November 11, 2012

“Congress to investigate whether Petraeus scandal was a political cover-up”

Which it was, but nothing will come of it, anyway.  Because MANDATE:

CIA Director David Petraeus revealed his affair almost immediately after the election, even though the FBI may have discovered it months ago. The timing has caused Congress to wonder if it was a political cover-up to help Obama’s campaign.

The FBI began a criminal investigation in February after discovering that Paula Broadwell, Petraeus’ 40-year-old mistress and biographer, had accessed the former four-star general’s email account. FBI officials also found harassing emails sent by Broadwell to another woman close to Petraeus. These emails, including one that referred to “sex under a desk,” sparked the FBI investigation that ultimately ended the general’s career in public service.

But although the affair was uncovered months ago, Petraeus and government officials familiar with the matter kept quiet. The renowned intelligence director disclosed his relations with Broadwell and sent the president a letter of resignation on November 7 – the day after Obama was re-elected, and one week before he was scheduled to testify before Congress about what the CIA knew about the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya that killed an ambassador and three staffers.

The director of national intelligence, James Clapper, had allegedly been told of the Petraeus investigation on election night and subsequently urged him to resign, senior intelligence officials told the Associated Press on condition of anonymity. US government officials claim that the White House and the CIA both remained uninformed of the FBI investigation until after the election.

An FBI insider told NBC News that Obama was in the dark about the affair until Wednesday.

“He made the decision to tell the White House. We handled it discretely,” the official said, emphasizing that disclosing an affair that had not breached security was not the responsibility of the FBI.

But some believe the White House knew about the affair for much longer than they claim, and Congress is looking into the matter to determine if this is a major political cover-up delayed until after the election to protect Obama’s presidency.

“The real question is, what did the president know, and when?” was the famous question from the Watergate scandal, which was repeated in the wake of Petraeus’ resignation.

“It is hard to believe the White House did not know about this prior to the election,” Frances Townsend, a former senior security official, told the Washington Times.

“What would he have told us? The resignation is incredibly convenient for the administration. Would he have revealed the CIA knew the Banghazi compound was under threat and Washington did nothing to secure it?” asked a senior Congressional staffer, as reported by the Daily Mail.

While questions over Obama’s knowledge of the scandal linger, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, was distressed that she did not learn of the affair and planned resignation sooner. Petraeus had been scheduled to testify on the September 11 attack in Benghazi next week, and his resignation will have a significant impact on that hearing.

“It was like a lightning bolt,” Feinstein said. She told Fox News Sunday that she wishes she had had time to plan for the CIA director’s absence, and would have liked to have been briefed by the FBI sooner, the Associated Press reports.

Other members of Congress have also expressed their frustration with the secrecy of the investigation, which they believe should have been exposed sooner.

“The FBI should have had an obligation to tell the president,” House Homeland Security Chairman Rep. Peter King (R-NY) told CNN. “It just doesn’t add up.”

Congress, by law, must be informed about “significant intelligence activities or failures.” Lawmakers are wondering why the affair – which could have ties to a cyber crime and security breaches – was kept secret until the night of the election, and whether or not the White House knew about and supported the cover-up.

I really don’t know why any of this matters:  Petraeus was the CIA head at the time of the Benghazi travesty and would have information about what transpired then.  Meaning, his resignation should not keep him from testifying, because his resignation does not somehow act like an historical eraser. At worst, his testimony might be called into question based on questions about his judgment.  But hell, Bill Clinton gave the Democratic Convention keynote address, and he’s likely a rapist and serial adulterer.

So there’s that.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is refusing to testify because of a “scheduling conflict.”

No CIA director. No Secretary of State.  No Obama.

The result?  The murder of an ambassador, two heroic SEALS, and another diplomatic worker will have been successfully covered up.  With the mainstream press running point, and the American people either unaware or unconcerned.

What the fuck country is this again?

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  1. in the lower thread cia prisons

    Military expert Paula Broadwell…

    “They were requesting the – it’s called the C-in-C’s In Extremis Force – a group of Delta Force operators, our very, most talented guys we have in the military. They could have come and reinforced the consulate and the CIA annex. Now, I don’t know if a lot of you have heard this but the CIA annex had actually taken a couple of Libyan militia members prisoner, and they think that the attack on the consulate was an attempt to get these prisoners back. It’s still being vetted.


