilition of Van Jones begin?

  17. Van Jones? It’s already started done. He’s all over CNN these days, in the pundit role.

  18. I had a really elaborate reply cooked up but then I realized I had to re-read the line of succession to office to make sure I actually had a point, at which time I lost interest.

  19. I predict that Biden will be retiring for mental health reasons in the near future, though.

  20. I mean, he’s always been mental, but he hasn’t always been so flamboyantly mental.

  21. I would get out and campaign for Allen West! Happily.

  22. “God does, but I don’t. God will, but I won’t. That’s the difference between God and me.” — Lyle Lovett

  23. To paraphrase Melvin Udall about progressives, “I think of a classical liberal and then I take away reason and accountability.”

    But I digress.

  24. I think the idea Jones needed his image rehabilitated is rather quaintly pre-11/6.

  25. Elizabeth Warren, Womyn Indian.

    Because, as the plan knows, two-four years of voting “present” is enough time to incubate name recognition but not too longbefore people fatigue of you because you’re a complete doofus asshole, closing your window.

  26. OT: I really do wish people would drop “Bronco Bama” as an epithet for the current POTUS. I happen to own and drive a 1996 Ford Bronco that was originally the property of the State of Alabama.

    Please, don’t make me take it out into the woods and torch it.

  27. Elizabeth Warren, Womyn Indian.

    Said idea has already appeared in the Boston Globe.

  28. Who is still calling him Bronco, McGehee? It was fun while it lasted, but now we need something repellant.

  29. “. . . we need something repellant.”

    And here I’d thought that President Joe Biden was the intended repellent.

  30. Heh. True enough sdferr.

  31. Nobody here, Leigh — I saw it somewhere today and just had to vent.

  32. Ah. Understandable.

  33. Why couldn’t his first name have been Blaze or Durang?

  34. Bronco Bama!

    Bronco Bama!

    Ah, ha ha haaaaaaaaa!!!!

  35. Well, Israel is on fire and we have a dumb ass for a president who thinks he was sent to kill the middle class and starve it of energy. I’m going to bed early just to get this shit out of my head.

  36. cranky-d says November 16, 2012 at 5:01 pm


  37. I wish I could wait ’til New Year’s 2014, but I guess we live in a perpetual campaign now…

    No shit. In the last two days I’ve gotten fundraising calls from the National Republican Congressional Campaign and Mike Huckabee’s PAC(!!?!!). The NRCC was a schmuck who didn’t have much to say when I informed him that unless Boner gridlocked every appropriation for the next two years I wasn’t giving them a dime.

    Huckabee was smarter; it was a robocall and all I could do is hang up.