  2. Minor pedantic point: perhaps once a SEAL always a SEAL, but they were former SEALS working as contractors to the CIA.

  3. Candy Crowley has Bob Menendez (D-underage hookers) on her show today and asks him about Petraeus boinking his biographer and nothing about Bouncin’ Bob and the Dominican hookerettes.

  4. An FBI insider told NBC News that Obama was in the dark about the affair until Wednesday.

    And we have Fast & Furious redux. Nobody knows nothin’ in this administration. Low level functionaries take it upon themselves to keep the admin in the dark about all these things. I’m sure the administration will launch an investigation into the investigation of Petraeus, to find out exactly why the FBI would play politics with national security, keeping a compromised cabinet member in place. /s

  5. Candy Crowley has Bob Menendez

    stephy wasn’t available? there might be a proggtard problem.

  6. Because MANDATE:

    proggtard mandingo

  7. I keep hoping against hope (Hey, hope is a strategy! Who knew?) that someone with concrete irrefutable knowledge of what the hell was going on in Libya.

    Is it gun-running? Is it drugs? Is it some colossal three dimensional chess (as if) BS?

  8. What did they know and most importantly when did they know it. FBI and WH.

    I find it a bit strange that Paula sends a threatening e-mail to Jill to get her to leave the General alone but that neither Jill nor the FBI for the first months of the investigation can figure out who sent the email nor who Jill was to leave alone. That’s a pretty poor way to get her to back off if she can’t even figure out who she is to not see again. And this story in the Telegraph seems to say that they did figure it out right away.

    As federal agents began to review the emails they quickly realised that the head of America’s top intelligence agency was involved in a sexual affair with a married woman and began an investigation to see if there had been any breach of national security.

    Although the emails, believed to have been sent anonymously by Mrs Broadwell, 40, were said to have contained hints at classified information, the FBI concluded that there was no security threat and that they were instead looking at a case of lover’s jealousy.

    According to The New York Post, Mrs Broadwell, a mother of two, told Mrs Kelley: “I know what you did” and warned her to “back off” from the 60-year-old former general.

    Simply that he was having an affair itself is a security matter. They knew this months ago in the Spring when the investigation started.

  9. Add a ” and steps up and talks” to that first paragraph.

  10. Welcome to Mexicanistan.

    Sorry to my Afro American Brothers but you’re on the back side of the curve. Muslims and Mexicans is the new demographic.

    One thing all those who voted for more stuff from Uncle Sugar have forgotten (or more likely never learned) Uncle Sugar gets his money from PRODUCERS. And what demographic produces the MOST? Say it with me now class; WHITE FOLKS. That’s right Old, angry, White guys out produce most other groups in dollars per hour. Not that other folks don’t work hard or anything. It’s just that all that RACIAL ADVANTAGE don’t you know.

    So those of you who voted yourself more stuff better understand that the PRODUCERS are going to quit (eventually the Gov’t will take their business anyway so a lot will sell out now and go somewhere else.) And where is Government going to get it’s money from then? Hmmmmm? Why YOU ALL of course. You’re going to suddenly find that YOU’RE NOT PAYING your FAIR SHARE anymore. Oh and that car you wanted? They’re not making that model anymore and you can’t buy one anyway cause there’s a waiting line.

    Let me think. Where did they do this in the last 20 years and what country has to use denominations of their currency in the billions? Who was it who first bought out white folks and then just started killing them and seizing what they had? Begins with a Z.

    Yeah the country that used to provide food to the rest of Africa (sort of like America’s Breadbasket the Midwest. Where a lot of WHITE PEOPLE live and work.) but who now has to beg France and Britain and US!!! for money or grain. Funny thing about turning the land (means of production) over to the illiterate and ignorant; it starts to fail.

    Oh and South Africa is about to start the same thing. They had a better economy (because of who they took it over from) so they’ve been able to skate but the “natives” are restless and want land reform and “truth” and “justice” and you know what that means? Yeah, white folks are about to get necklaced. (a charming torture devised by the enlightened majority in South Africa).

    Do I sound racist? Well only if I was making this stuff up. But I’m not. And it’s not an exclusive predilection of Blacks to do this sort of stuff. Hey we could go back 80 years and the whites in Russia were doing the same thing to the kulaks and jews so it’s not like this rant is motivated by race. It’s motivated by anger and fear at the power of greed, hubris and the desire to feel in control. Oh and an utter rejection and denial of God helps. So far we’ve got 4 out of 4 coming from DC and echoed throughout the land. Hope that revenge tastes sweet because you all are going to be eating shit real soon.

    Maybe I should have said Mexicanistanababwe.


  11. Islam is a religion of peace. George Bush told me so.

  12. Paula Broadwell at the 2012 Aspen Security Forum Media Panel.

  13. The truth sucks ass, jcw46. How dare you spread it around here!

  14. paula likes to show shoulder and gossip. hate the patriarchy!!11!!

  15. Why YOU ALL of course. You’re going to suddenly find that YOU’RE NOT PAYING your FAIR SHARE anymore.

    – Or even shorter: “The day the 99% became the new 1%.”

  16. Paula Broadwell at the 2012 Aspen Security Forum Media Panel.

    yea slut culture. she got tattoo on her back?

  17. she got tattoo on her back?

    – More like Petraeus had a monkey on his. He could probably fill you in on all the details of her nether regions, but with any luck I’ll never know.

  18. – This coming week I’ll be attending both Skyfall and Lincoln. I’ll drop a few impressions.

  19. hey paula? “who sent you?”- chibozy

  20. potheads blame bush um 90, pass the torritoes

  21. What the fuck country is this again?

    A People’s Republic!

  22. This Broadwell gal seems like an agent who just completed a successful mission. She’s too quiet; is it really possible she didn’t know her embedding secrets were compromised? Would she have sent an email that is like something out of a teenager’s Facebook conflict? Was she as surprised as everyone else when Petraeus resigned? Her twitter timeline seems perfectly normal…was that an act?

    Perhaps King Jerxes hisself crafted her in his image. But recall the Soros group and the ‘General Betray-Us’ campaign in ’07; they hated him then. Did Obama, or someone else, cultivate little Paula Broadwell as a sexpot weapon against the General, for revenge?

  23. as a sexpot weapon against the General, for revenge?

    that be axeldude/soros line of attack. ax illinios ryan.

    when I overheard the rep say that Jarrett told them, “After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two judges ready to go.” She was talking directly to about three of them. Sr. staff. And she wasn’t trying to be quiet about it at all. And they were all listening and shaking their heads and smiling while she said it. Pretty creepy.


    Team Obama downplays call for ‘revenge’

  24. Springsteen should write a song about it, but with lots of cars and front porch swings innit

  25. mr g. fagen interview

    Savoy sides presents a new saxophone sensation
    It’s Parker’s band with a smooth style of syncopation
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    You’ll be riding by, bareback on your armadillo


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  26. “I take responsibility,” Hillary said. “I take this very personally. So we’re going to get to the bottom of it, and then we’re going to do everything we can to work to prevent it from happening again, and then we’re going to work to bring whoever did this to us to justice.”
    But please don’t ask her to adjust her busy schedule. There are women in South America who need to become entrepreneurs. There are climate change summits in Scandinavia. Hey, her hair might get dirty or her sock drawer disorganized. Busy until at least Dec 2016, and then as POTUS, she’ll be REALLY busy.

  27. Look, I’m used to the idea of monogamy being far from a default state for relationships, but can’t people just fuck each other without it turning into a scam or black mail or a scandal anymore? Is there no more honor and adulthood out there where two adults make a decision and live with it and don’t try to turn it into a huge explosive news story or end it with a court case when it doesn’t work out? Is it impossible to have an affair, realize that it was a bad idea, and just end it with discretion, kindness, respect, tact, courtesy, and maybe a little bit of humility and shame?

  28. Maybe it was a honeypot run by Axelrod.

    But Petraeus fell for it didn’t he? He should’ve known better but he let his power go to his head (the little one) and thought he could get away with it because she was his biographer and it was convenient.

    That she was perfectly positioned and eminently willing should’ve been his first clue. I can see how it went. Good looking woman (I don’t think she’s as much as is being made over her) hanging on your every word and subtly ohing and ahing over your brilliance in combat and in politics. Easy for one’s head to be pumped up like a penny balloon.

    Apparently he never took any courses on espionage or counter espionage in his career. Or if he did, he conveniently forgot it.

    You can tell a person’s character by what they do when they think no one is looking.

  29. The thing that most trips up law breakers whether it’s the ten commandments or traffic regulations is greed.

    Folks just don’t know when to curb their appetites.

    So the criminal commits one too many crimes or gets lazy and goes back twice to the same place. Greed.

    Or the speeder cranks it up just one too many times in places that are convenient for a cop to sit and gets caught. Greed.

    Or the adulterer who knows they’re doing themselves, their spouse, their children, and in this case, their country wrong. But they go ahead just one more time because THEY CAN. Then oops; caught in the headlights like a f’ing deer. Greed.

    See I don’t think Obama or his admin set this up but when they found out, they didn’t try to help him get out of it and cover for him. Simple as that.

    Plus it doesn’t help that she seemed to be a little Glenn Close’y and maybe he’s dodged a bullet this way. (or a knife).

  30. Is it impossible to have an affair, realize that it was a bad idea, and just end it with discretion, kindness, respect, tact, courtesy, and maybe a little bit of humility and shame?

    These two spook-clowns both cheated on their mates. Petraeus, as Director of the CIA, left himself open to possible extortion (what if Breedswell had been a Putin plant? or manipulated by anyone with enough cash to buy her silence, and a lifetime of makeup?). Neither of these two are representative of the clan Good People.

    So, I have no sympathy for either of them. None. Whatsoever.

    Recall when General Petraeus was called ‘General Betray-Us’ by the far-Left Soros assholes who hated Bush? I personally thanked General Petraeus on Wednesday, September 12, 2007. And again on the 13th. Hmmph. Well, Soros was right. Only it was his wife Petraeus betrayed, not his country (he chose to betray his wife, that he was to later betray Obama’s trust, and perhaps his country’s by that path, is arguable). But that’s enough. If you can cheat on the closest person to you on the face of planet Earth, you are a piece of shit.

    Period. Full.Stop.

  31. Yes, but you can be a piece of shit, realize that you are a piece of shit, change, and stop being a piece of shit and you can do it without putting on a bizarre puppet show of public shame for the press, and then going to rehab and such. Can’t people just face their ‘piece of shit’ness in private anymore? And can’t people who insist on being a piece of shit find it in themselves to screw without trying to bust into each other’s email accounts and discussing it with some 60 Minutes lamprey?

    And it’s not just screwing. If I get drunk and take a dump in my neighbor’s pool, is there some weird law of psychology that forces me to film myself doing it and put it on youtube and then act surprised when it gets out and have it blow up into a media thing where I apologize to my neighbors, putting them through the wringer, and compounding my own stupidity ?

  32. In September, prosecutors and agents began a legal analysis to determine whether there were any charges that could be brought. Among the discussions: whether to interview Ms. Broadwell, who was the focus of the criminal probe, and Mr. Petraeus.

    Top officials signed off on the interviews, which occurred in late September and October, just before the U.S. presidential election. During Ms. Broadwell’s first interview in September, she admitted to the affair and turned over her computer, the officials said.*

    So, a minimum of 5 weeks ago, probably longer.

  33. “You can tell a person’s character by what they do when they think no one is looking.”

    A lot of people don’t have enough integrity to have what we call character. They just flail about as a combination of mood and recent socialization forces drive their actions and responses. Their capacity for virtue and vice fluctuates like a sin wave. They’ll steal from you one winter and sell their 2nd car to help you out the next with no rhyme or reason. I’ve seen seemingly mature people regress back to an angry near helpless teen state with surprising rapidity and I’ve seen others go from being a creepy fork tongued scum bag to a considerate and charitable person with almost no warning. I sometimes think depravity (entropy of the soul) is the dominant humor.

  34. On her computer, investigators found classified documents, the U.S. officials said, a discovery that raised new concerns.

    Da plot tickens.

  35. That was from Pablo’s link.

  36. If it’d been anyone else but our top spook, then let ’em fuck like rabbits. But it was our top spook. My personal beliefs, re: Pieces of Shit, are just that. Because, well, I’m coming from 26 years of not having been a piece of shit, although having had numerous opportunities to be one. Meh.

    This, from lefty Buzzfeed…

    But Petraeus’ crash is more significant than the latest nonsense sex scandal. As President Obama says, our decade of war is coming to an end. The reputations of the men who were intimately involved in these years of foreign misadventure, where we tortured and supported torture, armed death squads, conducted nightly assassinations, killed innocents, and enabled corruption on an unbelievable scale, lie in tatters. McChrystal, Caldwell, and now Petraeus — the era of the celebrity general is over. Everyone is paying for their sins. (And before we should shed too many tears for the plight of King David and his men, remember, they’ll be taken care of with speaking fees and corporate board memberships, rewarded as instant millionaires by the same defense establishment they served so well.)

    Before Dave fell for Paula, we fell for Dave. He tried to convince us that heroes aren’t human. They are human, like us, and sometimes worse.

    Dude misses seeing the forest. What better way to undermine Petraeus than send a deep-undersheet harridan after him?

    ‘Splain to me how this gal, having been deep in the spook trenches for as long as she has, does not know that her work PC is traceable? Even I know what TOR is for, and I’m not cleared for National Security wonkeries.

  37. She kind of looks like she could kick ass, if she wanted to.

  38. This business about the left falling for “Dave” is purely revisionist history. It’s almost as if they think we don’t have memories, or Google.

  39. Heh. Assholes are starting to tighten. #FiscalCliff

  40. The youth jobless rate is 58pc in Greece, 54.2pc in Spain, 35.1pc in Italy, and 25.7pc in France.

    Labour economist and Nobel laureate Peter Diamond says the life trajectory of these young people will be damaged. There is almost nothing worse you can do to the productive potential of an economy – and therefore to debt ratios – than locking a great chunk of the future workforce out of the system during their formative years.

    “They have a debt problem and an unemployment crisis, but they think it is the other way round,” he said.

    The tragedy is that Europe is wasting its last chance to train a workforce for the 21st Century before its demographic crunch hits later this decade. EMU leaders – like the donkey generals of the trenches – are fighting the wrong war. They are crippling a generation. Budget deficits are coming down – though far less than assumed – but the skills deficit of the jobless army is going through the roof. It is the tyranny of the Maastricht Treaty.

    It would be a double tragedy if the US succumbed debt fetishism and made the same historic misjudgement.

    Isn’t that what rioting in the streets is for? Training young people to reach for things they haven’t earned, mostly because they ‘trained’ for useless skills? Our ‘Occupy Corps’ proves that well enough.

  41. Is there no more honor and adulthood out there where two adults make a decision and live with it and don’t try to turn it into a huge explosive news story or end it with a court case when it doesn’t work out? Is it impossible to have an affair, realize that it was a bad idea, and just end it with discretion, kindness, respect, tact, courtesy, and maybe a little bit of humility and shame?

    Aren’t those questions quintessential to all good literature, from Homer to the present?

    Lotta bad lit and pulp fiction too.

  42. Via Beck, Jen Griffin is reporting that Clapper knew about the affair when Petraeus was nominated for the CIA gig. But Obama wasn’t told about his CIA Director having an affair, and potentially having breached INFOSEC until last Thursday morning (according to the WSJ piece?) Bullshit.

  43. He tried to convince us that heroes aren’t human.

    He did? I must have missed that.

    They are human, like us, and sometimes worse.

    Yeah. Sometimes worse. Your hero, not mine.

  44. Somebody tell that buzzfeed idjit Serr8d linked that as the decade of war winds down, the decade of assassination continues at a renewed pace.

  45. the baracky hit list is never to be mentioned by proggtards

  46. Support head of attempted coup in Honduras after his removal and exile. Support Brazil. Support Venzeula. Back away from Columbia. Antagonize Pakistan (aka Pock-ee-ston). Ignore aggression from Russia and present Europe to them while unilaterally cutting our nuclear arsenal. Ignore aggression from China and borrow money from them. Ignore aggression from Iran except for bragging about stuxnet program. Ignore aggression from North Korea. Abandon Taiwan. Abandon Israel. Abandon Japan. Back away from UK. Destabilize Egypt. Destabilize Libya. Back away from Canada. Help destabilize Mexico. Back away from South Korea. Help destabilize Syria. …WTF? Go fix Mali?

    Then, top it all of by Blaming Bush for leaving us in a more dangerous world than any president could possibly cope with in a positive manner.

  47. In other vote-fraud news, the Alan West recount is uncovering some odd stuff.

    Apparently a 3% change in votes between count and recount is not considered to be controversial.

  48. [I]n May, beginning around May, By late summer, In September, late September and October, in September, in the week before the election,

    When exact timing is crucial the press is always within a month or two.

    Like with Benghazi as the story gets older the timeline slowly gets more precise in some ways. They started with the exactitude of “a few months ago” and “in the spring”, now we are to May? maybe and “a few” is now known to encompass 5, 6, maybe 7 or so.

    And don’t forget it has to be the fault of that one most eveil person ever.

    However, U.S. officials briefed on the matter said the probe was closely held among officials at the FBI and Justice under a long-standing policy not to divulge information on continuing criminal investigations.

    The disclosure policy was reinforced in a 2007 memorandum by Michael Mukasey, who was then attorney general under President George W. Bush. The memorandum, issued in the wake of the scandal over the firings of U.S. attorneys, sought to remind department employees that contacts with the White House and Congress about pending criminal matters were off limits.

  49. Ah, not Clapper, but John Brennan. Here:

    Broadwell’s affair with Petraeus was likely known to Holly Petraeus, according to family friends. The FBI reportedly knew about it months beforehand and White House Counterterrorism adviser John Brennan reportedly was aware that there was a relationship as early as the summer of 2011.

  50. McChrystal, Caldwell, and now Petraeus — the era of the celebrity general is over.

    Thou shalt have no other heroes before me. *

    *Page #1 of the Blue Book of the Saying of President WON!

  51. Some interesting things on this in these three posts, here, here, here.

  52. You know what’s infuriating? “Our side” purveying bullshit.

    Watch out! There is a cosmic force at work. One by one, people caught up in the Benghazi Triangle are disappearing.

    First it was AFRICOM commander General Carter F. Ham who was given early retirement. Ham’s sphere of military authority extended to Benghazi.

    Then Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, who commanded the aircraft carrier attack task group in the Mediterranean near Benghazi, was recalled to Bremerton pending a Navy Inspector General investigation.

    Ham is not retired, but rather is still commanding AFRICOM, which is an odd way to disappear. Gaouette was not near Benghazi, unless you count being in the same hemisphere as being near. The Stennis is with the 5th Fleet, the Mediterranean is the 6th’s AOR. Why muddy the waters with this crap?

  53. Did you comment, Pablo?

  54. Ah…it’s even more ridiculous than that:

    CVN-74 John C. Stennis CVW-9
    ( NG ) Home Port : Bremerton, WA.
    Back log
    departed Bremerton
    to the western Pacific Ocean and the Arabian Gulf
    for an eight-month deployment
    27Aug-30Aug2012, EastPac
    31Aug2012, San Diego
    01Sep-10Sep2012, Pac
    entered the U.S. 7th Fleet Area of Responsibility (AOR)

    11Sep-29Sep2012, WestPac
    anchored off the coast of Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
    04Oct-05Oct2012, South China Sea
    06Oct2012, Strait of Malacca
    anchored off the coast of Phuket, Thailand
    11Oct2012, Strait of Malacca
    12Oct-13Oct2012, Andaman Sea, northeast edge of the Indian Ocean
    14Oct-16Oct2012, Indian Ocean
    entered the U.S. 5th Fleet Area of Responsibility
    17Oct-20Oct2012, North Arabian Sea
    launched first combat sorties
    in support of Operation Enduring Freedom
    21Oct-06Nov2012, North Arabian Sea

  55. *

  56. No, I’m not registered. So I emailed him.